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F540 Operations Record Book January 1956 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                  Compilation Officer:   Fg. Off. J.S.C. Davis Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER. 2nd 1956 January. Monday.

          After met. briefing there was a period of aircraft recognition.   Flying
commenced at 09.00 hours.   High level battle formation and interceptions were
practised.   In all 38 hours 40 minutes were flown of which 6 hours 45 minutes were at night.


          A flying programme of high level battle formation, navigation exercises and
practice forced landings were carried out.   A total of 33 sorties were flown before
flying ceased at 16.45 hours.


          Low cloud covered the North German Plain.   There was no flying.   The morning
was devoted to squadron jobs and studying Pilot's Notes for Hunter aircraft.   In the
afternoon the pilots played basketball and squash.


          Thick fog covered the airfield.   There was no flying.   After met. briefing the
pilots attended lectures on tactical battle formation, and the fuel system of the
Hunter aircraft.


          Poor visibility persisted all day.   One section flew a weather recce, sortie
but there was no flying.   The ground training programme consisted of aircraft
recognition, meteorology lectures, and a lecture on the signals organisation in the
Royal Air Force.   In the afternoon pilots familiarised themselves with the Hunter


          A squadron parade was held in the hangar.   Afterwards the airmen attended Hunter
lectures in A.S.F. while pilots attended to their squadron jobs.   When work ceased
at 12.30 hours a farewell party was held for F.S. Shrubsole who is returning to the
U.K., tour expired.

  9th Monday.

          Low cloud covered the area.   There was no flying.   Pilots attended to their
squadron jobs.


          A period of aircraft recognition and instructional films was held after met.
briefing.   A programme of restricted flying commenced at 11.00 hours.   Twelve sorties
of high level battle formation were flown.


          Good flying weather lasted all day and in view of the recent low weather factor today's sports afternoon was cancelled.   The flying programme consisted entirely of high level battle formation and practise interceptions.   Thirty one sorties were flown during the day.


     Low cloud and poor visibility persisted all day.   Flying was restricted to two squadrons flying a section of four aircraft at the same time.   High level battle formation and interceptions were practised.   A total of 17 hours 20 minutes was flown.


     Four aircraft were serviceable when flying commenced at 08.00 hours.   At 10.00 hours two more aircraft became serviceable.   Flying consisted of cine quarter attacks, high level battle formation and low level navigation exercises.   Twenty hours were flown.   Flying Officer B.D.D. Dunbar gained a green card instrument rating.


     After the squadron parade all eligible airmen attended trade training lectures in A.S.F.   There was no flying.   Pilots attended to their squadron jobs.

  16th Monday.

     The Squadron's first Hunter arrived today and the Squadron Commander flew it on an acceptance check in the afternoon.   Three pilots flew their first solo in a Hunter with No. 98 Squadron and in return two pilots from No. 98 Squadron flew their first solo in a Sabre.   Only three pilots remain on the squadron who have not yet flown a Hunter.
     Sabre flying consisted of cine quarter attacks and high level battle formation.   The aerobatics team flew the last sortie of the day and finished their performance with a line astern vertical figure of eight.   This will be the last sortie flown by the team as it is intended to restrict flying on Sabres to air tests, and commence the Hunter conversion on Wednesday.
     A total of 21 hours 20 minutes was flown on Sabres and 2 hours 20 minutes on Hunters.


     The only flying today was the conversion of two pilots of No. 98 Squadron to Sabre aircraft and an additional air test.
     With the arrival of five more Hunters the groundcrew concentrated on acceptance checks.   The pilots concentrated on daily servicing of Hunters.


     Heavy rain persisted all morning.   There was no flying.
     In the afternoon sports were played.   The squadron soccer team beat No 4 Squadron 4 - 2 and the Wing Pilot's team won 8 - 1.
     In the evening the squadron dined out Flying Officer T. Balfour who returns to the United Kingdom on Friday, tour expired.


     Only two Hunter sorties were flown today.   Fg. Off. Davis flew his first solo on type, and during this trip he was diverted to R.A.F. Oldenburg when the weather unexpectedly deteriorated.   The other sortie was Fg. Off. Davis returning from R.A.F. Oldenburg at 16.00 hours.


     Low cloud covered the North German Plain.   Hunter flying restricted to experienced pilots only, which meant the Squadron Commander and the Flight Commanders.
     Three Sabre aircraft were ferried to R.A.F. Geilenkirchen.   Fourteen sorties were flown.


     After the squadron parade all eligible airmen attended trade training lectures in A.S.F.   The Pilots attended to their squadron jobs.

  23rd Monday.

     Heavy snow showers covered the northern area of Germany.   There was no flying.   After met. briefing a period of aircraft recognition was held.   All pilots attended a lecture on the Martin Baker Ejection seat.   This was followed by simulating ejections in a "seat rig", the seat of which was fired by means of a .303 cartridge.
     In the afternoon the pilots attended to their squadron jobs.


     Two Hunter conversion sorties were flown.   Between sorties the pilots were instructed in daily servicing of Hunter aircraft.


     The runway and perimeter tracks were covered with snow and ice.   There was no flying.
     A period of aircraft recognition followed met. briefing and the remainder of the morning was devoted to squadron jobs.
     In the afternoon the squadron soccer team won - 2 and the Wing pilot's team
won 2 - 1.

  26th        The runway had been cleared of snow and flying commenced at 08.00 hours.
     The Hunter conversion programme continued and at the end of the day 16 sorties
had been flown.
  27th        A period of aircraft recognition followed met. briefing.
     It was intended to ferry six Sabre aircraft to R.A.F. Benson but this was
prevented by the deterioration of the weather in the United Kingdom.
     Snow showers persisted all day,and flying was restricted to the clear periods.
Six sorties were flown.
  28th        After a squadron parade the pilots attended to their squadron jobs.   There
was no flying.
  30th Monday.      The runway and perimeter tracks were ice bound once more,and although the run-
way had a clear lane down the centre conditions did not allow the continuation of the
Hunter conversion programme.
     Six Sabre aircraft were ferried to the United Kingdom.   Flying Officer Exley
could not get the undercarriage of his aircraft to lock down at R.A.F. Benson and
had to land with it in an unsafe condition.   The starboard leg collapsed on braking.
  31st        Flying was restricted to experienced pilots only until late afternoon.   In all
9 sorties were flown.
                                              HOURS FLOWN.
   Operational Type                  Day                     Night                   Sorties
               Sabre   4                  159.30                    9.20                     234
               Hunter  4                    41.40                                                   66
   Training Type
               Vampire                       7.20                    1.40                       13  
                                   Total    208.30                  11.00                     313  



     F.S. Shrubsole proceeded to the U.K., (tour expired).


     Fg. Off's. Chadwick and Hickman returned from leave.   Flt.Lt. Hayes and Fg. Off. Pigdon proceeded to Bad Kohlgrub for a Winter Survival Course.


     Fg. Off. Balfour proceeded to U.K., (tour expired).


     Flt. Lt. Hayes and Fg. Off. Pigdon returned from Bad Kohlgrub.


     Sqdn. Ldr. Browne proceeded on leave.


     Fg. Off's. Chadwick, Hickman, Garthwaite, Exley, Busby and Leigh-Lancaster proceeded to U.K. on aircraft ferrying duties.




     The first month in the New Year started well, with two good flying days, however this was not to continue as there have been only 4 1/2 days fit for full flying and 7 days fit for limited flying.   With the arrival of six pool Hunters to the Squadron, all Sabre operational training stopped on 16th January with 168.50 Sabre hours flown.   Since that date some 41.40 Hunter hours have been flown all on conversion training.   This low total is mainly due to the consistently poor weather.   An average of three to four of the six Hunters have been kept serviceable after the initial acceptance checks were completed.   All pilots except one have now flown the Hunter and have got several sorties behind them.
     Nine Sabres have actually left the station, and allotment of a further three is awaited; the sooner all Sabres are flown out the better, with the present limited manning position and their relative inexperience on the new equipment.




     This month has seen the initial conversion onto Hunter aircraft.   The Sabres of which nine have been allotted away, have all had S.T.I's. carried out during this month.
     During the period of these S.T.I's. Hunter aircraft have been on acceptance checks and Primary Star Inspections (2).
     This combination of servicing has placed a great strain on the ground trades due to the present establishment of all trades.
     Seven Hunters have been brought on strength and the allotment of a further five is awaited.


Signed AJ Colvin                                      
(A.J. COLVIN)                                           
Flight Lieutenant                                      
Officer Commanding,                             
No. 93 Squadron.                                    

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