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F540 Operations Record Book June 1958 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                             COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off J.B. Cummins       REF. TO APPENDICES
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  1958   Sunday June 1st - Friday June 6th
                                                                 Battle Flight on one pair of aircraft stood by on Sunday and Monday   On Monday came the main briefing for Exercise Full Play'.   General handling
sorties were flown and a determined effort made to have the maximum number of aircraft
serviceable for the Exercise which started on Tuesday morning after some slight delays.
Eight aircraft were available for most of the exercise during which the squadron was
standing by for some sixteen hours a day.   Claims were as follows:-
          Tuesday June 3rd - 7 fighters & 7 bombers destroyed, 2 bombers damaged
          Wednesday June 4th - 8 fighters & 32 Bombers destroyed
          Thursday June 5th - 11 fighters and 19 bombers destroyed, 1 bomber damaged.
          Results were difficult to assess because of the unrealistic break off ranges enforced
but ample practice in the I.D.F. role was carried out.
          Friday brought a return to normality when general handling, high level
formation and cine exercise sorties were flown.   Flt. Lt. C. Taylor left for
Trondheim to give his low level aerobatic display.
      Monday 9th June - Friday 13th June
                                                               The week started with a varied programme.   High and low
level Battle formations were flown, general handling and cine exercises practised.   Tuesday and
Wednesday were devoted to Air to Ground firing, the results being:-
          Tuesday 10th June   -  Squadron Average 38.6%
                                                   Highest Score Flt. Lt. C. Taylor 76%
          Wednesday 11 June - Squadron Average 34.3%
                                                   Highest Score - Flt. Lt. H.S. Carver 55%
     Night flying cross countries were flown on Tuesday night.   Thursday, H.M. The
Queen Birthday, was celebrated in the normal manner, a parade followed by a
stand down.   The pilots cricket team beat that of No 4 Squadron in a very exciting
match in the morning.   Radar ranging was used for the first time on Friday the results
being as expected.   High and low level battle formation were flown and close formation
practised   The squadron was well represented in the Flying Wing Sports and several
competitors went forward to the Station Sports.
      Monday 16th - Saturday 21st June
          The squadron again on battle flight we had but few available aircraft
for much of the time.   All pilots used the radar ranging during the week to good effect
An early start was made each morning and flying continued for most days into the evening
The flying programme contained high level battle formation, general handling, practice
emergencies, cine and instrument flying.   Saturday was utilised as a full flying day.
Poor weather throughout the week did not greatly effect the flying programme but gave
good practice in instrument flying.
      Sunday 22nd - Monday 30th June.
                      On Sunday and Monday the squadron stood by on Battle Flight.   It was intended
to fly on Sunday but the fall in aircraft serviceability made this impracticable.   A
very varied programme was operated during the week, high and low level Battle Formation
cine exercises, low level navigation sorties and general handling being practised.
Night flying scheduled for Tuesday night was hurriedly abandoned when fog banks
appeared on the airfield.   Flt. Lt. C. Taylor left for the Liege Air Show but was not able
to carry out his show due to poor co-ordination by the hosts.   The Squadron stood down
on Thursday for a well deserved long week-end.   Monday finished off the month with rather
poor weather which improved later.   High level Battle formations, cine exercises and
general handling sorties were flown.
Operational Type Day Night Sorties
                                Hunter Mk. VI      342.25    8.10     328
                         Training Type      
                               Vampire T.11           45.10           Nil              55    
       387.35      8.10       383
                                This month the Squadron achieved the target with 350.35 hrs Hunter and
44.35 hrs Vampire T.11.   The training was varied and included Exercise 'Full Play
which provided plenty of flying but insufficient targets.   Night flying was limited
by lack of opportunity.   Weapon training included 21 sorties of air -to-ground firing
for a squadron average of 36.7%
                            Battle Flight occupied 10 days of the month.   The new readiness state
requiring only one pair of aircraft at 5 minutes and allowing all other serviceable
aircraft to be flown on normal training is considered a great improvement.
                            Serviceability for Exercise 'Full Play' at the beginning of the month was
excellent but then fell very low and only improved in the last few days of the month.
Most of the unserviceability was due to engine changes (time expired), minors and
second-line rectification.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn Ldr                                            
Squadron Leader                                                
Officer Commanding                                          
No. 93 Squadron                                                 
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