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F540 Operations Record Book July 1957 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Flying Officer I. Carr.___ Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER 1.7.57      The month began with fine warm weather indispersed with a few thunder storms. With
three serviceable aircraft a variety of training exercises were carried out including
several checks on fuel consumption at altitude, at various speeds, as there was some
doubt about the figures we were already using. Flying ceased rather early so as to
enable the aircraft to be prepared for Battle Flight commencing on the morrow.
                                          12   SORTIES        10:00  HOURS
  2.7.57      Another fine day found us with one pair at 5 minutes readiness at 08.00 hours on
Battle Flight.   Working with four aircraft two remained at 5 minutes whilst the other pair
flew.   The pairs alternatively remaining on the ground at 5 mins and then flying.   During the
day several good interceptions were carried out under GCI control.   Battle Flight
returned to 2 hours available at 17.00 hours.
                                           18   SORTIES         13:20  HOURS
  3.7.57      Running four aircraft the system was run yesterday, though the control by GCI
was not as good as previously.   During the morning Fg.Off. W.B. Maish had his first
familiarisation flight in a Hunter VI.   Fg.Off. W.B. Maish is from Number 118 Squadron
which is due to disband shortly and he has been posted to Number 4 Squadron as P.A.I. a
post which has been vacant since Fg.Off M. Blake left.
                                                9   SORTIES        8:15  HOURS
  4.7.57      A very fine hot day, but marred by occasional heavy thunderstorms in the after-
noon.   With at least four serviceable aircraft all day the pair and pair about system
worked smoothly.   Some very good interceptions were carried out against both bombers
and fighters and the standard of control was very good indeed.
                                         18   SORTIES          13:20  HOURS
  5.7.57      Today dawned overcast and remained so throughout the entire period.   Aircraft
serviceability was low down to 3.   One pair was kept on the ground all day at 5 mins
readiness, and the other aircraft did not become serviceable.
                                                  8   SORTIES             5:50  HOURS
  6.7.57      Apart from three Battle Flight Sorties there were only two trips this morning.
One being the acceptance check by Sqn.Ldr J.R. Chapman on a new aircraft [XJ638 D] which had
been flown in to replace WG 270 [actually XG270] lost on Baltrum Island in May.
                                                 8   SORTIES          6:25  HOURS
  8.7.57      For the last day of our Battle Flight four aircraft were used again.   Control was
very poor and the flights were used for training with practice pan calls to exercise
Hanover A.T.C.C.   Battle Flight was released on 2 hours availability at 17.00 hours
until the following morning.  At 23.30 hours the Station received a Practice General
Alert call from H.Q.   The Squadron Operations Officer Fg.Off A Bendell alerted all pilots
who had to be at briefing at 03.00 hours and then went to the Squadron to prepare maps
and get the operations room working.
                                      14   SORTIES                11:05  HOURS
  9.7.57      Working a shift system half the Squadron reported to the briefing room at 03.00 hours
for a general brief.   Aircraft were to take off at 15 min intervals throughout the day
and fly in pairs as simulated bombers over 83 Group on previously prepared routes.   The
first pair were airborne at 04.30 hours and our pairs then flew taking off at 45 minute
intervals until 10.30 hours when the exercise was called off.   Afterwards some simulated
flag attacks were carried out in preparation for our forthcoming attachment to Sylt.
                                                  20   SORTIES      16:40  HOURS
  10.7.57      Coupled with bad weather and few aircraft, five sorties only were carried out today
consisting of simulated flag cine exercises.
                                              5   SORTIES             3:40  HOURS
  11.7.57      With good weather today and five aircraft our pre Sylt training scheme under the
aegis of Fg.Off W. Maish really got in to its stride.   Pairs flew on simulated flag
attacks all day.   With extra aircraft filling in with individual sorties.
                                          32   SORTIES        24:25  HOURS
  12.7.57      Though the day began fine it soon began to deteriorate though it did not prevent
another comprehensive days flying which was once again a concentrated dose of simulated
flag attacks.   During the day two more pilots joining us from 98 Squadron which
is disbanding came over and carried out their familiarisation trips in the Hunter VI.
They were Fg.Offs B. Dale and D.G. Riley.
                                             30   SORTIES             23:05  HOURS
  15.7.57      Feeling refreshed after a long weekend, the Squadron plunged with renewed vigour
into preparing for Sylt.   Unfortunately the weather defeated this object, as the cloud
increased in quantity making cine at 20,000' impossible, as individual aerobatic sorties
were carried out.   Another new pilot again arrived on the Squadron this time from No
26 Squadron at Oldenburg, Fg.Off A, Pollock was able to get his Hunter VI familiarisation
trip in as the weather cleared towards the evening as the front went through.
                                          25   SORTIES                      18:25  HOURS
  16.7.57      The pre Sylt training took on a new phase this morning as a meteor towing aircraft
was available for our use.   Do besides the normal cine sorties, a flag programme
was run using four flags a day and two pairs on each flag.   The flag was towed on the
Shillig Range between the coast and the islands. Once again two more pilots from 98
who are joining us came over, they were Fg.Offs A. McNae & D. Hipperson.   They
also completed their familiarisation today.
                                                   22   SORTIES                  14:35  HOURS
  17.7.57      A half day with only 2 flag tows, but several extra cine sorties were flown.   The
weather gradually deteriorating and flying ceased at 12.00 hours.
                                        13   SORTIES        8:00  HOURS
  18.7.57      Flying commenced at 7.30 hours for Exercise Guest.   Four aircraft in two pairs took
off for a simulated bomber run and landing away at R.A.F. Bruggen.   With four aircraft
away some solo flying and air tests were carried out by the remainder of the pilots.
The aircraft on the exercise returned at noon and were off on interceptions again in the
afternoon, the weather was overcast but did not affect the flying effort.
                                          20   SORTIES        15:25  HOURS
  19.7.57      With no outside commitments the flag programme was resumed again today, though the
weather grew steadily worse all day and the last flag had to be abandoned, though some
QGH and GCA runs were made.
                                                     18   SORTIES        12:25  HOURS
  20.7.57      No flying at all today, instead there were ground training lectures given in F.W.H.Q.
dealing with Pressure Instruments, Aircraft Recognition and films on Nuclear Warfare.
                                                       NO   SORTIES        NO  HOURS
  22.7.57      To relieve the monotony of cine exercises, the early detail took off with a four
and carried out some H.L.B.F. and P.I.s.   The remainder of the day was then devoted
entirely to the cine programme, though one or two sorties were lost through unserviceable
                                     19   SORTIES                     12:45  HOURS
  23.7.57      Two flags only were flown today before heavy thunderstorms and thick cloud
forced flying to cease shortly after midday.
                                      6   SORTIES                4:10  HOURS
  24.7.57      This was the last day the meteor from Sylt would be available for our use. So two
flags were flown during the morning, before it returned to Sylt.   All effective flying
on the Squadron then ceased, so as to enable the ground crews to work on the aircraft.
                                  14   SORTIES                        10:00  HOURS
  25.7.57      No flying at all today, aircraft are being serviced and equipment being packed in
readiness for Sylt.
  27.7.57      Preparations for Sylt continue.   No flying.  
  29.7.57      Two air tests were carried out today but only one of the aircraft became serviceable.
Whilst another aircraft was delivered from Bucheburg where it had been under-going
                                                3   SORTIES               1:35  HOURS
  30.7.57      Two more air tests were carried out on the same aircraft, but again it refused
to become serviceable.   Final packing was completed on the convoy which is due to
leave for Sylt on the morrow.
                                          2   SORTIES        1:10  HOURS
  31.7.57      Advance Party and Road convoy proceeded to Sylt.  
(J.R.L CHAPMAN)                                              
Squadron Leader,                                             
Officer Commanding                                        
Number 4 Squadron