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F540 Operations Record Book September 1955.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Fg. Off. F. J. Maycock.___ Refs

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R.A.F. JEVER 1.9.55        This month, much of the Squadron's effort will be devoted to gunnery training
- and a very good start was made today.   In view of the fact that it is a very
considerable time since we used the G.G.S., with its manual ranging, the first
exercises to be carried out are simple ranging and tracking.   When the films taken
show that the requisite standard has been attained, pilots will progress to quarter
at various altitudes.   It is also intended to carry films on all battle
flights, so that cine can be taken in tail-chases and dogfights.
     In addition to the cine practices today, close and battle formation exercises
were carried out and several solo flights incorporating aerobatics, low flying and
two G.C.A.s were completed.
     Squadron Leader Hindmarsh, No. 2 Group Weapons Officer, paid a flying visit
to the wing today.   He conversed with the Squadron P.A.I.s and expressed
satisfaction at plans for gunnery training.
                                              Flights 18      Hours   13.40
  2.9.55        Five pairs of aircraft carried out cine exercises today and it is hoped to
screen and visually assess the films tomorrow morning.   The Hunter with the G.G.S.
is very different for gunnery from the Sabre, but pilots are beginning to feel at
home with our new combination.
     Two pilots who recently returned from leave, are pressing on steadily with
the conversion syllabus and, should be fully converted by the middle of next week.
Training carried out today also included G.C.A. practices.
                                              Flights 22        Hours   18.00
  3.9.55        There was no flying today.   A rehearsal for the C.-in-C.'s Parade was
held and after that, the Squadron was engaged on aircraft servicing, including
primary inspection and administrative duties such as inventory and tool checks.
     The airfield closed at 1230 hours for the weekend.
  5.9.55        Two pilots carried out cine exercises today, the majority being level quarter
at 20,000 feet.   Several practice forced landings , and landings in manual
control were completed, in addition to a few G.C.A.s.
     Another of our pilots completed the conversion syllabus today, and the Wing
P.A.I., who is to convert to Hunters with the Squadron, had his first flight.
                                        Flights 26         Hours   19.05
  6.9.55        Bad weather adversely restricted flying today, and only one pair from each
Squadron could be airborne at any one time.   The training carried out was close
and battle formation practice, and cine quarter attacks at 20,000 feet, with
dog fights.
                                          Flights 15          Hours   11.50
  7.9.55        There was no flying today because of low cloud, which seemed to lift and
then descend all morning giving poor flying conditions.
     There was also a rehearsal for the C. in C.'s Parade at eight o'clock this
morning and the Station Commander appeared to be pleased with the general standard
of drill.
     The airfield closed at 12.30 hours for sports afternoon.
  8.9.55        Once more, poor weather prevented flying all morning, but a start was made
at lunch-time, although each Squadron was restricted to one pair airborne at a
time.   Cine quarter attacks at 30,000 feet, and battle formation, were practised.
                                       Flights    6          Hours   5.00
  9.9.55        Two rehearsals were held today of the flypast for the in which five
of our pilots are taking part.   In addition to the usual formation which will be
flown, the figures 122 will be formed by aircraft from the Wing.
     Cine exercises and some aerobatic flights were also carried out by the Squadron,
one more pilot completed the Conversion Syllabus, and an air test was carried out on
our one remaining Sabre.
                                                Flights 19            Hours   11.50
  10.9.55        A Station Commander's Parade was held this morning and the full ceremonial, as
for the C.-in-C., was practised.   After the parade, all of the Squadron personnel
were busily engaged in general preparation for the C.-in-C's inspection next week.
     There was no flying and the airfield closed at 12.:30 hours for the weekend.
  12.9.55        The day started well with six aircraft airborne, including the Squadron's
first "four" of Hunters, on battle formation practise.   From 1030 hours onwards,
however, the weather deteriorated to such an extent, that very little flying was
done.   Two of our aircraft were, in fact, diverted to Oldenburg because of a
particularly large cumulonimbus cloud with a very low base which remained over Jever
for some time.
                                                Flights 14         Hours   9.20
  13.9.55        Twice today, the formation fly-past for the C.-in-C.'s visit was practised,
with a marked improvement over the first attempts, last week.   Cine exercises
at 20,000 feet were also carried out.   The majority of the pilots are now very
keen on the Hunter for gunnery training, and hope that it will not be too long
before we shall be able to fire the guns.
     An air test on our Sabre was also completed today.
                                           Flights 17            Hours   10.00
  14.9.55        Marginal weather conditions again restricted flying to one pair airborne from
each Squadron at any one time.   Training carried out included cine quarters at
20,000 feet and 30,000 feet and close and battle formations.
     The airfield closed at 12.30 hours for Sports afternoon.
                                           Flights 10         Hours   7.40
  15.9.55        Today was the official day for the remembrance of the Battle of Britain, and a parade
in commemoration of it, was held this morning.   The Squadron Standard was paraded.
     A last rehearsal for the C.-in-C.'s parade was also held this morning, and the
standard of drill seemed to be very satisfactory.
     There was no flying and all personnel were busy with final preparations for the
C.-in-C.'s visit.
  16.9.55        The Commander in Chief, 2nd A.T.A.F., Air Marshal Sir Henry Broadhurst K.C.B.,
K.B.E., D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C., officially visited and inspected Royal Air Fiore
Jever today.
     As he stepped fro his Valetta, he was met by a Guard of Honour and he
proceeded from there, to review all Station personnel who were drawn up on the Parade
ground.   The Squadron Standard was paraded and full ceremonial was carried out.
     After the parade, the C.-in-C. inspected the Station and after an informal
lunch in the Officers' Ness, he inspected the personnel of all squadrons, drawn
up with their aircraft, beginning with this Unit.
     Later this afternoon, fly-pasts by aircraft of the Wing were done, in addition
to solo aerobatics in a Hunter and formation aerobatics in Sabres.   The display
was rounded off by a fly-past of the Wing in formation forming the figure 122.
93sqnpic630.jpg, 11017 bytes
                                             Flights   6         Hours   3.10
  20.9.55        This has been the first flying day of the week, yesterday being declared a
Station Stand-down by the C.-in-C..
     A few more conversion flights were carried out, but the days training consisted
mainly of cine ranging and tracking and quarter attacks.   Two more aircraft were
ferried to Lyneham for modification, and it is hoped that two more will be available
for return tomorrow.
                                             Flights   17     Hours   13.15
  21.9.55        The weather continued fine today. although the visibility has dropped considerably
since the start of the fine spell.
     More cine ranging and tracking exercises and more conversion flights by two
of the three remaining pilots still not converted, were flown.   Two modified
aircraft arrived here from Lyneham to replace the two sent away yesterday.
     The airfield close at 13:00 hours for a station sports afternoon.
                                      Flights   15    Hours   12.00
  22.9.55        Once again tha main part of the days effort was directed towards cine quarter
, as indeed it has been throughout the week.   Only one pilot now remains
to be converted, the other two having completed the syllabus today.
                                           Flights   23         Hours   18.40
  23.9.55        The visibility today was very poor indeed, so much so in fact, that flying was
limited all day to one pair of aircraft per Squadron.
     By way of a change, the Squadron training flights consisted of battle formation,
tail chases and Q.G.H.s.
     Two more aircraft were ferried to Lyneham by Squadron pilots, bringing the
total so far to six aircraft.
                                        Flights   19         Hours   14.10
R.A.F. JEVER 24.9.55        There was no Station Commander's Parade today and consequently, flying got under
way at the normal time.
     Pilots used their time between flights to get up-to-date with their respective
Squadron jobs.
                                          Flights   10   Hours   7.35
  26.9.55        It was feared that the weather would hamper flying again today but despite frequent
and heavy rainstorms, a full day's programme was carried out.
     Flights consisted almost entirely of battle formation followed by cine tail chases
and Q.G.H.s.
                                            Flights   17   Hours   13.10
  27.9.55        The days flying was, on the whole, similar to yesterday's programme, with the addition of a few practice G.C.A.s at Ahlhorn.
     Serviceability was comparatively good, enabling us to achieve the highest daily
total so far this month.
                                        Flights   28        Hours   23.50
  28.9.55        The weather was quite good again today and flying continued as normal up until
1230 hours, when the Station closed for a Sports afternoon.
                                             Flights   10    Hours   7.40
  29.9.55        Once again a good serviceability coupled with reasonable weather produced
another high daily hours total - most pilots managing to get three flights.
                                          Flights   30    Hours   23.00
  30.9.55        The day started off well with no cloud and very good visibility, but it slowly
deteriorated throughout the day and, by 15600 hours, the airfield colour state was
amber.   Emphasis was placed upon battle formation and G.C.A.s with the four aircraft
available.   A few bad weather circuits were also practised later in the day.
                                               Flights   23    Hours   1845

     All Squadron pilots have now converted onto Hunters except two who are away on
courses.   Gunnery training has been done in the form of ranging and tracking and
a graded series of quarter attack exercises, recommended by the P.A.I. course at Leconfield, is well under way.   Battle formation and tail chases have been done
in pairs, and a start made in fours,
     Poor weather, and the C.-in-C.'s Inspection and stand-down, held up flying
over the first half of the month, but a good deal of this was made up in the last
eleven days.
     Four Hunters are now at Lyneham being modified, and we have already received
our first two modified Hunters back.
   Flying Officer P. Smith has been on a Rolls-Royce Avon makers course at Derby
and Flying Officer Langstone left on an aircraft recognition course on 23rd.
     Fg. Off.s Pearce and Smith joined the 6th Royal Tank Regiment and 3rd Dragoon
Guards at Exercise Commonwealth 4, "Full House", from 19th to 25th September.
                                                   Flights 344      Hours   260.55     Training Hours   24.45
                                                                              FJMaycock                    PWGilpin
                                                                      (F.J. MAYCOCK)         (P.W.GLPIN)
                                                                      Flying Officer,              Squadron Leader,
                                                                      Compiling Officer      Officer Commanding
                                                                                                            Number 4 Squadron
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