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F540 Operations Record Book July 1958 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1July1958.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events.                         COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. R. RIMINGTON_________ References
          The month has been spent on very intensive reconnaissance training, mainly in
preparation for exercise Royal Flush.   The Full House exercises were held with a view
to choosing the pilots who will represent the Squadron and finally 2nd Allied Tactical
Air Force in the annual competition.
     Two detachments took place during the month, - the first being to Odiham,England,
for an Army Exercise.   Two aircraft and four pilots were detached and also six airmen
who were transported by Beverley aircraft of Transport Command.
2sqnpic180.jpg, 7202 bytes

Blackburn Beverley used for the 2 Sqn detachment to Odiham in July 1958.
(Thanks to Jack Goldthorpe.)

     The second detachment was an exchange with the Danish Air Force for twelve
days.   Again two aircraft and six airmen were detached - to Karup,
Denmark.     This detachment was invaluable training for all personnel, since a total of
over fifty hours was flown over unfamiliar country, and a great deal was learnt socially
from and about the Danes themselves.
     An exercise "Guest" was held on Thursday 24th July.   This was flown successfully with
a total of sixteen sorties at a greater rate than targets were being supplied.
     A practice Battle Call was organised at the unearthly hour of 05.20 on Monday 28th
July and the Squadron excelled itself by having one aircraft airborne at 05.50 - 30
minutes after the alarm was sounded.
     The Squadron was visited by a group of Cadets of the Combined Cadet Force on 21st
July.    They were given a lecture on the role of the Squadron by Flight Lieutenant A.
and later shown the aircraft and equipment.
     Three members of the Squadron were posted back to England after completing a tour.
They were Flight Lieutenant M.A. Kelly, L.A. Boyer and Lieutenant G.S. Hoddinott R.N.
All three were dined-out by the Squadron Officers in Jever Town.   They also took this
opportunity to dine-out Mr. N.V. Banks, the Vickers Armstrong representative, who had
been with the Squadron for two and a half years, and also made him an honorary member
of the Squadron.

                 Total Hours Swift        -        224.35
                 Total Hours Vampire -          29.30
                 Grand Total                 -        226.45
                 Total No. of Sorties             255

                                                                                                 signed CA Wade
                                                                                                 ( C. A. WADE )
                                                                                                 Squadron Leader,
                                                                                                 Officer Commanding No. 2 Squadron
                                                                                                 Royal Air Force, Jever
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