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F540 Operations Record Book December 1956 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                   COMPILING OFFICER   Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson. REF. TO APPENDICES
R.A.F. Jever 1st. December 1956           With eight serviceable aircraft, plans were made to get a good mornings flying in, which would give us a good start to achieving our annual target   This was not
to be, for a cold unstable air mass enveloped the area, giving frequent and large
showers, which in turn restricted flying.
  3rd.   Weather remained fair until midday when a warm sector produced a low cloud base
and poor visibility.   In spite of this the Squadron flew 25 sorties, totalling 20 hours.   Again this demonstrates the great advantage of the G.C.A installation.
  4th.             Limited flying was carried out all day, emphasis being on coordinated cine
quarters.   Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson was diverted to Ahlhorn when all the crash
vehicles had been dispatched to the scene of a crash.   Likewise Sqn. Ldr. D.F.M.
and Fg. Off. C. Taylor whilst carrying out I.F. practice in a Vampire T.11.
  5th.              16 Sorties were flown, producing 11.05 hours.   Mainly cine quarters at high
level and tail chases were carried out.
          This was followed by a normal Sports afternoon.
  6th.             An average days flying which produced 35 sorties.   Dog fights and High Level
Battle formation were the main exercises carried out.   The Squadron aerobatic team
with Sqn. Ldr. D.F.M. Browne A.F.C. leading, flew its last sortie together.
          A night flying programme was planned but this was curtailed after the aircraft
Fg. Off. A.W.E. Johnston was flying burst a tyre on landing.
[Click to see a page in the Squadron Line Book about this incident.]
  7th.             Flying was not possible today due to low stratus and poor visibility.   An
inter-flight quiz on Hunter emergencies was held, the result was a win for "B" Flight.
In the afternoon the Squadron played No. 118 Squadron at basketball, unfortunately,
we lost 8-13.   Flt. Lt. A.J. Colvin left this morning for England as he has finished
his tour on the Squadron.   Fg. Off. W.R. Clayton-Jones left with Flt. Lt. A.J.
for three weeks leave.
  8th.             The bad weather continued and after Met. Briefing Fg. Off. A.J. Landon tested
the Wing on Aircraft Recognition.   The groundcrew spent the morning carrying out
S.I. Avon 15 on the exhaust cone.
                                                Continued as COMPILING OFFICER by    Fg. Off. C.W.C. Hardie.  
  10th.             In the morning the squadron carried out ejection seat drill on the test rig.   For the
remainder of the morning Fg. Off. D. Watt delivered lecture on gun design and the
Aden 30 m.m. gun in particular.   After lunch two Hunter and two Vampire T.11. sorties
were flown before the weather closed in.
  11th.             Today, Squadron Leader D.F.M. Browne, A.F.C. handed over command of the
Squadron to Squadron Leader H. Minnis.   Due to weather flying was restricted all day only
16.05 hours being flown.
  12th.             In the morning Fg. Off. C. Taylor and Fg. Off. T. Page were diverted to Sylt
due to a sudden deterioration in visibility.   The bad weather continued and the section
was unable to return.   In the afternoon the groundcrew carried on with servicing
while the pilots watched a hockey game.
  13th.             The Squadron participated in Exercise Guest today.   The Squadron flew 24.25
hours for 13 'kills'.   Many lessons were learnt during the exercise which will help
the Squadron in future operations.
  14th.             Five aircraft were available in the morning the Squadron flew sixteen sorties.
In the afternoon a considerable proportion of the station left to watch the 2nd.
T.A.F. rugby final between Jever and Geilenkirchen at Munchen Gladbach.
  17th.             After a weekend in which one of the Squadrons' new pilots Plt. Off. A.J.
was taken into hospital, sober, as the result of a car crash   the
Squadron flew 30.25 hours in 37 sorties.
  19th.             The airfield was closed today due to dense fog belt which is widespread over
North Germany.   In the morning Flt. Lt. Land W. Station Intelligence Officer,
lectured on the organisation of the Russian Tactical Air Armies.   In the afternoon
pilots either carried on with squadron work or helped to decorate the Officers' Mess
in preparation for the evening when the Christmas Draw was held.   Prior to the draw
Squadron Leader H. Minnis held a cocktail party.
  20th.             The fog persisted to-day and it was not possible to fly.   After lectures the
Squadron sent four Officers to Brockzetel to see the G.C.I. Station.   The remainder of
the aircrew helped to entertain the children at their Christmas party in the afternoon.
The groundcrew carried on with servicing and completed three primary inspections.   In
the evening the airmen continued to work on their bar for Christmas.
  21st.             After a slight delay in the morning due to mist the Squadron flew 25.10 hours.
Most of the sorties were on cine exercises.
  22nd.             Full flying was carried out until 11.45 hours.   When aircraft were in the
Hangar the aircrew held their party for the groundcrew.   After two barrels of beer
all agreed that it was successful and left on the Christmas Grant.
  27th.             The Squadron re-assembled after the Christmas Grant and managed to achieve an
early start.   26 sorties were flown in reasonable weather.
  28th.             A fairly successful days flying was achieved.   It is very cold and snow is
forecast for to-morrow.
  29th.             Only a pair of aircraft flew before snow and bad visibility stopped flying.
Squadron Leader H. Minnis inspected the Barrack Block while groundcrew and aircrew
carried on with Squadron duties.
  31st.             Due to the icy state of the runway and perimeter tracks flying was not possible
to-day.   Most of the day was occupied in compiling end of the month returns and
making ready for to-nights Fancy Dress Ball in the Officers' Mess.   In the afternoon
some pilots were forced to remove snow patches from the runway before the hot sander
could be used.
Flying Hours
   Hunter Mk. 4    263.35     18.55    378
   Vampire T.11.          28.20                  .50                18     
          291.55                  19.45                  396     
  3rd.   Fg. Off. Garthwaite was repatriated to the U.K.  
  5th   Fg. Off. D.S. Chadwick "         "           "     "      "  
  7th   Flt. Lt. A.J. Colvin           "         "           "     "      "  
  7th   Fg. Off. W.R. Clayton-Jones proceeded on leave to the U.K.  
  11th   Sqn. Ldr D.F.M. Browne A.F.C. Was repatriated to the U.K.  
  11th   Sqn. Ldr. H. Minnis posted in from the Royal Danish Air Force, Aalborg.  
  12th   Fg. Off. B.D.D. Dunbar posted to No. 71 Squadron Royal Air Force, Bruggen.  
  17th   Fg. Off. B.A.E. Sanderson proceeded on leave to U.K.  
  17th   Fg. Off. J.P. Busby                     "             "      "         "    "  
  21st   Fg. Off. R. Biggs                        "             "      "         "    "  
  31st   Fg. Off. C. Taylor proceeded on a Winter Survival Course.  
          The Squadron flew 282.30 hours this month making a total for the year of
4218.20 hours which exceeded the target by 38.20 hours.   The weather factor for the
month was low and only limited flying involving continuous use of G.C.A. was possible
on 11 of the 16 days fit for flying.   When on stepped down approaches on runway 11 there were some bad approaches resulting in over-shoots which could have been
embarrassing had the visibility been only slightly reduced   This emphasises the need
for reliable ground control when flying in marginal conditions (Amber 3).   Exercise
Guest was held on 13th December and resulted in a high intensity of flying
Brockzetel provided control for most of the interception sorties and was found to be
generally satisfactory considering its infancy.
      Signed H Minnis                     
(H. MINNIS.)                         
Squadron Leader.             
Officer Commanding,       
No. 93 Squadron.              
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