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F540 Operations Record Book December 1958 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                  COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off M.A.F. Ryan       REF. TO APPENDICES
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      Monday 1st December,1958 - Friday 5th December, 1958
     The weather was good for the first and last days of this period but fog hampered
flying for the rest of the time.   Ground lectures were given by the following : Fg. Off.
on Instrument Flying: Fg. Off. Gleen on High Speed Flight and Fg. Off. King on
Ejection Seats.   The Station Commander, Group Captain I.S. Smith C.B.E., D.F.C.
inspected the Squadron hangar and barrack block on Friday 5th December.   The Squadron
was also involved in 'Exercise ARGUS' for that morning.   Flt. Lt. Newington left the
Squadron on completion of his tour on Monday 1st December, 1958.   Fg. Off Bouch
attended the Aviation Medicine Course at Wildenrath this week.
      Monday 8th December, 1958 - Friday 12th December, 1958
     The weather again only allowed flying on the first two days of this period and two
trips on the last.   Night flying was cancelled after the first few sorties on Monday
but although we had only three serviceable aircraft a full night flying detail was
completed on Tuesday.   The S.H.A.P.E. practice alert came through on Wednesday morning.
As the airfield was red the aircraft were just taxied to the end of the runway.   The
following ground lectures were given; Flt. Lt. Wood on Air Traffic Control :
Fg. Off. Harvey on Telebriefing Network : Plt. Off. Ryan on Aircraft Recognition :
Fg. Off. Wild on Training and Recruiting in the Soviet Air force : Fg. Off. Lynn on
Air/Sea Rescue Organisation and Flt. Lt. Parker on Air/Ground Firing.
      Monday 15th December, 1958 - Friday 19th December, 1958
     An Air/Ground programme was flown every day during this period after an initial
cancellation on Monday after one sortie. Night flying was attempted on Monday but
Fg. Off. Wild and Plt. Off. Ryan, the last pair on the first detail, and two Swifts
were diverted to Royal Air Force Gutersloh and the rest of the programme was
cancelled.   The aircraft returned Tuesday morning.   Air/ground results were as follows:-
Monday 15th December, 1958
             Flt. Lt. Parker     41.7%     1 Sortie
Tuesday 16th December, 1958
             8 Sorties, 2 stoppages, 1 Sortie was abortive because of harmonisation and one
because of a lack of targets.   Highest scorer - Fg. Off King 45%.     Squadron
Average - 25.2%
Wednesday 17th December, 1958
             5 Sorties.  One Sortie was aborted because of harmonisation.   Highest scorer -
Flt. Lt. Parker     32.7%.     Squadron Average   16.8%
Thursday 18th December, 1958
             6 Sorties.     2 Demos.     1 Cine Sortie.     1 stoppage.     Highest Scorer Sqn. Ldr.
50%     Squadron Average     31.6%
             9 Sorties.     1 Demo.     1 Cine Sortie.     1 stoppage.     Highest Scorer - Sqn. Ldr.
     56.6%     Squadron Average     27.2%
Friday 19th December, 1958
     Squadron Average for period :- 26.6%
      Monday 22nd December, 1958 - Wednesday 31st December, 1958
     On Monday 22nd December there was limited flying due to fog and the airfield was
red on Tuesday morning.   After lunchtime on Tuesday 23rd December the Squadron stood
down for the Christmas break until Monday 29th December.   There was no flying on this
Monday as a tool check was held on all Squadron's inventories.   A strong westerly
unstable airstream gave the airfield good visibility on Tuesday 30th December and with
five aircraft serviceable a good day and night flying programme was possible.   Low
cloud allowed only limited flying mainly on P.I.s, on the last day of the period.
Plt. Off. Ryan was promoted to Fg. Off. on Tuesday 30th December 1958.
                                                                    Hours Flown
                                                DAY                    NIGHT                    SORTIES
     Operational Type           220:15                43:40                        259
     Training Type                   22:25                   3:30                          29   
     TOTALS                          242:40                 47:10                       268   

      Signed HMinnis Sqn. Ldr.                                                  
Squadron Leader,                                                        
Officer Commanding No. 93 Squadron,                       
Royal Air Force,                                                           
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