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Last "Phantom" has been clearly marked
Hand over.   No. 21 Maintenance Unit full of self-confidence.   Will celebrate 50 years of existence in 2013
Top - Proud civilian and service personnel in front of the last serviced F-4F Phantom in the new paint finish which clearly refers to the town of Schortens (GAF Jever).   Left/right - At a parade held yesterday to celebrate the occasion, Lieutenant Colonel Ralf Holtz looked back with satisfaction on 45 years of flight safety.   Addressing his personnel, the CO of 21 Maintenance Unit asked them to muster up courage for the changes to come.
21 MU was originally formed at GAF Sylt in 1963 and was then responsible for the servicing of the F-86 Sabre and later the RF-84 Thunderstreak.   With the introduction of the F-104 Starfighter a move to GAF Jever was made in 1967.   With the introduction of the Phantom into the GAF in 1973 - 1975, all the acceptance inspections on the 175 F-4Fs were carried out by the MU at Jever.   The above aircraft is the 361st. and the last of the in-depth servicing carried out on the Phantoms.   The dismantling and recovery of high value spare parts from surplus Tornado aircraft, which commenced in 2005, will continue into the year 2014.

The 2011 anounced defence cuts and the planned effects on GAF Jever/Wittmund.
GAF Jever
All GAF Regiment personal will in future be concentrated at Jever.   This will increase the station strength to around 2050.   21 MU is marked for disbandment in 2015.   The present personel strength will be reduced to around 220.
GAF Wittmund
Wittmund will become the 4th Eurofighter Wing in the GAF, with the first EFs arriving in mid 2013.   The build-up to a complete wing should be reached before the year 2025.   Last Phantom operations are planned for mid 2013.   (Thanks to Maurice Parker.)
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