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Letter concerning Elspeth the Pig Mascot from the pilots of 98 Sqn to the Station Commander
Gp Capt Tom Prickett - 6May55.   It reads as follows:
1. We note that there are on this station canine cat chasers which would turn from this very interesting sport to one of producing cold pork from a plump pet pig.
2. However we are not unduly worried, as Elspeth's score so far is one G.S.O. Alsatian, one G.S.O., and several annoying centepedes.
3. There have been suggestions that Elspeth should be domiciled with the station pigs, but we would like to make it clear that we do not wish on any account Elspeth to mix with ordinary pigs.   This could lead to illicit love making, ordinary swill eating and general degradation of her otherwise chaste self.
4. We have two places in mind for her residence at R.A.F. JEVER :-
(A) Near where we live,
(B) near where we work.
     As (A) is near where you live we feel that you may disapprove.   We have however erected a temporary site there to cope with her immediate needs on arrival, but await your approval of the location of her permanent address.
5. We enclose the "Pig Rules" for your perusal but since they were drafted we have become very attached to her and the word 'killed' is not now mentioned.   (See next photo.)
6. Elspeth had nomadic tendencies but as a member of a Tactical Air Force we feel that this characteristic should not be discouraged.   Perhaps at a later date she may be allowed out with a young gentleman pig, but his eligibility will have to be decided by her guardians, but in any case that will not be for a few months.   Signed B D Conway for Pilots No. 98 Squadron.

BIMBO'S REMARKS! (Gp. Capt. T. O. Prickett):
O.K. Definitely 4(B) & I am prepared to match Canine Cat Chasers against her anytime.
(Thanks to Jim Robinson.)
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