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F540 Operations Record Book May 1955 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                  COMPILING OFFICER Fg.Off. P. Leigh-Lancaster REF. TO APPENDICES
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R.A.F. Sylt 1st May, 1955           Day of Rest.  
  2nd. Monday           We intended to run a cine programme towing our own flags, but this was
cancelled because of a strong crosswind.   Instead we flew 30 sorties of aircraft
to aircraft cine quarter attacks.   Hours Flown, 25.30.   Sorties, 34.
  3rd             Only four sorties were flown on the flag.   The rest of the flying was mainly
given to pairs quarter attacks.   Hours flown, 27.50.   Sorties, 39.
  4th             There were no sorties on the flag because of poor visibility and a low cloud
base.   Flying was limited owing to a wet and slippery runway, and a strong cross-
wind.   Fg. Off. Ramsay burst a tyre on landing ; there was no damage to the
aircraft.   Hours Flown, 7.50.   Sorties, 11.
  5th             The greater part of flying today was spent on pairs cine quarter attacks.
Hours flown 15.50.   Sorties, 21.
  6th             There were only five sorties on the flag as great trouble was encountered with
flags falling off.   Fg.Off. Sanderson burst a tyre on landing, but the aircraft
was otherwise undamaged.  Hours flown, 20.30.   Sorties, 30.
  7th             There was no flying because of poor weather conditions and ground duties were
carried out before the Squadron stood down at midday for the weekend.
  8th             Day of Rest.  
  9th             Ten sorties were flown on the flag before the programme was cancelled because of
low cloud and poor visibility on the range.   The remainder of the day's sorties
was spent on pairs cine quarter attacks and low level map reading exercises.
Hours Flown, 25.05.   Sorties 31.
  10th             The emphasis was again on cine quarter attacks.   A flag programme was
operated but was limited by several flags falling off during take off, and shortly
afterwards.   Hours flown, 24.05.   Sorties, 30.
  11th             The Flag programme was again limited for the same reason as yesterday, only eight
sorties being successful.
          There was a sports afternoon for those not engaged on aircraft and preparations for the move to Sylt, which were mostly servicing gunsights, and harmonising aircraft,
Hours flown, 13.50.   Sorties, 16.
  12th             We had more success with flag towing than before, only one flag falling off out
of five, although the programme was held up during the morning because of low cloud
on the range.   Hours flown, 18.40.   Sorties, 22.
  13th             A flag programme was planned, but cancelled owing to a strong crosswind.   The
day's flying consisted mainly of pairs cine quarter attacks, and fours practising
close formation.
          The airfield closed at 13.00 hours - well enough, for the afternoon's weather
was low cloud and rain.   Fg. Off. Sanderson left for Sylt on the advanced party.
Hours flown, 12.25.   Sorties, 16.
  14th             No flying.   All available personnel were engaged in preparation for the Sylt
attachment before the Squadron stood down at midday.
  15th             The main party left for Sylt early in the morning.   For the remainder it was a
day of rest.
  16th             In the morning the air party of ten aircraft flew to Sylt, with ten aircraft
overflying both Sylt and Jever in close formation, firstly overflying Jever on leaving
and then Sylt on arriving.
  17th             As would seem usual the flying programme began with many abortive trips, only
two successful firing sorties being carried out; these giving the Squadron the best
initial average ever of 34.9%.   Fishing boats on the sea below the range were the cause of most of the aborts.   Highest scorer. Fg.Off. Ritchie - 44%.   Stoppage
infinity.   Daily Squadron average - 34.9%.   Hours - 14.05.   Sorties - 24.
  18th             The first day firing at 20,000 feet and the Squadron average dropped rapidly
to 22.6%.   The pilots seem to find quarter attacks a little more difficult at
20,000 feet.   Owing to the weather only two successful sorties were achieved.
Highest Scorer - Fg.Off. Hickman - 18%.   Stoppage Rate - Infinity.   Daily Squadron
average - 10.7%.   Hours - 7.45.   Sorties 7.
  19th             Down with the Squadron average again to 16.6%, but the pilots found firing
at 20,000 feet easier today, with an accompanying improvement in scores.   We had
a great deal of trouble with the radar flags, probably due to there being only one
Annings reflector on each flag.   Highest scorer - Sqn.Ldr. Browne - 34%.   Stoppage
- Infinity.   Daily Squadron Average 14.9%.   Hours, 18.45.   Sorties, 28.
  20th             By far the best day's flying this week, there being 25 effective sorties.
Highest scorer, Fg.Off. Busby 27%.   Stoppage rate 1951.   Daily Squadron average -
10.7%.   Hours 31.10.   Sorties, 48.
  21st             We only fired until 12.00 hours today.   The number of effective firing sorties
being 14.   The Squadron stood down at midday.   Highest scorer - Fg.Off. Ramsay 22%.
Stoppage rate - 2085.   Daily Squadron average - 12.5%.   Hours - 14.55.   Sorties
  22nd             Day of rest.  
  23rd             The Amrum High Range was once again put unserviceable owing to fishing boats,
so we changed to the South range just in time to meet an approaching warm front.
Only 3 effective sorties were flown before a general recall was in force - we flew
no more.   Highest scorer - Fg.Off. Sanderson 28%.   Daily Squadron average - 13.4%.
Stoppage rate - 2251.   Hours - 6.55.   Sorties - 11.
  24th             Boats all over the sea again, the sorties being divided equally between live
and cine practice.   Highest scorer - Fg.Off. Leigh-Lancaster 18%.   Lowest Scorer
Fg.Off. Leigh-Lancaster 1%.   Stoppage Rate - 1964.   Daily Squadron average - 9.3%.
Hours - 23.55.   Sorties - 36.
  25th             We flew trials on a new radar flag with a spinner for a reflector with quite
good results today.   Unfortunately they were only cine trials.   Highest Scorer -
Fg.Off. Hickman 24%.   Stoppage Rate - 1478.   Daily Squadron average - 13.6%, Low
Range. 11.8% High Range.   Hours - 30.35.   Sorties - 47.
  26th             Top scorer toady was Fg.Off. Hickman with 38% and the last flag of the day was
returned with percentages of 28, 25 and 24.   Daily Squadron average - 10.6% High Range
10.5% Low Range.   Hours - 29.10.   Sorties 46.
  27th   )  
  28th   )  
  29th   )          Whitsun Grant.  
  30th   )  
  31st             A few sorties were cancelled owing to a threat of sea fog over-running the
island, but apart from that the flying programme ran without a hitch.
Highest scorer - Sqn.Ldr. Browne, 33%.   Stoppage Rate -    .   Daily Squadron
Average         .   Hours - 14.10.   Sorties - 22.   Total Sabre Hours for the month -
392.30.   Total Sabre sorties for the month - 596.   Total hours on training types - 21.05.
  5th             Fg.Off. Exley and Fg.Off Ritchie returned from U.K. Leave  
  7th             Fg.Off. Harper returned from U.K. leave.  
  8th             Fg.Off. Balfour returned from leave.  
  10th             Flt.Lt. Hayes returned from D.F.L.S. Course.  
  13th             Fg.Off. Revnell returned from U.K. leave.  
  13th             Fg.Off. Davis left for U.K. leave.  
  11th             Fg.Offs. Harper, Macknish, and Mitchell were posted to Target Towing Squadron
at R.A.F. Sylt.
Nominal Roll.
                                   163501         Sqn.Ldr.         D.F.M. Browne.
                                                             A FLIGHT
                                   2600756       Flt.Lt.              R.W. Hayes.
                                   032557         Fg.Off.            D.N. Hampton.
                                   3511209       Fg.Off.            W.E. Bell.
                                   4088080       Fg.Off.            G.J. Couch.
                                   3121595       Fg.Off.            J.S.C. Davis.
                                   3511207       Fg.Off.            D.S. Chadwick.
                                   3512052       Fg.Off.            R Garthwaite.
                                   583325         Fg.Off.            T Balfour.
                                   4091475       Fg.Off.            J.P. Busby.
                                   3512089       Fg.Off.            T. Page.
                                   1921649       Fg.Off.            E.H. Scott.
                                   1804440       F.S.                Shrubsole W.R.
                                                        B FLIGHT
                                   57653            Flt.Lt.             A.J. Colvin.
                                   4016600       Fg.Off.           B.A.E. Sanderson.
                                   4076370       Fg.Off.           A.C. Ramsay.
                                   4071748       Fg.Off.           B.J. Revnell.
                                   3511302       Fg.Off.           G.E. Hickman.
                                   3512058       Fg.Off.           D. Exley.
                                   2542285       Fg.Off.           W.B.C. Ritchie.
                                   4086091       Fg.Off.           P. Leigh-Lancaster.
                                   4078920       Fg.Off.           J.E. Pigdon.
                                   4104043       Fg.Off.           B.D.D. Dunbar.
                                   4102087       Fg.Off.           W.R. Clayton-Jones.
          The Squadron moved to A.P.S. Sylt on 15th and 16th May for an attachment to last
approximately 7 weeks.   The normal attachment has been extended by two weeks to
cover the period of a Command Exercise, then a further five days were added, so
extending the period up to 3rd July.   The move up consisted of two parties - a
rail party which included transport, equipment and personnel, and an air party
of twelve aircraft.
          The Squadron has now been reduced to 14 U.E. aircraft and our main power
remains slightly above the new establishment for Hunter aircraft.   Three pilots
have been posted, but there are still 24 on strength - five above establishment.
On the ground crew side there has been a steady reduction due to 'demob' and tour
          In anticipation of the establishment reduction to 14 U.E. by 1st June, four
more aircraft were earmarked for disposal - so in effect the Squadron has operated
on 14 U.E. since 6th May.   391 Sabre hours have been flown, which comfortably
exceeds the aircraft target and just fulfills the flying commitment for 24 pilots
that are on strength at present.    The average aircraft serviceability has not fallen
in proportion to the reduction in aircraft.   Twelve aircraft were brought up to Sylt.
          Pre-Sylt training consisted of a flag towing programme, to practice radar attacks
which was not particularly successful as the flag often fell off.   This was due to
the wire hawsers getting burnt through under the full blast of the jet stream on
take off.   A side or wing attachment is required.   Nevertheless some very
useful training was achieved.
          The Squadron started firing on the 20,000 foot range straight away.   Although
pilots found it more difficult to track accurately at this height, they settled
down quickly and produced some good results.   Shipping frequently put the range
u/s for live firing and cine sorties were flown on those occasions.
          The overall Squadron average at present is 12.1%, and has been maintained
around this figure for the last ten days.   The high level average of 11.4% and
low level average 13.7%.   There have been 177 effective shoots which includes 35
cine sorties.

Signed DFM Browne          
(D.F.M. BROWNE)              
Squadron Leader               
Officer Commanding         
No. 93 Squadron.               

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