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F540 Operations Record Book June 1958 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1June1958.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events.                         COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. R. RIMINGTON_________ References
June 1958          Operational
          The month was quite successful for air-firing, with the score steadily
increasing daily.   The squadron average started at 18% and at the end of the
detachment had risen to 22.9%.   Flight Lieutenant J. Whittam scored the highest number
of hits yet recorded on Swift aircraft with 93 hits out of 100 rounds fired.
     There were 365 effective shoots fired over the detachment giving an average of 20
effective shoots per pilot.
     During the detachment Fg. Off. B. Lavander had total hydraulic failure during an
air-firing sortie; on returning to base the cloud base rapidly lowered to 200 ft. and
the G.C.A. was calibrated on the other runway.   However, despite being in manual
control and unable to obtain any flap he managed to land successfully and for this was
awarded a Green Endorsement by the Air Officer Commanding.
      Flight Lieutenant J. R. Green this month performed low level aerobatics at two
Air Displays in a Swift aircraft.   The first was given at the German Air Force Base
at Landsberg near Munich for a German Air Force Open Day on Sunday 22nd June.
     The second was at Le Bourget, Paris , on Sunday, 29th June.   Flight Lieutenant
D.C. Gathercole
also spent a pleasant week-end in Paris by taking the spare aircraft
for the Display, and a small ground crew party also travelled there by Anson.   The
Display was primarily an International Parachuting competition, with a relief of
1½ hrs flying during the interval.

                                                                                                        signed C. A. WADE Sqn Cdr

     The Squadron returned to Jever on the 25th June to resume normal reconnaissance
training.   During the month the Officer Commanding 'B' Flight, Flight Lieutenant
R.J. Bannard
was posted back to England and was dined out by the Squadron pilots at

                                               Total Hours Swift       256.05              Grand Total  285.35
                                               Total Hours Vampire   29.30              Total Sorties     507

                                                                                                 signed CA Wade
                                                                                                 ( C. A. WADE )
                                                                                                 Squadron Leader,
                                                                                                 Officer Commanding,
9th July 1958                                                                         No.2. (A.C. ) Squadron
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