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F540 Operations Record Book March 1958 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off J.B. Cummins       REF. TO APPENDICES
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JEVER MARCH 1958 Saturday March 1st - Saturday March 8th, 1958
                                                                                     During this period Battle Flight was carried out
The squadron moved into dispersal on Tuesday.   Snow showers were frequent but had
little effect on the flying programmes with the exception of Tuesday which was lost. An exercise "Argus" took place on Thursday.
      Sunday March 9th - Saturday March 15th, 1958
                                                                                    Battle Flight continued, a pair standing
by on Sunday.   Monday was a good flying day with occasional snow showers.
Tuesday saw us relieved from Battle Flight when high level battle formations were
flown and "Green Salad" and cine practised.   It was hoped that the remainder
of the week would be devoted to Air to Ground but adverse weather conditions allowed
only two sorties.   The squadron returned from dispersal on Wednesday.   "Green Salad"
and cine were again practised on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.   Night flying,
consisting of cross-countries and one dual check was carried out on Friday.
Saturday morning brought more snow and four pilots from their beds to plough it.
No flying was possible.
      Monday March 17th - Saturday 22nd March 1958
                                                                                       The squadron was on Battle Flight on
Monday.   Fairly good weather conditions and serviceability made flying possible
on every day excepting for Monday afternoon and Friday morning.   A pair stood by at readiness on Saturday.
      Sunday March 23rd - Monday March 31st, 1958
                                                                                    A pair continued at readiness on Sunday Monday saw a combination of good weather and high serviceability, when no sorties
were lost   Tuesday was devoted to low flying navigation, cine exercises and
practice emergencies followed by night flying cross countries, G.C.A.s at
Wildenwrath and one dual check.   High level battle formations were flown on
Wednesday, the turn rounds on the aircraft being completed by pilots.   Thursday
brought more high level Battle formations and exercise "AMLED" during which several
successful interceptions were made   both low and high level sorties were flown
on Friday and cine exercises carried out.   Lectures on Instrument Flying
procedures, and Command and local Flying Orders were given on Saturday morning
when no flying took place   High level Battle formation and cine exercises
were flown on Monday and a night flying programme of cross countries and one dual check
Operational Type Day Night Sorties
                           Hunter Mk. 6   352.20 36.15 357
                         Training Types      
                             Vampire T.11        2.10    5.50         10    
     354.30  42.05   367
    8TH Fg. Off. B. Paffle posted to flying duties in Aden.  
                            (a)   In March the squadron flew 388.35 hrs. Hunter and 8.00 hrs.
Vampire T.XI thus exceeding the target for the first time since May, 1957
                            (b)   Training.   This was affected by 2 1/2 weeks Battle Flight.   In the
remaining days available for normal training emphasis was placed on night flying
(36.15hrs), battle formation of 4 a/c and weapons training.   Unfortunately the
amount of air to ground firing was negligible because of the weather.
                            (c)   Serviceability.   This was reasonable during the month and a daily
average of about 6 A/C was maintained.
                            (d)   Battle Flight.   2 1/2 weeks of Battle Flight brought the squadron total
to 6 weeks this year so far i.e. every other week.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn Ldr                                            
SQUADRON LEADER                                                 
OFFICER COMMANDING                                           
NO. 93 SQUADRON                                                   
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