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F540 Operations Record Book April 1955.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Fg. Off. C. Boyack.___ Refs

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  1.4.55   "A" Flight made use of Meppen Range for the whole of the day practicing air-to-ground
firing whilst "B" Flight were on Battle Flight.   The standard of control for battle
varied considerably, some attacks being well placed, others developed into
line astern chases.
                                      Flights - 46 Hours 30.55
  2.4.55   The Squadron flew battle flight and a few low-level trips up until 12.30.   The
airfield then closed down for the week-end.
                                  Flights 6         Hours 3.50
  4.4.55        Two officers from the Squadron, Flight Lieutenant D.F. Denison and Flying
Officer R.S. Mitchell
were posted out today to the newly opened Command Support
Unit at Buckeburg.   "B" Flight were again on Battle Flight, "A" Flight trips
consisted mainly of aerobatics and radio compass let-downs.
                                     Flights 15           Hours 11.00
  5.4.55        The day started well and flying got under way early with high level battle
and cine quarters at 30,000 feet.   Towards midday however, the
weather began to deteriorate and very soon became unfit for flying
                                         Flights 17        Hours 12.20
  6.4.55        Meppen Range was again open to us today, but unfortunately conditions were
far from good and towards the end of the morning it became impossible to attack
at all.   The afternoon was a Station sports afternoon.
                                 Flights 15          Hours 10.00
  7.4.55        Bad weather prevented flying all day, but spirits were still high with the
prospect of Easter Grant stand-down.   A full lecture programme went on all
day, and an hour or so was spent on learning about the fuel system on the
  8.4.55                                                         Easter Grant  
R.A.F. Jever 9.4.55                                                         Easter Grant  
  10.4.55                                                         Easter Grant  
  11.4.55                                                         Easter Grant  
  12.4.55        Poor visibility delayed the start of flying by about an hour and a half this
morning, when conditions started to improve.
                                          Flights 23    Hours 17.10
  13.4.55        Flying was again slightly late in beginning today, due to widespread low cloud,
but when this dispersed, bright sunshine and clear skies prevailed for the rest of
the day.   A strong cross-wind made even greater caution than usual necessary
for landings, but there were no incidents of any description.
                                      Flights 34       Hours 24.50
  14.4.55        With continuing good weather and moderate serviceability, most pilots did an
enjoyable full day's flying.   Parallel cine quarter attacks was the main exercise
carried out by the Squadron in preparation for our fast approaching detachment to
Sylt, which is scheduled for May 16th.
                                       Flights 44       Hours 30.35
  15.4.55        Good weather again and full advantage was taken of it.   Cine quarter attacks
at 20,000 and 25,000 feet were carried out on many flights and as usual, much
high level battle formation flying was practiced.
                                     Flights 53     Hours 37.55
  16.4.55        After the first flights this morning, which were devoted to High-Level Battle
flying with cine tail chases, the Wing Commander Flying led a formation
of sixteen aircraft from the Wing on a short tour, which included flypasts at R.A.F.
Ahlhorn and R.A.F. Oldenburg.   Comments from these stations bordered on the
flattering, and there was even praise, albeit reluctant, from the chair-borne
pilots of the Wing.
                                     Flights 16       Hours 11.15
  18.4.55        All the energy of the Squadron today went towards moving lock, stock and Sabre,
from the Southern to the Northen side of the airfield.   We moved in order to make
room for two Squadrons from Fassberg, as up to now, we have been using the largest
hangar on the aerodrome.   Some of the ex-Fassberg pilots have arrived, as have
about six of their Hunters, but they did not anticipate flying them at least for a week
or so.
                                                 No flying took place.
  19.4.55        There was no flying today, since for the majority of the day most of the airmen
and officers were completing the Squadron's move to the Northen side of the airfield.
In addition to this factor, there was widespread low cloud over most of the zone,
and serviceability in any case was poor.
  20.4.55        Squadron Leader P.W. Gilpin D.F.C., Flying Officers J.C. Ewens, L. Swart, P. Smith
and P.J. Phillips as spare, flew to Fassberg to take part in a rehearsal for a
weapons demonstration for the C. in C 2nd A.T.A.F., Air Marshal Sir Harry
Broadhurst, K.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C., and the Italian Air Force
Chief of Staff, His Excellency General Rafaelli.   After arrival at Fassberg
in pouring rain and with a 300 feet cloud base, the pilots went to a briefing
on the demonstration, then visited the range to see the layout, location of targets
and the spectators' enclosure.   The rehearsal scheduled for the morning started
at 17.00 hours as bad weather caused a postponement.   The main object of the
rehearsal was to obtain accurate timing of each event so that the actual
demonstration will run smoothly and rapidly.
AT JEVER:-   Poor visibility limited flying today.   Cine quarter attacks
were practised and one or two aerobatic flights with Radio Compass let-downs
were carried out.
                                              Flights       16     Hours   9.20
  21.4.55        All Sabres were grounded this morning while a brief check on the ejector seat
gun was made.   One aircraft which was found to be unserviceable was one of the
five at Fassberg , so a replacement was flown down.   Poor serviceability generally
cut down the amount of flying done by the Squadron.   High Level Battle Formation
with dog fights and controlled descents, figured predominantly in the Authorisation
AT FASSBERG :- The Fassberg Range being allotted for the use of the Squadron
team at certain times, enabled all pilots to do a thorough reconnoitre of the
area of the range, together with several live firing practises in a 40 knot
cross-wind - results of the shooting were reasonable considering the conditions.

                                      Flights 23          Hours 16.40
  22.4.55     Further practices were carried out on the range at Fassberg in less windy and
turbulent conditions than yesterday - firing results showed a corresponding
improvement.   As one aircraft became unserviceable a further spare was flown
from Jever by Flying Officer B. Watson.
AT JEVER:- The day started badly with only one aircraft serviceable and after
two sorties, this had to be flown to Fassberg to replace one Sabre which had become
unserviceable.   The weather has, once more, been very good all day.
                                               Flights      13     Hours 7.25
R.A.F. FASSBERG 23.4.55     The day started at Fassberg with a full briefing on the demonstration
with the latest revised timings for each event.   The weather was just within
the limits laid down for the event - cloud base 3,000 feet and visibility 2½ to
3 miles.   The whole programme ran well in spite of deteriorating conditions
The team from the Squadron acquitted itself well.   After a formal
luncheon the six members of the Squadron flew back to Jever in the late
afternoon - the unserviceable aircraft having had the snag rectified.
The weather at Fassberg was poor by this time:- half a mile visibility
and 600 feet cloud base.   All pilots and aircraft arrived back at Jever in
reasonably fine weather.   The ground crew detachment are scheduled to return
by road tomorrow.
AT JEVER :- This afternoon the Commander-in-Chief 2nd Allied tactical Air Force
in company with His Excellency, General Rafaelli, Chief of Staff of the Italian
Air Force, visited the Station.   He inspected a line-up of the Wing's Sabres
and Hunters, and was given a brief demonstration of the manoeuvrability of the
Hunter, at low level, by a single aircraft.   A low cloud base prevented an
aerobatic exhibition, but the acceleration and small radius turn of the Hunter
was obvious.   Perhaps the most interesting feature of the demonstration, was
the effectiveness of the Hunter's brakes on the landing-run when the aircraft
was brought to rest in approximately 1,000 yards.   Flights 11 , Hours 4.10
  25.4.55     Flying was again limited by poor serviceability, one flight for example having only two aircraft all day.   High level battle formation and cine quarter attacks
were the main exercises flown today although some G.C.A.s and simulated forced
landings were also carried out.
                                             Flights      24   Hours 17.15
  26.4.55     This morning high level battle formation with co-ordinated quarter attacks
was practised and there were a few aerobatic flights flown./   This afternoon
eight of the Squadron's aircraft flew on exercise Sky High.   This is the
annual Bomber Command Exercise, and our task was to intercept the Canberras,
Lincolns and perhaps F. 84s which were coming over from bases in the United
Kingdom.   Unfortunately, only our first formation of four aircraft intercepted
targets.   Two Canberras were claimed as destroyed.
                                             Flights      30   Hours 23.10
  27.4.55     Only poor visibility restricted flying today for the weather was perfect,
although the airfield closed at midday for the weekly sports afternoon.   Flying
was limited to cine quarter attacks and two aerobatic flights.
                                           Flights 12          Hours 8.10
  28.4.55     The good weather continued today and with eight aircraft flying most of the
day, a great deal of training was completed.   The main exercises were again
High level battle formation and cine quarter attacks at heights between 5,000 and
15,000 feet.
                                         Flights 49            Hours 35.05
  29.4.55     A few training flights were carried out before the Squadron took part in
another phase of Exercise "Sky High" starting at 11.30 hours.   The weather
was excellent - hot and cloudless - for the whole day.   The Squadron was
scrambled in sections with much more success than in the earlier phase of 'Sky High'
A total of ten Canberras were claimed as destroyed.   If scrambles had been given
three to five minutes earlier many more "kills" could have been made.   Attacks
varied from high quarters, level quarters and line astern with considerable value
being gained from these type of attacks at 41,000 to 42,500 feet against evading
bomber aircraft.
                                            Flights 37        Hours 26.05
  30.4.55             This morning was devoted to cleaning the hangar and aircraft and in completing
end of month returns.   There was no flying and at 12.00 hours the airfield was
closed for the week-end.   Twelve airmen attended lectures in preparation for their
S.A.C. Trade Test Board.
          Grand totals for month:-
               Sabre Flights 580 - Sabre Hours 367.10.
          The following airmen were posted from the Squadron to the Command Support Unit
at Buckeburg:-
                    576607 Snr. Tech. Washington, L         1922735 Cpl. Baxter, M.H.
                    4011041 Cpl. Cunningham, E.               4124068 L.A.C. Adams, K.
                    2703502 Jnr. Tech. Ashen, M.                4140838 S.A.C. Bromley, E.
                    4138049 L.A.C. Dale, D.                          4119086 S.A.C. Hodgson, R.
                    4075114 ACL. Jellis, R.                           4081650 L.A.C. Moorecombe, R.
                    4133104 L.A.C. Ottewell, D.                    3515742 L.A.C. Pooley, R.
                    4139267 L.A.C. Riley, D.                          4124913 L.A.C. Slater, A.
                    4135723 L.A.C. Wright, L.

                                                          Summary for Month
          The Squadron started to "run down" this month.   Five aircraft were allotted
away and all but one have been flown out by the Ferry Wing.   Two officer pilots
and fifteen N.C.O's and airmen have been posted to the C.S.U. Buckeburg and left
the Squadron on the 4th of the month.
          Apart from normal training the Squadron sent a team to Fassberg to take part
in an Air Weapons Demonstration for the C. in C. 2nd A.T.A.F. Air Marshal Sir
Harry Broadhurst, K.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O., D.F.C., A.F.C., and the Chief of Air Staff
of the Italian Air Force His Excellency General Rafaelli.   In addition the
Squadron participated in exercise "Sky High" Bomber Command's annual exercise.
          The two days spent moving and settling into the new hangar and accommodation
together with the little flying done by the five aircraft at Fassberg cost the
Squadron at least 100 hours flying.
                                                                             Compiling Officer     C. Boyack      Fg.Off.
                   P.W.Gilpin       D.F.C..  Sqn. Ldr.
          Officer Commanding
          No. 4 Squadron
          Royal Air Force Jever
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