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Flying Wing Orders for Headmasters Visit - 11May59

                                                          Serial No. . . . . .16
                                                             Page No . . . . . . .1
                                                             Dated . .7th. May 1959


Order No. 1 - Visit of United Kingdom Schoolmasters 11.5.59 1. A party of 40 schoolmasters from the United Kingdom will visit Royal Air Force Jever on 11th and 12th May, 1959. The programme arranged for them, and the orders necessary to ensure its fulfilment are as follows. 2. TIMING ACTION 11.5.59 16.15 hours Party arrives by Comet. The aircraft is S.A.T.C.O. to be parked in front of No.1 Hangar. O.C. Stn.Flt. The A.O.C. in C., A.O.C. and the Station Commander will meet the party at the aircraft. The visitors are to be taken to the Officers Mess in two coaches, and M.T.O. their luggage unloaded and taken to the Mess by truck. Conducting officers are to M.T.O. be in attendance from Flying Wing in the following numbers: No.2 Squadron - Seven O.C. Sqns. No.4 Squadron - Three No.93 Squadron - Five A.T.C. - Five 16.30 - 17.30 Tea with conducting officers in the ante room, Officers Mess. After tea addresses will be given by the Commander-in-Chief and Station Commander. 17.30 - 19.30 A tour of the airfield will be made by O.C. Sqns. coach, including visits to all squadrons. M.T.O. Squadron Commanders are to receive the visitors at the entrance to their respective hangars. 17.25 Two aircraft of No.4 Squadron are to be O.C. 4 Sqn. on the O.R.P., connected to telescramble points. They are to be scrambled when the visitors arrive. 18.00 Flying is to cease. 19.30 All officers of Flying Wing are to parade in the ante room, Officers Mess, before taking dinner with the guests. Dress is to be No.1 Home Dress. ===================== 12.5.59 08.50 Five aircraft of each squadron, pilots in O.C. Sqns. the cockpits, are to be lined up ready to start up at 0.900 hours. 08.55 The visitors will arrive in two coaches M.T.O. and will leave the coaches on the grass area at the centre of the Squadrons' A.S.P. One of the visitors will be presented with S.A.T.C.O. a Verey pistol and will fire a green Verey light. This is to be the signal for all fifteen aircraft to start up. 3. Flying Programme (a) The Officer Commanding No.2 Squadron is to be responsible for O.C. 2 Sqn. pre-flight briefing, and for the leading of a fly-past to the time table laid out below. (b) Officer Commanding Station Flight is to provide the Chipmunk and one Vampire for take-off at 09.00 hours. The Chipmunk is to be flown by Flying Officer Hook, and the Vampire by an officer to be F/O Hook nominated by O.C. No.2 Sqn. O.C. 2 Sqn. 3. Time Table 09.00 1 Chipmunk takes off F/O Hook 09.00 1 Vampire takes off T.B.D. 09.00 Fly Past aircraft start up 09.08 Wing takes off 09.10-09.12 Chipmunk aerobatics F/O Hook 09.15 Formation fly past (Squadrons in vic, aircraft in vic) 09.16 Additional Swift takes off F/L Rimington 09.17-09.20 Vampire aerobatics T.B.D. 09.22 Formation fly past (squadrons close line astern, aircraft in vic) 09.24-09.27 Swift aerobatics F/L Rimington 09.29 Formation runs in for landing (squadrons long line astern, aircraft in appropriate echelon) 09.33 Last aircraft of formation lands 09.35 Land Vampire T.B.D. 09.36 Land Swift F/L Rimington 09.37 Land Chipmunk F/O Hook 09.35 Operation turn round of first two aircraft of No.93 Squadron (1 R.A.F., 1 R.D.A.F.) 09.45 Turned round aircraft taxy out with new pilots. 09.45-09.55 The visitors emplane in the Comet, which Comet Pilot is to be pre-positioned at the western end of No.2 Squadron's dispersal. 09.55 Comet's doors close 10.00 Comet takes off 5. Bad Weather Programme Should bad weather prevent flying, No.2 Squadron is to run a O.C. 4 Sqn. synthetic exercise 'Full House.' Hunter Squadrons are to run a O.C. 4 Sqn. synthetic defence exercise in conjunction with Wing Operations. S.I.O. O.C. 93 Sqn. Wing Ops. Off. 6. The visitors will be sub-divided between the three squadrons and O.C. Sqns. will arrive at 09.00 hours and stay till 09.45 hours. (N. E. BOWEN) Wing Commander, Officer Commanding Flying Wing Royal Air Force Jever Distribution List O.C. Flying Wing O.C. Tech. Wing O.C. No.2 Squadron O.C. No.4 Squadron O.C. No.93 Squadron O.C. Station Flight O.C. No.2 M.F.P.S. Station Adjutant S.A.T.C.O. S.E.O. S.M.O. Wing Operations Officer Hunter Simulator Met. Office Fire Section M.T.O. S.R.O. Clerk Refuelling Flight Sec. 'P' Officer (P.L. Office) Ground Defence Officer Senior Acct. Officer Rectifications (No.1 Hangar)
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