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F540 Operations Record Book August 1955 NO 98 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2640 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
Place Date Time Summary of Events                                      Compilation Officer:   Flying Officer G.A.C. Gray REFS TO APPENDICES
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AUGUST 1955        
JEVER     Weather conditions throughout the month were in general good.   However, the Squadron,
especially at the beginning of this period, was still beset by numerous serviceability
problems and this limited flying on occasions to some slight extent.
JEVER 3rd -5th    Normal flying with the accent on cine exercises.   Results show that all members of
the Squadron need considerable practice in this phase of training.  Nevertheless the
difficulties are being ironed out and some promising films are evidence of improvement.
JEVER 6th -10th    Practice GCAs were carried out by most pilots during this period, for the first time
in Hunter aircraft.   All reported the Hunter to be remarkably easy and pleasant to fly
under the required conditions.   High level interceptions both with and without the help
of a GCI station were carried out extensively and with considerable success.
JEVER-WILDENWRATH 11th      Flying Officer W.E.P. OSTROM flew a Hunter to WILDENWRATH to see how the aircraft
fitted into the special atom shelters erected there.   No trouble was encountered.
JEVER 12th -18th    Routine flying continued throughout, including high and low level battle formations,
cine, dog fights, individual aerobatics and manual flying practices.
JEVER 19th      Weather very poor.   Only one detail and this was recalled owing to deteriorating
conditions.   The tyre tread on the aircraft stripped on take off and fractured the
hydraulic line to the brakes.   This was not apparent to the pilot until he landed and
applied the brakes.   The aircraft ran a short distance into the overshoot area but no
further damage was caused.
JEVER 20th      No flying.   All Hunter aircraft were grounded for an S.T.I. on the ejection seat.  
JEVER 22nd      Temperatures at height were very low and on one high level detail a Hunter, flown
by Captain LAMPELL, flamed out during a high 'g' turn.   However, a successful relight
was obtained without trouble.
JEVER 23rd -25th    Flying Officer G.A.G. GRAY flew a Vampire T.11 to the United Kingdom and returned
with Group Captain T.O. PRICKETT through WILDENWRATH.
JEVER 26th -27th    During these two days the Squadron took part in Exercise "1000".   This was an inter-
sector exercise between the Belgian and Netherlands sectors under the control of
No. 69 Group.   2nd T.A.F. provided raider forces during the last phase of the exercise.
At no time was a successful interception made on any aircraft of this Squadron.   This
was possibly in some measure to our superior speed.
JEVER-LYNHAM 26th -27th    Two aircraft were ferried to LYNHAM and exchanged for two fully modified Hunters.
It is hoped that in the future all the Hunters will be replaced by fully modified
versions.   The modifications include provision of a full power elevator, D.M.E., Green
, and a number of special modifications on the armament side.
JEVER-LYNHAM 29th -31st    Flying was curtailed during the first part of these days by ground mist which
generally cleared by mid-mornings.
    During the month the Squadron flew 275 hours 25 minutes on 353 details.
    Flying Office P.J. HIRST was detached to R.A.F. Hospital WEGBERG for period 11th -
14th to attend a medical board.
    Flying Officer O.P. SANDERSON was detached to R.A.F. Hospital ROSTROP for period
12th - 18th with a fractured leg, sustained on the football field.
    Flight Lieutenant J. de M. SEVERNE, A.F.C., assumed command of the Squadron vice
Squadron Leader J.H. SMITH-CARINGTON, A.F.C. on leave.
    Flying Officers K. WILLIAMS and B.D. CONWAY were repatriated to the United Kingdom
for release from the Royal Air Force.
    Flight Lieutenant J. de M. SEVERNE, A.F.C., attended an I.R.E. refresher course for
period 23rd - 26th at WUNSTORF, and during this he qualified for a Master Green
Instrument Rating.

    Flying Officer T.J.D. HUGHES was detached to R.A.F. WEGBERG for period 23rd - 26th
for a medical board.
   Flying Officer P.B. MAILLARD was detached to R.A.F. WEGBERG for period 29th - 31st for a medical board.
Total hours on operational types (day)............................   260.00
Total hours on operational types (night).........................         NIL
Total hours on training types.............................................     15.05
Instrument flying (actual)....................................................     15.40
Instrument flying (simulated).............................................     00.55
                          Officers                 S.N.C.O.                   Corporals             Airmen           Total
                              17                               9                                   15                      47                  88


Signed J. DE M. SEVERNE              
(J. DE M. SEVERNE)       
Flight Lieutenant              
Officer Commanding,      
No. 98 Squadron              

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