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Video showing Fairey Gannet of the Federal German Navy in the Static Display and During a Flypast Open Day 6Jun59.

Fairey Gannet:

The Fairey Gannet prototype first flew on 19September 1949, and the aircraft was ordered into production as the Gannet AS.1, its first operational squadron, No. 826, forming in January 1945.   The 170th production AS.1 received a more powerful Double Mamba 101 engine and became the Gannet AS.4, this variant equipping the Royal Navy's ASW squadrons until 1960, when it began to be replaced by ASW helicopters.   The Gannet was also supplied to the Federal German Navy and to Indonesia.   The Mks T2 and T4 were trainers.   The last version of the Gannet was the AEW.3 early warning aircraft, which equipped four flights of No 849 Squadron.
Gannet AS.4: Crew 3; Powerplant: one 3,035 hp Armstrong Siddeley Double Mamba 101 coupled turboprop; Performance: Max speed 299 mph; Range 943 miles; Service ceiling 25,000ft.   Dimensions: wingspan 54ft 4in, length 43ft, height 13ft 8in.   Weight: 22,506lb loaded.   Armament: 2,000lb of torpedoes, mines, depth charges etc.   Thanks to "The Encyclopedia of Aircraft" by Robert Jackson).

There is no sound with this clip.   This clip runs for 20 secs.

(Thanks to Wilf Zucht for original film.)
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