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F540 Operations Record Book April 1959 NO 93 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                         COMPILING OFFICER   Flt. Lt. T.A.K. Wood       REF. TO APPENDICES
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JEVER  April 1959. Wednesday 1st - Saturday 4th April, 1959
                                                                           The month opened with Sylt demonstrating its
famous weather, fog and low status, however just over two days flying was done.
Cine weave continued until midday on Thursday when cine flag commenced.   Live firing
began on Friday afternoon.   Because of the little flying achieved so far Saturday was
decreed a working day, fog soon put an end to any idea of flying however.   Five live
sorties were flown, Fg. Off. D.J. Gleen having to buy himself the traditional Carlsberg
with the lowest score of a duck and the highest of 34%.   Flt. Lt. P.D. Raeburn and
Fg. Off. A.J. Lakeman disappeared to Bruggen with a T.11 on Friday morning returning in
the evening having renewed their I.R.E.s.   Flt. Lt. J J Parker rejoined us from the
Anson Conversion Unit at Jever, unfortunately still unable to fly with us.
      Monday 6th - Saturday 11th April, 1959
                                                                      Fog and low stratus cost us 90 out of a possible
168 sorties this week.   6 more were lost when G.C.A. decided to change diesels and 2
when A/C were unserviceable on start up.   Of the 70 sorties flown over 55 were effective
39 live and 16 cines; the 15 abortive sorties were made up by 4 Radar snags, 4 Gunsight,
2 fogged films 1 incorrect fuse being fitted, 3 insufficient time on target and 1 flag
u/s.   On Monday 9 pilots travelled to Gutersloh for a lecture there on Tuesday by the
C.A.S. M.R.A.F. Sir Dermot Boyle.   There is no truth in the Fire Section rumour that
we will have P.1.s by February.   The 9 pilots left at Sylt had an excellent days
flying.   Flt. Lt. G.W. Timms rejoins us on Monday after sickness and a Board of
Inquiry at Gutersloh so the Squadron is now back at Full strength.

                                      Highest Scores of the Week
7th - Flt. Lt. G.W. Timms 32%
8th - Sqn. Ldr. H. Minnis 40%
9th - Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone 60%
      Monday 13th - Friday 17th April, 1959
As the weather behaved itself quite well a reasonable weeks flying ensued; of 180
programmed sorties 114 were flown of which 72 were countable live, 4 countable cine-flag.
The abortive sorties were made up by radar 15, range weather 13, stoppages 6,
insufficient time on target 3, and staff P.A.I. not selecting Gun Master Switch to
'Fire' 1.   Flt. Lt. P.D. Raeburn was dined out by the Squadron on Friday evening, an
ex Venom pilot he returns to the U.K.   The Squadron combined with 2, 4 and the 2nd
Escardrille of the Belgian Air Force to give a farewell party to Sylt on Saturday
evening.   Flight Lieutenant J.J. Parker assumed command of the Squadron on the 16th
and Squadron Leader H. Minnis returned to Ireland on compassionate leave.

                                                    Highest Scores of the Week
13th - Flt. Lt. G.W. Timms 38%
14th - Flt. Lt. G.W. Timms 28%
15th - Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone 32%
16th - Flt. Lt. A.J. Lakeman 24%
17th - Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone 40%
      Monday 20th - Friday 24th April, 1959
                                                                   A good days flying opened this week, but poor
weather on Tuesday at 1000 hrs finished our firing for the detachment.   Of 44
programmed sorties 30 were flown the 12 of these abortive were caused by radar 6,
stoppages 3 and range weather 3.

                                                               The Scores
20th - Fg. Off. D.J. Gleen 35%
21st - Flt. Lt. G.A. Talbot 26%
Tuesday afternoon was spent cleaning up the accommodation at Sylt, recrystallizing the
aircraft, watching the Belgian F.84Fs fly out etc.
The wing return to Jever on Wednesday morning fizzled out in cloud; we, being the only
Squadron to arrive at base in one body.   The pilots concerned being Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone,
T.A.K. Wood, P.A. Barrow, G.A. Talbot, and J.T. Hall, Fg. Offs. A.J. Lakeman, M.A. Harvey
J. Haig, and P.R. Wild.   Fg. Off. P.A. Bouch bringing the 11th Hunter, Fg. Off.
B. Butterworth
the T.11 separately.   Flt. Lt. J.J. Parker returned in an Anson of the
Jever detachment of Southern Cross Airways.   Ft. Offs. D.J. Gleen and T.M. Ashwood
brought the convoy and Fg. Off. M.A.F. Ryan the Rear Party.
No flying was done during the remainder of the week so energy was expended on
aircraft cleaning and rebuilding the Pilots crew room.   As a result of the latter
Flt. Lts. J.J. Parker and R.D. Stone are applying to become master bricklayers.
Fg. Off. B. Butterworth quietly arrived one morning with Flt. Lt. braids, although
the Squadron has not enjoyed its customary barrel it looks as though he may have been
      Monday 27th - Thursday 30th April, 1959
                                                                         A week of fine weather marred by Battle Flight commenced on Tuesday morning at 04:45.   P.I.s and cine weave have been the main
sortie details.   Monday saw the return of the 'B' Element established under the
Works study, to the welcoming arms of the Squadron. Flight Lieutenant J.J. Parker
now cleared to fly again took command of the Squadron on the last day of the month
as Squadron Leader H. Minnis proceeded on compassionate leave.   On Wednesday the
Squadron were defeated by 101 S.U. in the Final of the Jever 7 a side Rugby Tournament.
                                                                 SYLT RESULTS
Rounds fired - 6778 Stoppages - 12 Stoppage rate 586.3
Countable rounds fired 5633 Countable Hits - 916
                             Squadron Overall Average - 16.3    Duncan Trophy Average - 23.4
Highest Personal Average - 31.1 Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone
Highest Duncan Average - 48.0 Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone
'A' Flight Average - 17.1                     'B' Flight Average - 14.8
  Day  Night Sorties
          Hunter Mk.6 234.35 0 357
          Vampire T.11           28.55                  0                  42       
  292.30   0 399
                                         The Squadron had a rather frustrating A.P.S. due to the bad weather.
In spite of this each pilot achieved an average of nine effective air to air live shoots
and three cine sorties on the flag.   The serviceability during the attachment was
extremely good being 81.3% of available aircraft; the main unserviceability was
usually radar-ranging unit faults.   On returning to R.A.F. Jever the new
servicing system was introduced but it is too early to comment upon it.   The last
week of the month has been spent on refitting the wing drop tanks and taking over the
Battle Flight commitment.
      Signed H MINNIS                                                     
(H Minnis)                                                           
Squadron Leader                                             
Officer Commanding                                       
No. 93 Squadron                                              
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