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93 Sqn Linebook No. 2 - Page 54 The Lyons Saga.   Caption to top picture: "The aeros team waiting for the weather.   On arrival it rained all the time and the cockpits filled with water."   Middle left picture: Who ever is bending over the table is clearly indicating "I reckon we can have two bottles each."   Caption to the middle right picture: "Well we'll start up on Echo, over to EX-SHRAY..."
Ken Goodwin, 118 Sqn is indicated in the middle left and bottom picture with the caption:
"Ken Goodwin, (Not a member of 93 but he agrees that JEVER PILS helps him to pull that EXTRA 'G'".)
Ken accompanied the 93 Sqn aeros team as the official 2 ATAF solo aerobatics display pilot and he was famous for "inverted" performances during his routine.   (Thanks to RAF Museum.)
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