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Calling Notice for 2Jan65 & Minutes of Annual General Meeting 4Jan64.


                                                          Flt. Lt. Hunwick
                                                             Secretary  JSL
                                                                (UK Branch)
                                                              RAF College

JSL| Report of the Directors (UK Branch) 25th November 1964 | To be presented at the Ninth Annual General Meeting.

Dear Shareholders, The Annual General Meeting of the Jever Steam Laundry (UK Branch) will be held at Dirty Dick's, Liverpool St. London, England on Saturday 2nd January 1965 at opening time. Your Secretary will preside and he wishes to make the following statements: I shall present to you on the above mentioned date time a statement of the accounts, and attempt to justify the fantastic deficit. Last years meeting was again only sparsely attended (22) by Service Sales Representatives, and it is hoped that very many more will pull theirs out this year and attend In the meantime your Secretary is pleased to report that annual fallout production, aided by the not inconsiderable Chinese contributions (Bodger's tour as Rep in Hong Kong), has grown apace., and they are now straining for even greater efforts in the future. Dingleberries production has been hindered somewhat by the reorganisation of this section and by the problems encountered in introducing our new and much familiar product - stuffed dingleberries. (Check in the Jever Riding Club). Finally, an extraordinary meeting was held at Dickie Barraclough's Brewery at which it was decided to advertise our "Fall Out" convention in the "RAF News" and "Flight" magazines. Welcoming you to a "steaming" evening. PHHunwick P.S. An up to date list of addresses of members would be welcome - please send yours and any others you may know. "VICE IS NICE" (STAFF IN CONFIDENCE)

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