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F540 Operations Record Book June 1956 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                     COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off. Clayton-Jones     REF. TO APPENDICES
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R.A.F. Jever June 1st, 1956           The airmen came in early, prepared for an early start but the weather was
border line, and the first pair were not airborne until 08.30 hrs. when
Fg. Off. Taylor and Garthwaite went off on a weather recce.
          Flying continued on a limited basis, and the aerobatic team, who were to have
flown to Wahn in the morning, postponed take off until after lunch, but managed to get
one practice in before they left.   When they finally did get away the smoke canisters
on 2 of the aircraft fired on start up, and 118 Squadron's dispersal was covered in
orange smoke.   It had some training value, however, since the crash crews were in the
dispersal (a distance of about half a mile) before the smoke had cleared.
Fg.Off. Exley had trouble with his P.V. ram, and had to abandon take off.   He joined
the others later at Wahn, having borrowed the Wing Leader's aircraft.   Unfortunately
the aircraft was not modified to fire smoke canister.
  2nd             There was a Squadron 48 after a Guest Night for the German Navy.
          At Wahn the aerobatic team did 2 practices in not too good weather conditions.
  3rd             The weather at Wahn in the morning was deplorable, and it looked very much as
though the cloud would be too low for any formation aerobatics.   Met however, were
sure that it would be alright by the afternoon, and miraculously there was a gap
over Butzweilerhof where there were 300,000 people.   The team carried out it's
full programme of loops, rolls and formation changes, ending with a bomb burst trailing
coloured smoke.   At a reception given in the evening, to all participants, each
competing team were presented with a picture of Cologne Cathedral from the river, a
cocktail jug and a cigarette case per pilot.
  4th             Cloud covered the airfield and extended well over 20,000 feet.   Flying was
limited to one pair per Squadron, and was mostly close formation cloud flying.   The
aerobatic team returned from Wahn underneath the cloud in the afternoon.
  5th             It was a fine day and 6 aircraft were serviceable.   4 of these were flown on
battle formation and tail chase exercises, and the remaining 2 were used on cine.
  6th             PAGE 2 TO BE ADDED LATER  
  11th   ...all the equipment that the Army are using in B.A.O.R.
          The 4 remaining pilots flew 4 trips each, on cine quarters, and formation
  12th             The airfield was red until 10.55 hrs. mainly because there were no diversions.
Sqn.Ldr. Browne and Fg.Off. Taylor took off for a weather check, after which, 27
sorties were flown, mostly on high level battle, with snake climbs and descents.
Fg.Off. Ritchie returned from leave.
  13th             It was a full working day and 47 sorties were flown.
          Fg.Off. Ritchie was diverted to Oldenburg after a 118 Squadron pilot blocked
the runway with an unlocked undercarriage, crash landing on the crash strip.  [XE665 Cat4].
  14th             35 sorties were flown on mixed practices, although mainly high level battle
  15th             12 aircraft were serviceable for the 3rd month in succession, reflecting
favourably on the reliability of the Hunter, and the ability of the ground crew.
          2 four plane high level battle sorties were flown, 2 pairs cine quarters, and
1 twelve plane Squadron formation fly past and high level sweep.
          During the afternoon the Squadron stood down for the Station Sports Day.
Fg.Off. Leigh-Lancaster came 2nd in the Hop, Step and Jump, and SAC Whitticase
did well in the 100 yards, came 3rd in the 200 metres, and was in the winning
Flying Wing relay team.
  16th             The day started with a rehearsal for the A.O.C.s parade, which shaped well on
the first attempt.
          After the parade, the P.A.I.s held a film show on the cine taken during the
week.   These films showed a definite improvement in both tracking and general
sight handling.
          A pilots party was held in the evening to say good-bye to an honourary member,
Wing Commander West, and to give honourary membership to Sqn.Ldr. William Sykes.
  18th Monday.             The Squadron aerobatic team is to give a demonstration to General Rafaeli when
he visits the station on 21st June.   Because of this, Fg.Off. Exley, who flies
No. 3 for the team, was recalled from leave in England, and he returned last night.
          The airfield was overcast throughout the day, and we were restricted to 1 pair
per Squadron.   All the sorties, there were 12, were cine quarter attack exercises
with a G.C.A. at the end.
  19th             The accent was on cine quarters again today, and also on cloud flying.   It was
found that 3 pilots had failed to do the necessary actual for their six monthly
instrument rating renewals.   These are being given T.11 cloud flying practice.
24 sorties were flown making a total of 276.05 hours flown on operational type this
  20th             A party of sailors from a mine-sweeping flotilla which has docked at Wilhelmshaven
visited the Station, and one party came to 93 to be shown around.   A Wing fly past
was staged and our aerobatic team gave a demonstration of formation aerobatics.
There were also 2 high level battle formation sorties.
          The Squadron stood down at midday for a sports afternoon.
  21st             The Squadron was visited by General Rafaeli, who is Chief of the Italian Air
Staff, and by the C-in-C, Air Marshal the Earl of Bandon.
          There was a 16 plane fly past and a formation aerobatic demonstration, but the
cloud base was only 2,500 feet and the aerobatics had to be somewhat curtailed in
the looping plane.   After the display tea was served for the visitors in the crew room.
[Click to see local newspaper report on the visit.]
  22nd             After Met. briefing a lecture was given by a Martin Baker representative on the
ejection seat.
          Sqn.Ldr. Browne flew to Strasbourg to reconnoitre the airfield for the forthcoming
air display on 1st July.
          A programme of air - sea firing was carried out, with a double rearm practice
for the groundcrew.   The time taken for the turn round being 18 1/2 minutes.
          On a battle formation exercise Fg.Off. Johnston had booster pump failure.   He
returned to base immediately, and his engine failed as he turned off the runway.
  23rd             Another rehearsal for the A.O.C.s parade was held, which continued to show
improvement.   There was no flying, and pilots attended to their various Squadron
  25th Monday             4 aircraft were serviceable, which were used on G.C.A.s at Wunstorf, cine quarters and formation aerobatics.
          It had been intended to night fly, but after a weather check to the north,
where cloud was down to 300 feet, night flying was cancelled.
          By the end of the day's flying 340 hours had been flown this month on operational
type with 476 sorties.
          Fg.Off. Johnston proceeded to Wildenwrath for a course at the Aviation Medicine
  26th             21 sorties were flown on G.C.A.s at Ahlhorn, high level battle formations, and
Rat and Terrier exercises.
          1 officer flew by Vampire T.11 to R.A.F. Wildenwrath where lectures by the
R.A.E. High Speed Research team at 2nd T.A.F. H.Q. were being given.
          Fg.Off. Page returned from leave.
  27th             Flying still continues though on a rather leisurely basis (only 18 sorties being
flown) owing to our having exceeded the flying target.
          Lieutenant Young led a four, and they carried out Rat and Terrier exercises.
There was also 1 high level battle formation and 1 formation aerobatic sortie.
          The Squadron stood down at midday for a sports afternoon.   93 cricket team
played Flying Wing H.Q. and Signals team, winning by 61 runs.   Fg.Off. Exley taking
7 wickets for 14 runs.
  28th             The aerobatic team carried out a practice this morning, and the rest of the
programme continued on a limited basis.   6 G.C.A.s were carried out at Wunstorf, and
after training flying in the T.11, and the Prentice, in the afternoon 4 pairs
sorties were flown mostly of G.C.A.s because the cloud conditions offered good
opportunity for instrument flying.
          In the evening there was a dining-in night in the Mess to say farewell to
Wing Commander West, the O.C. Flying Wing.
  29th             The early part of the day was spent on the last efforts preparations for the
aerobatic team's departure.   After a group photograph had been taken, the team,
plus Fg.Off. Taylor, left for Wahn where they were to refuel before proceeding to
Strasbourg.   Flt.Lt. Hayes and Fg.Off. Ritchie went to Fassberg by T.11, and apart
from that the only other flying carried out was on an air test.   The afternoon
was devoted to Squadron tasks and preparation of the monthly returns.
          Fg.Off. Biggs left for England, while, Fg.Off. Busby and Lieutenant Young went
by road to Strasbourg to see the air display.
  30th             A Squadron parade was held to practice the drill routine for the coming A.O.C.s
          1 air test was carried out, but was curtailed because of approaching bad weather
Most of the morning was spent working on monthly returns.
 Operational type. Days Night sorties
Hunter Mk.4 399.45   11.40    555
Training Type      
Vampire T.11          33.50             2.10              43     
Prentice           2.05                                3     
Total       429.40             13.50             601     
...the use of the Sylt ranges with 'live' sorties from the moment of arrival.   It was
suggested to the Group Air Staff on their Pre-A.O.C.s inspection that there is a
case for a permanent small detachment from Sylt towing flight to visit stations
for a week to 10 days before Squadrons go to Sylt.

      Signed A.J. Colvin                                                       
      (D.F.M. BROWNE)                                                      
Squadron Leader                                                       
Officer Commanding                                                 
No. 93 Squadron.