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F540 Operations Record Book May 1952 NO 112 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2588 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                                Fg. Off. KA WILLIAMSON. Refs
R.A.F. SYLT 1/5/52 to 14/5/52         The Sylt attachment continued to run fairly smoothly.   The final average for the
180 Knot flag was not as high as the pilots had hoped, but they vindicated themselves
on the 220 Knot flag averages were  :-
                                                                            180 Knots   7.6 %
                                                                            220 Knots   8.9 %
The Command stoppage rate was in grave danger of being broken, but on the last day,
defective ammunition spoiled the chances of the Squadron.
      On the 12/5/52 Flight Sergeant Ephritikins and Sgt Traffle of the French Air
Force joined the Squadron for a two month attachment.   Sgt Traffle was left at Sylt
to gain more experience in Air to Air firing with No.93 Squadron.
R.A.F. JEVER 15/5/52 to 18/5/52         The squadron returned from Sylt, and set about the task of cleaning and
  19/5/52         The Squadron strength was increased by the arrival of three new pilots,
P/O Dawes, Francis and Jonklass.   All of the new pilots came straight from A.F.S. Valley.
Efforts are being made to fill in the gaps in their training.
  20/5/52         The squadron flew to TWENTHE on an exchange attachment with No. 326 Squadron of
the Royal Netherlands Air Force.   Ground crews and equipment were moved by Dakotas
of the Royal Netherlands Air Force.
  21/5/52 to 22/5/52         The settling down process at Twenthe was continued and with sector recces
and formation flying.
  23/5/52         The Squadron stood by for Battle Flight at Twenthe, but flew only two sorties as
target in the morning and afternoon.
  24/5/52 to 26/5/52         The training of the new pilots continues.  
  27/5/52         The Squadron had hoped to take advantage of the opportunity of using NORDHORN
range to get some much needed practice at rocket and air to ground firing.   Weather was
unfortunately not on our side.
  28/5/52         Further training of the non-operational pilots.  
  29/5/52         The Squadron returned to Jever from Twenthe leaving behind it many new found friends.  
  30/5/52         The station was honoured by a visit from the Secretary of State for Air,
Lord de L'Isle and Dudley, V.C.   After which training continued.
      GENERAL.     The first part of the month saw a successful conclusion to the squadron's
attachment to Sylt.   The results achieved however, leave no room for complacency
and we are looking forward to improving on these scores in November.
      GENERAL.     The last ten days of the month were spent in the happy atmosphere of the
Royal Netherlands Air Force Station TWENTHE.   Although the weather prevented a lot
of flying, the attachment was both enjoyable and valuable.
      DISCIPLINE AND MORALE..     With the many moves that have taken place throughout the
month, the Squadron Personnel have been busier than usual, and morale has consequently improved.
      SPORT..     The squadron moves, while restricting sport has not entirely eliminated it.
While at Twenthe a soccer team took the field against a local 2nd Division side, and did
everything to improve diplomatic relations between Great Britain and Holland by losing
7 - 1 .

Signed Ian D. Bolton                         
(I.D. BOLTON.)                                       
Squadron Leader Commanding.           
N0.   112   Squadron.                            

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