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F540 Operations Record Book July 1954 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2636 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71 from Duncan Curtis

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Thursday 1st.      A rehearsal of the A.O.C.s Parade was held this morning.  The rest of the
day was spent preparing the hangar and aircraft for tomorrow's Inspection by the
A.O.C.  The only flying carried out was formation flying in an A.O.C's Flypast rehearsal
(8 sorties.)
  Friday 2nd.      The day started with pouring rain and low cloud, but the A.O.C's aircraft arrived
on time, and the parade was held in slight rain.  The A.O.C was pleased with the station
and awarded us a one day Stand Down.  He was particularly impressed by the combined
drive-past and fly past.  Flying Officer COUCH went on leave.
  Saturday 3rd.      The ground crew worked on the aircraft, and the only flying carried out was one
Air Test.  Work ceased at 12.00 hours.  Flying Officer HANNAH returned from ROSTRUP.
  Sunday 4th.      The Squadron Cricket Team beat 4 Wing.  
  Monday 5th.      The weather today was excellent and their was a full flying programme up till 17.00
hours.  Flying Details :- 11 Battle formation sorties., 4 Aerobatic sorties, 3 low flying
and G.C.A., 2 Cine, and one Air Test.
Flying Officer HANNAH went to SUNDERN, Flying Officer EXLEY went on U.K. leave.
  Tuesday 6th.      The flying programme was restricted by poor weather up until lunch.  Flying started
after lunch and carried on until 17.00 hours.  Flying Details :- 5 low-level battle
sorties, 4 aerobatic sorties, 3 low-level sorties, 2 Air- Ground sorties.
  Wednesday 7th.      The weather was suitable for flying and 11 sorties were flown before lunch.  The
afternoon was devoted to sport.  The Squadron Cricket Team lost to the Sgt's Mess.
Flying Officer RITCHIE and Pilot Officer BUSBY went on U.K. leave.  Flying Details :-
8 Battle formation sorties, 2 aerobatic sorties, and one Air to Ground sortie.
  Thursday 8th.      To day the Squadron carried out it's first Battle Flight duties since it's
conversion to SABRES.  Flying Details :- 20 Battle Flight sorties, 3 Battle Formation
sorties and 3 Air Tests.  Work ceased at 17.00 hours until 12th July,.
  Friday 9th.      Most of the chaps spent the day watching the heats of the 2nd T.A.F. Sports.  The
Finals of which are being held tomorrow.  Flying Officer DAVIS returned from U.K. leave.
  Saturday 10th.      The whole station plus visitors turned out to watch the exciting finals of the
2nd T.A.F. Inter-Station Athletics Championships.  The athletics were won by H.Q.(U) 2nd
T.A.F., R.A.F. JEVER finished 7th.   The prizes were presented by Lady BROADHURST.
  Sunday 11th.      Flying Offices COUCH returned from Continental leave.  
  Monday 12th.        No flying due to poor weather.  Cloud base 400' visibility 1500 yards.  The day was
spent watching instructional films and attending technical lectures.
  Tuesday 13th.      The weather today was the same as yesterday.  The morning was spent at lectures
and the afternoon was spent in the Gymnasium.
  Wednesday 14th.      The weather was again poor with the cloud base at 100' and a visibility of 1500 yards
The pilots spent the morning in the hangar practicing becoming Crew Chiefs.  The
afternoon was devoted to sport.  Sgt. KNIGHT returned from U.K.leave.  Squadron Leader
went to BAD KILSEN to attend the Ball in honour of H.R.H. Princess Margaret.
  Thursday 15th.      The weather improved at last, although their were large numbers of Cumulo Nimbus
clouds in the vicinity.  Flying Details :- 6 low-level battle formation sorties, 6 low
flying sorties, 4 aerobatic sorties, 5 Air-Tests and 2 Cross Countries.
  Friday 16th.      The weather was the same as yesterday, but with a strong gusty crosswind.  Flying
was limited in order that a maximum number of aircraft will be serviceable for EXERCISE
DIVIDEND which starts tomorrow.  Flying Details :- 4 Battle Formation sorties, 3 low
flying sorties and 6 Air Tests.
  Saturday 17th.      EXERCISE DIVIDEND was due to start at 03.00 hours this morning but poor weather
at JEVER and in U.K. caused all the raids to be cancelled.
  Sunday 18th.      The weather was poor until lunch time and the EXERCISE DIVIDEND sorties this
morning were cancelled.  The weather cleared this afternoon and the squadron carried
out 2 raids on U.K.  Flying Details :- 8 EXERCISE DIVIDEND sorties.
20th.      Flight Lieutenant ILES and Flying Officer SANDERSON set off for Southern
Rhodesia this afternoon in Flight Lieutenant ILES M.18 aircraft.  They hope to reach
Rhodesia in 14 days and they will be staying at Flying Officer SANDERSON'S home in
BULAWAYO.   [Click to see pictures of their departure and return.]
  Wednesday 21st.      Work resumed today and full flying was carried out until 17.00 hours.  Flying Details :-
4 Formation sorties, 5 aerobatic sorties, 6 Cine sorties, one cross country and 2 Air
Tests.  Squadron Leader ALLEN started Continental leave.  Flight Lieutenant COLVIN
assumed command of the squadron.  Flying Officer RAMSAY assumed command of 'B'
  Thursday 22nd.       EXERCISE DIVIDEND was continued today and the squadron carried out 2 raids on
U.K. neither of which was intercepted.  Flying Details :- 6 EXERCISE DIVIDEND sorties,
one aerobatic sortie, 2 Air to Ground sorties, 2 Prentice sorties and 3 Air Tests.
  Friday 23rd.      The squadron carried out 2 raids on U.K. at 04.30 hours and 2 raids at 13.00 hours.
Flying Details :- 13 EXERCISE DIVIDEND sorties, Air to Ground sorties, 4 Prentice
sorties, 2 Air Tests.  Pilot Officer PAGE started U.K. leave.
  Saturday 24th.      EXERCISE DIVIDEND should have continued to-day but the weather at JEVER and in
U.K. was poor and all raids were cancelled..
  Sunday 25th.        The weather was again extremely poor and once again EXERCISE DIVIDEND raids were
cancelled.  From our point of view EXERCISE DIVIDEND has not been a great success,
because of the weather which accompanied it.
  Monday 26th.      The cloud base was 400' and visibility 3 n.m., and their was no flying before lunch.
After lunch however the weather cleared and their was a full flying programme until
17.30 hours.  The emphasis being on cine.  Flying Details :- 14 Cine sorties, 2 aerobatic
sorties and one Air Test.
  Tuesday 27th.      The weather was mainly fine all day, although the flying programme was interrupted
a few times by isolated thunderstorms.  The flying programme continued until 21.00
hours 'A' Flight removed the drop tanks from their aircraft, and the result is more sorties
and quicker turn rounds.  Flying Details :- 10 Low Level Battle Formation Sorties,
24 Cine sorties and 5 aerobatic sorties.
Fg.Off's WHITELAW and SENAR renewed their Instrument Ratings
  Wednesday 28th.      The weather was the same as yesterday, the flying programme ceased at 12.30 hours
and the afternoon was devoted to sport.  A new squadron pilot arrived this evening.  His
name is Flying Officer HAMPTON, an Australian from PERTH, W. Australia.
Fg.Off's RITCHIE and EXLEY returned from leave.
Flying Details :- 9 Battle Formation Sorties and 2 Cine Sorties.
  Thursday 19th.      The flying programme was restricted due to the large number of Cumulo Nimbus
clouds in the vicinity of the airfield.  These conditions were accompanied by a 90°
crosswind of 30 knts, gusting to 35/40 knts.  Work ceased at 17.00 hours and the station
stood down until 08.00 hours on 4th August.  Flying Details :- 3 Low Level Formation
Sorties, 2 Cine Sorties and 2 Air Tests.
  Friday 30th and. Saturday 31st.     Station Stand Down.  
      Rounds fired in July    :-    1632
Stoppages                    :-           1
Stoppage Rate             :-
Hours flown in July                                     Hours
                                                  Day                                     Night            Total      Sorties
SABRE                                  257.00                                    3.00            260.00     262
METEOR                                   8.05                                       NIL                8.05         7
PRENTICE                             26.30                                       NIL              26.30      22   
TOTAL                                   290.15                                    3.00             293.15    291  

   July, 1954.   ADMINISTRATION.
     The main administrative matters during the month was the visit of the A.O.C. on
2nd JULY, for the annual inspection of the Station.  Flying Officer D.N.
R.A.A.F. arrived on a 2 year exchange posting on 29th JULY and will swell
the ranks of 'A' Flight.
     Five airmen were repatriated to the United Kingdom.
2 Corporals, one Engine Fitter and one Instrument fitter were posted to the squadron
on 28th, one airmen, armament assistant arrived on the squadron from United Kingdom.
2nd.   Fg.Off. COUCH commenced Continental Leave.
3rd.   Fg.Off. HANNAH returned from ROSTRUP.
5th.   Fg.Off. HANNAH detached to SUNDERN, Fg.Off. EXLEY commenced U.K. leave.
7th.   Fg.Off. RITCHIE and Plt.Off. BUSBY commenced U.K. leave.
9th.   Fg.Off. DAVIS returned from leave.
11th.   Fg.Off. COUCH returned from leave.
14th.   Sgt. KNIGHT returned from leave.
20th.   Flt.Lt. ILES and Fg.Off. SANDERSON commenced there flight to Southern Rhodesia.
21st.   Sqdn. Ldr. ALLEN commenced continental leave.   F.Sgt. TELFER posted to U.K.
23rd.   Plt.Off. PAGE commenced U.K. leave.
28TH.   Fg.Off's EXLEY and RITCHIE returned from leave.   Flying Officer D.N. HAMPTON, R.A.A.F. joined the Squadron.

                                         LIST OF PILOTS AT END OF MONTH
         'A' Flight.                                                                                            'B' Flight.
Sqdn. Ldr. R.N.G. ALLEN.   D.F.C.                                         Flt.Lt.   A.J.   COLVIN.
Flt. Lt.         J.A.      HORRELL.                                               Flt.Lt.  H.B.    ILES.
Fg.Off.       W.K.     BELL.                                                       Fg.Off. B.A.E. SANDERSON.
Fg.Off.       R.S.     HANNAH.                                                  Fg.Off. B.J.    REVNELL.
Fg.Off.       T.          BALFOUR.                                               Fg.Off. A.C.   RAMSAY.
Fg.Off.       D.S.     CHADWICK.                                              Fg.Off. J.E.    PIGDON.
Fg.Off.       W.G.    MITCHELL.                                                Fg.Off. G.E.   HICKMAN.
Fg.Off.       D.H.    HARPER.                                                  Fg.Off. J.E.     MACKNISH.
Fg.Off.       G.J.     COUCH.                                                   Fg.Off. K.B.    SENAR.
Fg.Off.       J.S.C. DAVIS.                                                       Fg.Off. D.       EXLEY.
Fg.Off.       P.T.    WHITELAW.                                                Fg.Off. W.B.C. RITCHIE.
Fg.Off.       R.      GARTHWAITE.                                         Fg.Off. J.C.    CULVER.
Fg.Off.       J.P.   BUSBY.                                                      Fg.Off. P.LEIGH-LANCASTER.
Fg.Off.       T.       PAGE.                                                        Fg.Off. D.J.    FEWELL.
Fg.Off.       D.N.  HAMPTON (R.A.A.F.).                                Sgt.    R.G.     KNIGHT.
F.Sgt.        W.R. SHRUBSOLE.

                                                                                 signedeshughes Flt.Lt.
                                                                                 (E. S. HUGHES.)
                                                                                 Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                                Officer Commanding,
                                                                                No. 93(F) Squadron.
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