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F540 Operations Record Book November 1959 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams___ Refs
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R.A.F. Jever. 2.11.59        A poor start was made today because of weather, and only four sorties were flown
before lunch.  However by the end of the days flying, a fair number of hours had been
flown, and a considerable amount of cine' training completed.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth
                                               SORTIES : 10                 HOURS : 10.45
  3.11.59        The weather was poor again this morning, and flying could not be started until
12.00 hours.  Even then, conditions necessitated a restricted programme, so it wasn't
possible to gain all that could be wished with the six available aircraft.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth
                                               SORTIES : 10                 HOURS : 10.05
  4.11.59        Today started with fine weather and plenty of aircraft, and a programme was maintained
throughout the day.  The majority of sorties were flown as 'pairs' and the training
consisted of 'air combat', followed by QGH/GCA's - good practice for the winter we know
is yet to come.  A good days flying.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth
                                               SORTIES : 21                 HOURS : 23.00
  5.11.59        Another excellent days training with the airfield colour state 'Green' throughout.
Again, emphasis was placed on pairs air combat and QGH/GCA's, although both the first
and last details of the day took off as 'Battle Fours'. Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth
                                               SORTIES : 21                 HOURS : 23.35
  6.11.59        This mornings weather reminded us once again of the approaching winter, and it was
not until a clearance at 10.00 hours that our first detail could take off.  The rest of
the day proved very satisfying, and almost all the sorties flown were for cine' training.
     If flying, for the remainder of the month goes as well as the first week, the
Squadron will easily reach its target.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth
                                               SORTIES : 20                 HOURS : 22.00
  9.11.59        Another late start today because of the weather; the first detail taking off at
0920 hours for cine training.  Unfortunately, there wasn't a good clearance today as
there has been recently, and a limited flying programme resulted in consequence.  The
opportunity of making actual G.C.A.'s was taken and cine' training continued.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : 25                 HOURS : 26.50
  10.11.59        The airfield was 'Red' with fog until lunchtime, so flying was delayed yet again.
However, thanks to our five serviceable aircraft, a reasonable number of sorties were flown,
including six at night.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Day 10.           HOURS : 11.30  Day
                                                                   Night 6 10.                         6.05  Night
  11.11.59        Today, although the weather was against us at first, minor aircraft unserviceablities
resulted in the small number of flying hours.  However, training continued either in the
high or low level roles and all sorties finished with a G.C.A.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : 11                    HOURS : 11.35
  12.11.59        The day started, for some of the Squadron pilots, at about 02.30 hours, when they
were called out to take part in an Air/Sea rescue which had begun last night, when a
Hunter from No. 93 Squadron was reported overdue.  Daylight found almost all our pilots
engaged in the search in some capacity, together with aircrew from all over the station.  [Click to see fuller report in 93 Sqn F540].
There was no Hunter flying today.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Nil                    HOURS : Nil
  13.11.59        All pilots were engaged in the search throughout the day and night.  There was no
Hunter flying.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Nil                    HOURS : Nil
  14.11.59        Again, almost all pilots from the Squadron participated in the Air/Sea Rescue search
which has now reached enormous proportions.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Nil                    HOURS : Nil
  15.11.59        The search continues.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. R. Booth  Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Nil                    HOURS : Nil
  16.11.59        No aircraft flew from Jever on the search today as the weather was too poor, and as
a complete change, work on the new Squadron Coffee Bar was restarted by the aircrew.
Aircraft servicing continued unhampered as it has since last Thursday, and when Squadron
training begins again, we shall have at least eight serviceable aircraft to help make up.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Nil                    HOURS : Nil
  17.11.59        The search has been called off, but the weather is completely unsuitable for
any flying.  Low cloud and very poor visibility have been the order of the day.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Nil                    HOURS : Nil
  18.11.59        After a complete week on the ground, our Squadron aircraft took to the air again
after lunch today, and although the groundcrew produced nine serviceable Hunters, poor
weather necessitated a restricted programme, and only a few flying hours were achieved
in consequence.  There appears to be a small epidemic of headcolds centred around No.
4 Squadron
today, and there have been more serviceable aircraft than pilots.
     Flying Officer D. J. Gleen of No. 93 Squadron, flying Hunter XJ 638 [4 Sqn Hunter] lost his
hood after take off.  [Click to see 93 Sqn F540 report].
Leave:-    Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : 10                    HOURS : 10.10
  19.11.59        Today showed a great improvement in the weather, and made it possible for us to start
our monthly Air to Ground firing commitment.  Ten sorties were flown in this role and
the results proved encouraging, with an average of just over 25%.
     After lunch, two pairs of aircraft took part in Exercise 'Gateman' - a 2nd T.A.F.
exercise for emergency air defence.
Leave:-    Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                               SORTIES : Day 16            HOURS : Day 16.05
                                                                   Night 2                              Night 1.10
  20.11.59        A good days flying today, with all the sorties except one on air to ground firings;
the odd one being an air test.
     During the afternoon, in an attempt to make the 'air to ground' more realistic, two sections of four aircraft each, completed low level cross country flights at Strohen
Range, and made an operational strike at the target - using four guns and full packs,
which unfortunately contained 'Ball' ammunition!
Leave:-    Fg. Off. D. Barr
                                                SORTIES : 17                    HOURS : 15.15
  23.11.59        Again, the weather was too poor for flying, and the day was spent on either
Ground Training or building the Pilots' Coffee Bar.  Today was the first day of the
Squadron's Battle Flight commitment, but because of the weather, this duty was taken
over by night fighters from Royal Air Force Geilenkirchen.
                                                SORTIES : NIL                    HOURS : NIL
  25.11.59        This is now the third day of fog from an immense belt lying across Holland, most
of Northern Germany and Denmark.  There was no flying today.
                                                SORTIES : NIL                    HOURS : NIL
  26.11.59        The fog, which has been over Jever for the past few days cleared slowly this morning,
and general flying started at 13.00 hours.  During the morning however, a pair of aircraft
were sent to Royal Air Force Gutersloh to operate from No. 14 Squadron's dispersal, and
in this way, more training was achieved than would have been possible otherwise.
                              SORTIES : Day - 13. Night - 1        HOURS : Day - 12.55, Night - 1.10
  27.11.59        A full days flying today, with cine' training as the theme, and although the
weather conditions necessitated a restricted programme, no planned sorties were cancelled,
and every flight ended with a QGH/GCA.  A very good day in all respects.
                                                SORTIES : 21                    HOURS : 20.50
  30.11.59        Another full days flying today, with good weather.  Training continues in the high
level role, with cine practice on every sortie.
Leave:-   Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams
                                                SORTIES : 17                    HOURS : 18.05

RJ Spiers S/L                                         
    (R.J. SPIERS)                                          
Squadron Leader,                                  
Officer Commanding                             
No. 4 Squadron.