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Video showing G001 clip from Ron Gray's film.   In the opening title is a reference to Fg. Off Dave Clayton who was posted from 4 Sqn to RAE Farnborough.   He hosted Tony Pearce and Ron Gray at the 1955 show and they had a ride in a loaned C117, with Dave as second dickey, along with the Movietone film crew.   Ron was sat in between the tripod legs of their camera, attached to the C117 with a 'monkey line' and got some quite good shots.   In this clip is the Spitfire Memorial presented by Supermarine, in the garden of the Officer's Mess, Farnborough.   Then a flypast by the Airspeed Ambassador and an approach for landing.

Airspeed A.S.57 Ambassador

The Airspeed A.S.57 Ambassador was a twin-engined airliner which entered service with BEA in 1952.   BEA were the only 'first line' customer for this 47-60 seat airliner, and only 20 were built.   The Elizabethan (as it was also known) went on to serve with other operators until 1971, when Dan Air retired the last example.   (Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 1 min 3 secs.

(Thanks to Ron Gray for original film.)
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