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History of Jever Airfield - German Air Force 1962 to 2005

    Gunter Kipp has very kindly given me the following information:
    After the RAF had handed over the airfield to the new Luftwaffe in December 1961
the first unit to move in was Flugabwehr Raketen Bataillon 26 (SAM missile
battalion), equipped with the NIKE HERCULES system.

    In 1964 it was Waffenschule 10 (OCU) that became the first Luftwaffe flying unit after
the second World War, to be based at Jever.  It had previously been equipped with
Canadair Sabre 5s and 6s at the former RAF base at Oldenburg.  Its main task at Jever
was the "Europeanisation" of the F-104 Starfighter crews after they had finished their
"fair weather" conversion to this aircraft in the US and before moving on to the
operational units in Germany.
    In 1967 another unit, namely the Luftwaffenwerft 62 (MU), started to join Waffenschule
10 after leaving the former RAF airfield at Sylt.  This unit was responsible for the
maintenance of various Luftwaffe types and is presently mainly involved in the major
servicing of F-4F Phantoms.  It is expected that it will continue in this role at least for
another five years until all Phantom wings will have converted to the Eurofighter

    In 1973 Flugabwehr Raketen Bataillon 26 left the airfield to move to nearby

    From 1979 to 1989 Jever was permanent host to the Tactical Leadership Programme
of NATO.  Its main task was to integrate the different approaches of NATO air forces
in terms of aircraft and tactics used, with the mid to long term objective of achieving
common structures and tactics.

    1983 saw the introduction of the Tornado fighter-bomber and the phasing out of the
Starfighter.   The unit was renamed from Waffenschule 10 to Jagdbombergeschwader 38
(Fighter-bomber wing) and in 1988 the name "Friesland" was added as an expression of
the close connection of the wing with that part of Northern Germany.  Apart from
the Europeanisation of Tornado crews the wing had a secondary operational role.
In 1999 one of the wing's two squadrons was transferred to Holloman air base in
the US leaving the remaining squadron at Jever with the training role only.  This
task will be taken over by the operational Tornado wings once Jagdbombergeschwader 38
is finally disbanded in August 2005.

    Thus flying activities at Jever have almost come to an end after some 70 years.
The little flying that is left for the time being will be test flights of 
F-4F Phantoms by the MU.

8th June 2005