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F540 Operations Record Book January 1958 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                                      COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off Cummins       REF. TO APPENDICES
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      Wednesday 1st January - Saturday 4th January, 1958
                                                        The squadron carried out Battle Flight.   No flying being possible on
Wednesday because of bad weather.   The remainder of the week was better and practice
interceptions were carried.   On Saturday afternoon one pair was at 5 minutes
readiness and another pair at 30 minutes.   Emergencies and procedures were practiced in
the Hunter simulator.
      Sunday 5th January - Friday January 10th, 1958
                                                       Two pairs stood by on Sunday but did not take off.   One pair flew on
Monday morning but were diverted to Ahlhorn because of weather deterioration which
allowed no further flying.   Close and Battle Formation were flown on Tuesday but
Wednesday was lost because of bad weather.   Thursday and Friday were devoted to high
level Battle Formation sorties and practice interceptions on Exercise "Argus" &
"Bomex".   A forty-eight hour stand down followed.   New pilots continued practice in the simulator.
      Saturday 11th January - Saturday 18th January, 1958.
                                                       Low cloud and bad visibility allowed no flying until late on Friday
morning when close and battle formations were flown and emergency let down
procedures practised.   Low level and continuation sorties were carried out on Saturday morning.   During the bad weather period we played No. 4 Squadron at football,
losing 3 - 1.   Seven pilots and twelve groundcrew visited Brockzetal G.C.I. on
Tuesday afternoon but there was practically no flying and so we were unable to see them
at work.   A triangular basketball tournament with No. 2 and 4 Squadrons was held on
Thursday afternoon.   Parachute landings were practiced by five pilots, others started
physical training in readiness for the winter survival course at Bad Kohlgrub.
      Sunday January 19th - Saturday January 26th, 1958
                                                     Snow fell early on Sunday morning and four pilots started snow
ploughing.   This continued on Monday.   Some flying was done on Tuesday, after a late
start because of ice on the runway, but even this was only intermittent in poor
weather.   No other flying was possible during the week as more snow fell.   Practice
in the simulator was continued, the aim being to give everyone a course.   Indoor
hockey was played on Thursday afternoon, but snow ploughing occupied most of the week.
      Monday January 27th - Friday January 31st, 1958
                                                     The week started with low cloud on Monday morning restricting flying
to two sorties.   Tuesday dawned fine and Battle Flight was started.  Flying stopped
after 1330 hrs because of a drop in serviceability.   Good weather continued on
Wednesday and some flying was possible mainly in the afternoon.   Thursday and Friday
were lost because of fog.   We stood by at five minutes readiness during this period.
Bad weather periods were occupied by indoor hockey games.   Hunter simulator training
        Hunter Mk. 6 147.25 Nil    146
     Vampire T.XI    18.10    Nil          21   
                          Totals - 165.35  Nil     167
  31st   Fg. Off. P. King started the Rolls Royce Avon Handling Course.  
  9th   Fg. Off. G.D.W. Harries granted 7 days leave on the continent  
  25th   Fg. Off. A.R. Thomson granted 21 days leave in the U.K./TD>  
  17th   Fg. Off. P. King granted 3 days leave on the continent.  
  16th   Flt. Lt. J.J. Parker granted 13 days leave on the continent.  
  10th   Fg. Off. J.L. Hatch posted on to the Squadron  
  9th   Flt. Lt. R.S. Bingham posted on to the Squadron  
  13th   Fg. Off. G.W. Timms granted 21 days leave on the continent.  
  5th   Sqn Ldr. H. Minnis detached to Butszweilerhof  
  5th   Fg. Off. J.B. Cummins detached to Wildenwrath.  
                            January has been a very bad month for flying mainly because of (a) Bad
weather and (b) 2 periods of Battle Flight during which unserviceability and Amber 3
conditions severely restricted flying.   A total of 147.25 Hrs. Hunter and 18.10
Vampire T.XI was achieved.
          Most of the unserviceability arose from minor snags, particularly in the fuel
system, and Modifications.
      Signed H Minnis Sqn. Ldr.
(H. MINNIS)                         
NO. 93 SQUADRON        
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