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93 Sqn Linebook No. 2 - Page 61 This Battle Flight Nause - continued.   Operations Board in about Jan58 as Bob Bingham did not arrive until 9Jan58 according to the F540.   The board lists all the pilots, their Instrument Ratings, their current location and the flying program for the day.   Starting at the top: CO Paddy Minnis, presumably Master Green; A Flt Cdr Bob Bingham, Green; Taff Taylor, Green;
Sam Newington, Green; Thommy Thomson, Green; Dai Rastell, Green, Sick; Robbie Lynn, Green;
Mike Hawkins, Green; John Cummins, Green, Drunk!; John Lakeman, Green, IRE; Dave Gleen, White; B Flt Cdr Tony Carver, Green; Geoff Timms, Green; Stanford Howard, Green; Guy Harries, Green; Pat King, Green, Sgts Mess; Jim Bradley, Green, Sick; Pete Raburn, Green; Gordon Talbot, White, P.R.S. and
Joe Parker, Green.   (Thanks to RAF Museum.)
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