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Applying for Copies of Record of Service.
Aviation Art from Chris Stone.
Information on Vampires in the RAF from Roger Lindsay.
Colour Photograph of a 93 Squadron Hunter with Yellow Wing Tips from Gunter Kipp.
Information on RAF Aerobatic Teams from David Watkins.
Information on RAF Germany Swift FR Mk. 5 and its Pilots from Thomas Newdick.
Information on Ejections and Manual Bail-outs from Mike Bennett.
Appeal for Help with 118 Sqn Helicopter Activities from Guy Warner.
Appeal for Help to Find John McGill from Master Sergeant Jessica Cordes GAF.
Appeal for Information on 4 Sqn and 118 Sqn Spitfire P7505 from Anthony Hodge.
Appeal for Help to Find Canon R. G. Ball and Jim Ayling from Pastoor Culpeck.
Appeal for friends of Peter Ahern 1 Wing 11 Air Formation Signals from Mike Ahern.
Appeal for any info on RAF Rostrup 1954 to 1955 from Mick Hughes.
Appeal for Information on Lightning Stories and Pictures - also TSR2 from Tim McLelland.
Appeal for Information on 118 Sqn Mustangs from Andy Thomas.
Appeal for Information about Warrant Officer Bobby Bunting, WWII pilot with 93 Sqn from Mike McLean.
Appeal for Information on Vampires in the RAF from David Watkins.
Appeal for Information on Occupants of RAF Married Quarters in Englischer Weg #1 from Eve Tatum.
Appeal for Help to Find Bennie Bent from Monika Zucht, daughter of Wilf Zucht.
Appeal for Stories from those who trained at RAF Worksop.
Aerobatic Team Accidents - Appeal for Information from David Watkins.
Identify Hunter FR10 2 Sqn photo - Appeal for Information from Kai Choi.
Seagry Memorial to two 118 WWII Spitfire pilots - Appeal to those interested.
Appeal to Relatives of WWII Pilots Donald Evans and Melvin Draper.
Appeal for Contact with Johhny Spencer - Jever 1947.
Appeal for Information about John Farley 4 Sqn - 20May58 to 14Nov60.

Applying for Copies of Record of Service.

Thanks to Alison Fleming, (nee Hugill), Jim Hugill's daughter who has
found out how to apply for Records of Service of RAF Personnel.
On the web at,
download a form (Subject Access Request SAR), fill it in and send it to:
RAF Disclosures Room 220, Trenchard Hall, RAF Cranwell, Sleaford,
Lincolnshire, Ng34 0HB.

The site says:
Service records Requests from former Service personnel. Where do I send my SAR form? What about records in the public domain? Access to personal data held by the MOD may be sought for many reasons, including: Proof of Service in HM Armed Forces Medical reasons Family history or research Requests from former Service personnel Requests from former Service personnel for his/her personal data held by the Ministry of Defence are processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998; such requests are called Subject Access Requests (SAR). A SAR must be made in writing and must be accompanied by proof of identity (e.g. a copy of a passport or recent utilities bill), and sufficient information to locate the data sought. To assist the search, your letter should include as much information as possible eg: Service Number, Rank, Full Name, Date of Birth and period served (dates from and to). Requests for data for ex-Army personnel must also include the Regiment or Corps. A full copy of the record can be requested however, original documents, discharge papers/books cannot be replaced. The MOD will also provide extracts from service records. Once all the necessary information has been received, your request will be processed and you should receive a reply within 40 calendar days. To download the SAR form, please click here. (On the web site). For service records of non-UK personnel please click here. (On the web site). Where do I send my SAR form? Personnel records are stored at archives and repositories throughout the UK. Additionally there are also Subject Access Request Co-ordinators for each Service. You must send the completed SAR form to the relevant address. Click any of the links below to access the postal address you require. On the web site). What about records in the public domain? The following personnel Service records have been transferred to the National Archive (formerly the Public Record Office) at Kew and are available for public access. Royal Navy Officers commissioned prior to 1914 Royal Navy Ratings who enlisted prior to 1924 and First World War records for the Women's Royal Naval Service Royal Marine Officers commissioned prior to 1926 Royal Marine Other Ranks that enlisted prior to 1926 Army Officers commissioned prior to 1920 Army Other Ranks that enlisted prior to 1920 Royal Air Force Officers that served prior to 1922 Royal Air Force Airmen that served prior to 1924 Service records which pre-date those held by the MOD have been transferred to the National Archive and are freely available for public access. However the National Archives is not resourced to carry out searches. Enquirers are instead welcome to visit, or hire an independent researcher see the National Archive website for further details.
Click to see an example of a record of service.
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Aviation Art

93sqnpic025.jpg, 222156 bytes

Gunnery Camp

93sqnpic232.jpg, 21745 bytes

Battle Flight Scramble

93sqnpic233.jpg, 14268 bytes

Jever Hunters

                These are examples of the excellent work done by the artist Chris Stone, Ex No 93 Squadron.
                He accepts commissions for works.  His contact details are:

                Air Commodore R D C Stone AFC (Retd),
                Virginia 22901,
                For Contact:

		        Tel: 01732-743745
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                                  Information on Vampires in the RAF

 	Roger Lindsay, co-author of the book "Hunters in RAF Germany", would like some help 
 	with his next project.  This is a book on the de Havilland Vampire and he would be 
 	delighted to hear from ex-Vampire operators, aircrew or groundcrew.
 	His contact details are:
 	Mr Roger Lindsay,
 	7 North Meadow,
 	Hutton Rudby,
 	North Yorkshire,
 	Ts15 0LD
 	Tel No: 01642-1233
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                  Colour Photograph of a 93 Squadron Hunter with Yellow Wing Tips

	Gunter Kipp, co-author of the book "Hunters in RAF Germany", has asked for some help.
	He urgently needs a colour photograph of a 93 Squadron Hunter F.6 with the wing tips 
	painted yellow.  This yellow paint was added to make the wing tips stand out better 
	in the cine camera film.  It was important to be able to measure the distance from 
	wing tip to wing tip in the film as this was the way that opening and closing ranges 
	were measured by the assessing PAI when scoring the cine film from a shoot.

	Apparently 26 Squadron Hunters at Gutersloh also had the yellow wing tips but Gunter
	particularly wants one of a 93 Squadron aircraft.  I suspect that this paint change
	from white to yellow only occurred during about the last year of service in Germany,
	i.e. 1959-60.
	If you have such a shot, please contact Gunter as follows:
		Hr. Gunter Kipp,
		Im Obstgarten 18a
		D27798 Hude

		Tel: 00-49-4408-970683
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                                                     Information on RAF Aerobatic Teams

	David Watkins is writing a book about RAF Aerobatic Teams.   David has been very
	helpful to me with the Jever site and I have promised to advertise his need in return.
	He says the following:
"I was at the National Archives last week and had a look at 93 Squadron's
Form 540 with regard the Sabre period.   I could find no
reference to any major display but did find a mention of various local shows
on 24 June 1955 for the local press, C-in-C's parade on 16 September 1955,
and demonstration on 11 November 1955 for the benefit of HMS Diamond at Wilhelmshaven.
There must have been more that the compiler failed to include in the 540?
Thank you also for offering to place my request for information on various
display teams on the JSL's Bulletin Board.   As well as the
various Sylt teams, there must have been guys based at Jever who had, or went
on to fly with, other teams.   Therefore, no matter how small or
insignificant they may seem to them, I dearly like to talk to anybody who was
a member of such a team, including helicopters, at an FTS, OCU, etc". If you have information, please contact David as follows: Mr David Watkins, 20 Oaktree Drive Barnstable N. Devon Ex32 OHE Tel: 01271-322034 E-mail: (Click for Index.)

                            Information on RAF Germany Swift FR Mk. 5 and its Pilots

	Thomas Newdick, a freelance military journalist based in Hamburg, is currently
	researching for one or more articles about the Swift and its pilots in RAF Germany.
	In his e-mail he says the following:
"I am currently researching one or more articles on the subject of the service career of the RAF's Swift FR. Mk 5 in Germany, and its pilots. Ultimately, I foresee the preparation of a well-illustrated, 'from the cockpit' type feature for potential publication in both British and German editions, and detailing both the basic reconnaissance mission of the time, and the pilot's memories of this sometimes controversial aircraft.   For this reason I am keen to establish contact with any former Swift FR. Mk 5 aircrew, and I would be very grateful if you would permit me to post a message on your notice board that may be seen by (in this case, ex- No. 2 Squadron) personnel interested in discussing the subject with me."
If you would like to help Thomas with this research, please contact him as follows: Hr Thomas Newdick, Militdr-/ Luftfahrt journalist, Germany Schedestrasse 7 Hamburg 20251 Germany E-mail: Telephone (0049) 040 86684447 Mobile (0049) 01625 832919 (Click for Index.)

                               Information on Ejections and Manual Bail-outs

	Mike Bennett runs a web site devoted to ejections and manual bail-outs
	all over the world.   It is well worth a visit.
	Link to Project Get Out and Walk Web Site.   He says the following:
"I maintain the site to chronicle ALL known ejections worldwide, successful and not, and make every effort to reach the actual ejectees or their families for permission to add extra information such as a photograph of the pilot or crew who ejected. Could I please ask you if it would be possible to: 1. Have permission to add a link to your website from my website; [I have said yes and added a link on our site] 2. Request that you put a request out to your members in the hope of receiving information; [I have added it to our Latest information and added this notice to our noticeboard. The only one I can recall is Sam D'Arcy and I have given Mike his contact details. I am sure there are more!] 3. If I come across a photo of a known ejectee on your site to use it on my website with full acknowledgement; [Subject to me being able to check where I obtained the photograph from and if there might be copyright restrictions.] I am unable to obtain any details from Martin-Baker due to the fact that all information is now covered by the Data Protection Act and they cannot even verify known facts."
If you would like to help Mike with his web site, please contact him as follows: Mr Mike Bennett, Project Get Out and Walk E-mail: (Click for Index.)

Appeal for Help with 118 Sqn Helicopter Activities
Guy Warner, an aviation historian and author living in Northern Ireland, would be very keen to hear
from anyone who flew Sycamores from Aldergrove in the late 1950s and early 1960s with Numbers 275, 228 and
118 Squadrons. He is researching a book about the use of Support Helicopters in Northern Ireland from the
1950s until the end of Operation Banner in 2007. As the Sycamore was the first SH in NI, the procedures adopted,
the lessons learned, memories, anecdotes and photographs would be of great interest in telling the early part
of the story.
Guy may be contacted via e-mail at or by letter to: 4 Farm Lodge Way, Greenisland, Co Antrim Bt38 8YA or telephone: 02890862843
Here are some background details
Date of Birth: 25.12.55 Place of Birth: Belfast
Married with two daughters. Occupation: retired schoolteacher and aviation author
I have had a life long interest in aviation and am a committee member of the Ulster Aviation Society. I am a regular contributor to the Society's journal, the Ulster Airmail, and have had several books published.
In the Heart of the City - the History of Belfast's City Airport 1938-98, Adleader Publications, Belfast 1998. (Proceeds to Ulster Aviation Society) Flying From Malone - Belfast's First Civil Aerodrome, Colourpoint Books, Newtownards 2000. (Proceeds to Ulster Aviation Society) Belfast International Airport - Aviation at Aldergrove since 1918, Colourpoint Books, Newtownards 2001. The History of No.72 Squadron RAF, Ministry of Defence, High Wycombe 2002. (proceeds to RAF Benevolent Fund) Blandford to Baghdad - the Story of No.72 Squadron's First CO, Ulster Aviation Society, Belfast 2002 (Proceeds to Ulster Aviation Society) The Westland Wessex 1963-2003, 40 Years of RAF Service, Ministry of Defence, High Wycombe 2003 Army Aviation in Ulster, Colourpoint Books, Newtownards 2004 (Proceeds to AAC Benevolent Fund and Museum of Army Flight) No.230 Squadron Royal Air Force, Kita chair jauh - We search far, Colourpoint Books, Newtownards 2004 (proceeds to RAF Benevolent Fund) From 1FTS to No.72(R) Squadron, Ministry of Defence, High Wycombe 2005 Airships over the North Channel - Royal Naval Air Service Airships in Ulster during the First World War, Ulster Aviation Society, Belfast 2005 (Proceeds to Ulster Aviation Society) Orkney By Air - A photographic journey through time, Kea Publishing, Erskine 2005 Flying from Derry. Eglinton and the story of Naval Aviation in Northern Ireland, Ulster Aviation Society, Belfast 2007 (Proceeds to Ulster Aviation Society and the Fly Navy Heritage Trust)
I am also a member of the Aviation Society of Ireland, Air Britain, the RAF Historical Society and the 230 Squadron Association. I have also written for Aviation Ireland, the Irish Air Letter, Flying in Ireland, Air Britain Digest, Air International, Air Pictorial, Army Air Corps Journal, Aviation News, Aircraft Illustrated, Aeroplane, Air Enthusiast, Airways, Airliner World, Citylife, Flypast, History Ireland, Due North, Inland Waterways News, Aero Club Como News, Spirit of the Air, Swift Reply, 230 Squadron Association Newsletter, The Aldergrove Gazette and the Northern Ireland Travel News. As well as writing about aviation, I have taken part in several radio broadcasts on the subject, particularly Love Forty on Radio Ulster.
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Appeal for Help to Find John McGill
I have had a request from our friends at GAF Jever to see if we can re-establish contact with a John McGill.
He was born 8Feb35 and was a flight mechanic working at RAF Jever up until 1958.

He has served in Malta and his last address was Edinburgh.

Master Sergeant Jessica Cordes would like to contact him.   So John if you are reading this, or someone who
knows John can draw his attention to it, please contact me at:

01732-743745 or or

Mick Ryan,
Far End
Chipstead Lane
Tn13 2RG
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Appeal for Information on 4 Sqn and 118 Sqn Spitfire P7505

118 Squadron. Spitfire MK 2.    P7505 NK-T.        14th Feb to the 6th May 1941.
  4 Squadron. Spitfire PR X111. P7505.             30th Dec 1943 to 28th March 1945.

     Anthony B Hodge, an aviation historian, is seeking information in connection with Spitfire P7505, any
squadron details from February 14th 1941 to the 6th of May 1941 when P705 was apparently used by 118 squadron.
He has asked me do we have any squadron activity records of that period, or pilots logbook notes, or pictures, 
or know of anyone he could contact?   I have asked Ken Goodwin but he has no records and I have drawn his 
attention to our history of 118 Sqn.   However, there is nothing there that is that detailed - 
so if anyone has anymore details please contact Anthony at:


THE RAF Aircraft Movement Records for Spitfire P7505

     P7505 a Supermarine Spitfire Mk IIA was manufactured in the Castle Bromwich factory in the West Midlands,
and was number 132 off the production line.   It was transferred to no. 8 Maintenance Unit on  October 10th 1940,
and then, just at that critical time during the final stage of the Battle of Britain, P7505 was delivered to
66 Squadron on October 21st.
On November 12th P7505 received Category 'C2' damage due to enemy action. After repairs were made the Spitfire was then handed over to 91 Squadron on February 14th 1941. On May 6th, 118 Squadron took the plane over with the code number NK - T.
On July 31st, the plane was handed over to 403 Squadron.   On August 4th, 54 Squadron took the plane over. Spitfire P7505 was handed back to 403 Squadron on August 25th.
On August 30th P7505 had a Flying Accident resulting in Category 'B' damage.   On September 2nd the plane was sent away to be repaired and converted to a Spitfire Mk VA, fitted with a Merlin 45 engine, at Air Service Training Ltd, Hamble.   It was then returned to 54 Squadron on March 1st 1942.
133 Squadron had P7505 from March 10th. Then 601 Squadron took the plane over on April 10th, (but may actually have been used by 421 Squadron instead). Afterwards 164 Squadron used P7505 from May 20th. On August 17th the Spitfire had a Category 'A' Flying Accident.   On September 10th, 602 Squadron took over the plane until September 22nd when P7505 was flown to Scottish Aviation Ltd for a Major Inspection and overhaul.
On October 21st P7505 was flown to Philips and Powis Ltd for a fuel system modification. On January 25th 1943 the Spitfire was then transferred to Heston Aircraft ltd for a major conversion into a PR. XIII Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire, and was fitted with a Merlin 32 engine.   Approximately nine months later, on December 30th 1943, P7505 was delivered to 4 Squadron for Photo Reconnaissance training duties. Spitfire P7505 is recorded being at no 6 Maintenance Unit on March 31st 1944. and was struck off charge on March 28th 1945. (Click for Index.)

Appeal for Help to Find Canon R. G. Ball and Jim Ayling
Dear Sir, I am trying to get in touch with members of my Masonic Lodge the STAR OF SAXONY LODGE No 853.
which was consecrated at Hanger No 1 at RAF Jever on the 22nd March 1958, as we will be celebrating our 
50th Anniversary on Saturday the 22nd March 2008.   I noticed on your Web Site under
Jever Steam Laundry that Canon R.G. Ball and James Ayling are known to you and would very much appreciate
if you could help me in contacting them, I know that these Gentlemen will be very senior in age and hope
that the are still with us.   My name is Tom W.H. Culpeck Pastoor PeuteStraat 16 6045BN
Roermond, Holland I was stationed at RAF Wildenrath on 88 Squadron from March 1959 to August 1961.
Should you be able to assist I would be very thankful to you.   Yours sincerely. T.W.H. Culpeck

Would anyone who know of the whereabouts of these shareholders please contact Pastoor Culpeck at:

or at:
PeuteStraat 16,
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We have received the following e-mail asking for old friends of Peter Ahern:

"Hi Mick,

I am trying to find former colleagues/acquaintances of my father. He was a member of 1 Wing, 11 Air Formation 
based at the Station from 1955 to 1957. Name Peter Ahern (nicknames Pongo and Ernie).  Wife is Freda and when 
they lived Signals and  there they had two sons, Michael and Peter.

I saw your site, found it very informative and just wondered if it might be able to assist.


Mike Ahern"

Please reply to:
(Click for Index.)

Appeal for any info on RAF Rostrup 1954 to 1955

I wonder if your members or viewers have photos or memorabilia of Rostrup in Germany.   My father(now deceased) was a
doctor and squadron leader there in 1954 and 55 where I was born.   I would greatly appreciate any feed back

Please reply to: 

Mick Hughes
Business Development Consultant
Mobile 00-61-400186773
Phone 00 618 9530 2767 
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Tim McLelland's Appeal for Information on Lightning Stories and Pictures - also TSR2

I now have the Lightning book to do for Ian Allan, so if you spot any pictures or anyone who might
have the odd anecdote etc., do please point them in my direction.   Ian Allan are
also keen to do a book on the TSR2.   I've told them repeatedly that there's nothing
new to be said on the subject but it seems that one of their directors has a fetish for the subject,
and basically they're definitely doing the book, so if I don't do it, then somebody else will, so
we're negotiating the project at present, although it looks like it'll go ahead.

If you would like to assist Tim with either of these projects, please contact him direct using his email address:
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Andy Thomas's Appeal for Information on 118 Sqn Mustangs.

Andy wrote our excellent history of 118 Sqn and generously allowed us to put it up on our web site,
he writes: I am just embarking on a project about RAF Mustangs and am looking for some photo material
 - and some 'gen'.
Specifically, I am trying to find: 
    1.    a decent photo of K C M 'Mike' Giddings. 
    2.    any decent pics showing No 118's Mustangs showing the 'NK' code letters. 
    3.    can any former pilots give me any of the serial numbers for 'NK-V' or 'NK-Z'. The later was
    flown by Giddings when he damaged an Me 262. 
    4.    Can anyone recall the names of the pilots that escorted Trenchard to Luneburg on 2 May 45?
    The flight was led by Paddy Harbison - but who were the others?

If you would like to assist Andy with either of these projects, please contact him direct using his email address: (Click for Index.)

Mike McLean's Appeal for Information about Warrant Officer Bobby Bunting, WWII pilot with 93 Sqn.

     I am an amateur historian and an RAF/RCAF memorabilia collector.   I am currently
authenticating a uniform that is reputed to have belonged to Warrant Officer
Bobby Bunting.   He flew with No. 93 squadron RAF over North Africa, Malta and Italy.
I bought the jacket from a friend of mine who purchased it from the Bunting Family,
and they claim he wore it to the No. 93 Squadron Reunion in the 60's.   Would you happen
to have any photos of the reunion?   I found your website on No. 93, and thought that this
might be a starting point.

If you can assist Mike with any information, please contact him direct using his
email address:

Web Master says:"I would also be keen to obtain copies of any photos taken at the reunion.
I was on the Squadron at that time but cannot remember attending.
We have no photos or records.   Click to see a photo of the invitation.
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Appeal for Information on Vampires in the RAF
by David Watkins.
     David Watkins says: "I decided that I wanted to do something different with the Vampire book as the original dwelled on the development, testing and its use with foreign air forces.   This left little space for its service with the RAF squadrons and I thought that I would re-write the manuscript to include more of its time in Germany, MEAF, etc. What I would like is to speak to anyone who flew the Vampire, either on an operational squadron or FTS, and contribute something about the aircraft or unit which would appeal to the reader."

If you can assist David with any contributions, please contact him direct using his email address:

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Appeal for Information on Occupants of RAF Married Quarters in Englischer Weg #1
from Eve Tatum.
     Eve Tatum writes: "I was born in Jever in 1948 and remember all so well about the RAF days, the airshows our father took us too and many, many other stories.   My parents house is situated right across the married O.Q. on Englischer Weg #1.   My grandfather built this home after he returned from WW1. 2 sisters and I were born in this home.   My mother was a Red Cross Nurse and my father a sailor on a U Boat (Submarine) during WW2.        While you were earning your wings I was infatuated with the after war effects. I wish I could remember the family that occupied the O.Q. in the '50's early '60's because they had children my age and I had my crash course for the English language.

     There were many children whom we used to play with.   My mother actually worked at the cinema on the Upjever Base in a part-time ticket taking position. Her name is Anneliese.   Her best friend, Edith also part-time employed there ended up marrying the Manager of the Cinema, his name was Les Gardner.   You may remember?!

     I was always called Evie by everyone, my full name Evelin and a younger sister Doris. Our last name was Stoppe! I will look for helpful items.   One name sticks in my mind......Richard, possibly 7 or 8 years old then.   His father was the CO and they lived in the big, detached house on Schulstrasse across from the Boys Elementary School.

     My husband is a retired US Army Soldier who spend his career in the Aviation field as a Aircraft Mech. on Hueys, Blackhawks, 58's or Kiowa's as well as Apaches and a prototype Comanche.   I do realize that fixed wings and rotary blades are not the same but there is the common camaraderie

     For now I feel as though I am part of your re-unions due to the fact that all those wonderful pics I have viewed so far are all about me and my life.   Just about everything in your site has a connection in some way.   I'm living in Texas now, but visit my mother every year.

Eve Tatum 272 County Rd 3364 Kempner, TX 76539 USA"

If you can assist Eve with any contributions, please contact her direct using her email address:

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Appeal for Help to Find Bennie Bent.
from Monika Zucht, daughter of Wilf Zucht.
     Monika writes: I am a photographer too, working for a German newsmagazin,called Der Spiegel, located in Hamburg. It was in the 50s when Benny (as we called him) Bent was a family friend, I was a school girl then and once spent my summer holidays with the Bent family in Gorleston-on-sea, Great Yarmouth where they lived.

     After I left Jever in 1966 I lost sight of them, but maybe with your help I may be able to re-establish contact.

     Any information please send to: monika_zucht@SPIEGEL.DE

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Appeal for Stories from those who trained at RAF Worksop.
from Dave Cook.
     Dave Cook writes: "I'm currently developing a website in memorial of RAF Worksop and I'm trying to collate personal stories from those who served there. If any of your members who learnt there could get in touch I'd be most grateful. I'm after information such as why they joined the RAF, what they thought of the airbase, what they did at Worksop, what was training/flying/living there like, photos, log book details and anything else they'd like to put. The website is at and the e-mail address is "

Aerobatic Team Accidents - Appeal for Information
from David Watkins.
     David is updating his book on RAF Aerobatic Teams and would like some help about the following accidents, [Please contact him at ]:

No.1 Squadron:   In April 1950, tragedy struck when the squadron's four-ship entry for the 11 Group aerobatic team competition was withdrawn after its leader, Flt Lt Pete Speller, was killed whilst rehearsing for the final elimination contest at Tangmere; rammed from behind by his Number 4 during a formation loop, the tail of Spellers Meteor was sliced off and the wreckage fell to the ground in front of a crowd of horrified spectators.

No.56 Squadron:   The month of March 1950 was entirely devoted to various forms of aerobatic flying in preparation for the 11 Group formation aerobatic competition at RAF Thorney Island in May.   On 29 March the squadron's four-ship display team suffered a tragic mishap when Flt Lt Constable-Maxwell was killed when his Meteor (VW277) got into difficulties during a formation sortie and crashed on the mud flats off Thorney Island.   With little time to train a replacement to the required standard, the team reluctantly withdrew from the competition.

No.63 Squadron:   By December 1950, the squadron began to re-equip with Meteor F.8s and its team of four Meteors continued to give occasional displays until the following September, when two aircraft (WB106 and WE869) were involved in a tragic mid-air collision during the Battle of Britain celebrations at Waterbeach; one of the pilots, Fg Off Robin Pavey was unfortunately killed, whilst Fg Off L J B Smith managed to eject after losing the tail of his Meteor.   The accident brought an end to any further formation display flying on the squadron.

No.5 FTS:   On 15 October 1959, tragedy struck when two Vampire T.11s of the 'Hot Box' team collided during a display for a passing-out parade at Oakington.   One of the Vampires (WZ495) crashed at Elmsworth, Cambs, killing Flt Sgt H W Gibson AFM, while the other aircraft (XE897) flown by Flt Sgt R G Gregory was able to return to base and subsequently struck off charge.

No.8 FTS:   By 1961 the school's team was flying Vampire trainers and on 24 March 1961 it suffered a tragic accident when two of its aircraft collided during a formation loop at the graduation parade of No.139 Pilot Course at RAF Swinderby.   One of the pilots, Flt Lt M T Chapman was unfortunately killed when his Vampire (XE944) crashed in a field near Swinderby, while Sqn Ldr L A Boyer was able to safely eject before his aircraft (WZ513) came down near Binbrook, south of Grimsby.   Despite the temporary set-back, an improvised display team appeared at that year's Battle of Britain shows at Aldergrove and Finningley later in the year.

Identify Hunter FR10 2 Sqn photo - Appeal for Information from Kai Choi.
                    2sqnhunterfr10.jpg, 26157 bytes

Kai writes: "I have attached here the photo of the 2 Sqn Hunter FR.10 and I am trying to establish where it was taken.   I have been informed that it could well have been at Gutersloh.   My aim is to produce a painting based on that setting.
Regards, Kai Choi - 07973 128241 - Godalming Surrey."

Please send any ideas to Kai at:

Seagry Memorial to two 118 WWII Spitfire pilots
Appeal to those interested.
     We have received the following information and appeal to those interested about a memorial that is being erected to two WWII 118 Sqn Spitfire pilots.   Martin Painter writes: "I live in Seagry near Chippenham in Wiltshire and the village is planning to construct and dedicate a memorial to two 118 Sqn Spitfire pilots, John Brewster and Harold Williams later this summer.   The flying accident happened over Seagry Wiltshire on Sunday 6th April 1941 and involved Spitfires X4822 and X4826.   In researching the fatal accident, I have made contact with John Wheelwright who is John Brewster's nephew and we have exchanged documents and information.   I decided to contact you to see if you knew if any of those original pilots or ground view were still alive and secondly to enquire if members of 118 Squadron would be interested in being kept informed of the project and possible attending the dedication which we expect around 7th to 14th of September 2014.
Kind regards, Martin, Martin Painter, 01249 721187, 07766 336767, Please reply to:

Appeal to Relatives of WWII Pilots Donald Evans and
Melvin Draper.
     Mr S A Heygate has asked for the following information:
"I am writing a book about a WWII pilot who trained with Donald Evans and Melvyn Draper. I would like to contact any relatives from would like to have copies of letters written by them to David. I would like to include these in the book."
For anyone who can help please contact Mr Heygate at:

Appeal for Contact with Johhny Spencer - Jever 1947.
     On 4Mar17 Karin Meuller wrote:

     I'm from Germany and live close to Jever.   I'm looking for Mr. John (Johnny) Spencer.   He was the father of my friend Ingrid.   Her father was stationed at Jever in 1947.   My friend is searching for any news of him.   She was born in April 1947.

     Her father could not marry her mother because marriage was not allowed between a British man and a German woman at that time.   She has only 2 pictures of her father:

     He had to leave Jever a few months later after her birth and was posted to Egypt.

    Her Dad had a sister, that is all what she knows about his family.   On 19Dec89 and 15Dec90 she received two Christmas postcards from him but without any return address.   The postmarks were from Paddington MLO and London WL.   He was born between 1923 and 1927, before he joined the Air Force he was an mechanic.

     Is there a chance of finding him?   He said he was still thinking about them, (her and her Mum), and he must have been interested to have sent the cards after all that time.   Maybe there is a grave, or stepsisters and brothers.   Or maybe you could give us anything about him.

Best regards
Karin Mueller

     If anyone can help please contact Karin at:

Appeal for Information about John Farley 4 Sqn - 20May58 to 14Nov60.
"I have been asked to give a tribute at the Brooklands memorial service for John Farley, the well known Harrier test pilot, who was on IV Sqn at Jever in 1958-1960 and was a Jet Provost QFI at Cranwell around 1961-1962. Others will describe his time as a TP but my responsibility is to cover his short career in the RAF as a fighter pilot in Germany and as a QFI at Cranwell so I would be most grateful if those who knew John could contact me with relevant stories and anecdotes about the man and his motivation to me at: Thank you, Jock Heron 12Aug2018"

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