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F540 Operations Record Book May 1955 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                              COMPILING OFFICER Fg.Off. G.A.C. GRAY REF TO APPENDICES
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MAY 1955.      
JEVER 2nd   Strong winds across runway persisted throughout the day prevented any flying.  
JEVER 3rd   The V.C.A.S. Sir RONALD IVELAW-CHAPMAN visited the station and inspected the Squadron
in the morning. Little flying.
JEVER 4th   Poor weather conditions all morning. 21 Hunters from D.F.L.S. came in on a training
exercise.   Among the pilots was Flt. Lt. Severne.
JEVER 5th 7th   High wind persisted across the runway and this coupled with poor visibility reduced
the chances of flying considerably.   On the 6th the weather improved for a period and
a high rate of serviceability enabled the pilots on the squadron to continue with the
Hunter conversion exercises.
JEVER 9th 12th   Continuous flying on conversion exercises.   On the 9th the remaining pilots from
FASSBERG rejoined the squadron at JEVER.
JEVER 13th   Strong crosswinds were again experienced and only two details were flown before all
flying was stopped.
JEVER 16th   Violent hail storms kept the total number of flights down to eight.   The aircraft which
did fly suffered some damage to the finish and in particular to the radar nosepiece.
It was found that even at fairly low speeds if heavy rain was experienced during the
flight the aircraft finish tended to suffer.
JEVER 17th&18th   Winds at approaching gale force and low cloud at 700 ft. precluded any chance of
flying.   An Avon engine was inspected by members of the squadron and the working parts
explained by the Rolls Royce Representative.   Advantage was taken of the impossible
flying weather to qualify some of the pilots for daily servicing of the Hunter.
JEVER 19th 20th   Fine weather.   Intensive flying carried out on both days.   All pilots have now soloed
on the Hunter.   A number of close formation trips were carried out, largely experimental
in nature, to determine formation positions.   Some battle formation was also tried and
the aircraft performance in this role at high level was found to be very reasonable
JEVER 23rd   A.C.M. Sir BASIL EMBRY paid a short informal visit to the squadron.   An approaching
front brought flying to a halt at 1530 hours.
JEVER 24th 25th   Fine weather.   Routine flying.  
JEVER 26th   Sqn. Ldr. SMITH-CARINGTON, Flt. Lt. SEVERNE, Fg. Off. BRUNGER and Fg. Off. HIRST
carried out a close formation practise in preparation for a forthcoming demonstration
at R.A.F. FASSBERG for students of the Imperial Defence College.   Some experimental
cine exercises were carried out to determine method of attack etc.   When flying ceased
the squadron stood down for the Whitsun Grant.
JEVER 31st   Serviceability rate was down slightly which limited flying.   A further practise for the
demonstration was carried out; also some cross country flights.
During the month the squadron flew 192.25 hours on 244 sorties.
Fg. Off. P.B. MAILLARD was detached to R.A.F. LECONFIELD on a P.A.I. Course on the 9th
Fg. Offs, HUGHES, SANDERSON, BYWATER, SAWYER and GRAY, rejoined the squadron
from FASSBERG on the 9th.
Flt. Lt. SEVERNE A.F.C. rejoined the squadron on completion of the Day Fighter
Leaders Course at R.A.F. WEST RAYNHAM on the 10th.
Fg. Off. D. SAWYER was detached to attend an engine handling course run by Rolls Royce
Ltd on the 13th.
                                                         FLYING TIMES.
                                 Total hours on type    (day)                      171.25 HUNTER    5.20 VENOM.
                                 Total hours on type  (night)                      NIL
                                 Total hours on training types  (night)       15.40
                                 Instrument Flying (Actual)                          17.00
                                 Instrument Flying (Simulated)                    1.25

                                                       SQUADRON STRENGTH AS AT 31st. MAY, 1955.                                                        Officers                                 18
                                                       S.N.C.O.'s                              8
                                                       Corporals                            15
                                                       Airmen                                 52
                                                       Total                                    93

                                                                                                  Signed JH Smith Carington
                                                                                                     J.H. Smith-Carington.
                                                                                                     Squadron         Leader,
                                                                                                     Officer   Commanding,
                                                                                                     No.    98      Squadron.
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