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4 Sqn at Lunch for the presentation of 4 Sqn Standard - 20Nov53.
L to R on Left side of nearest table: Snowy Ewens, Unknown Lady leaning forward, Alan Laycock, Bill Simms, Unknown Lady just front of head, Unknown with moustache, Unknown, Unknown RAF Regiment Sqn Ldr, Unknown Lady back of head, Geoff Couch 93 Sqn back of head.
L to R Right side of nearest table: Geoff Lee to right of candelabra, Bob Molden, Brian Watson raising glass, Ginger Friend, Ken Richardson with cigarette, Les Bradley, Unknown Malcolm Club Lady, Unknown ADC.   L to R on left side of far table: Tony Vasey with moustache, George Beaton and Unknown.   Far side of far table: Dougie Bridson and Dave Clayton.   L to R Top Table: Unknown,
Helen Gilpin, Sir John Slessor, Unknown Lady, Peter Gilpin, Unknown and Station Commander
Gp Capt Powel-Sheddon.   (Anyone add more names?).   (Thanks to David Mitchell.)
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