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Shugg pushing a fire extinguisher - notice the sunshine at Casaux - 18-25Aug58.   The Hunter F.6 is from 4 Sqn and the aircraft in the background is a French Air Force Sud-Ouest SO.4050 Vautour light bomber (see below).   (Thanks to Bill Webb.)

Sud-Ouest SO.4050 Vautour
Designed from the start to carry out three tasks - all-weather interception, close support and high-altitude bombing - the Sud Ouest SO.4050 Vautour (Vulture) first flew on 16Oct52.   Two production versions were ordered, the Vautour IIB light bomber and the IIN all-weather interceptor.   The first of 70 Vautour IINs entered service in 1956 with the 6e Escadre de Chasse, followed by EC 30 in the following year, while the first of the 40 Vautour IIBs entered service in Dec57 with 1/92 'Bourgogne' and 2/92 'Aquataine' at Bordeaux.   The final version of the Vautour was the IIBR, a bomber-reconnaissance variant.   The close-support version of the Vautour, the IIA, was not used by the French Air Force, but 20 examples were supplied to Israel, together with four IINs, and saw action in the Six-Day War of 1967.   Specifications apply to the Vautour IIB:

Crew: 2; Powerplant: two 3,500 kg (7,716 lb) thrust SNECMA Atar 101E-3 turbojet engines. Performance: max speed 1,102 km/hr (685 mph); range 2,575 km (1,600 miles); service ceiling: 15,000 m (49,200 ft). Dimensions: wingspan 15.11 m (51 ft 11 in); length 15.84 m (49 ft 7 in); height 4.95 m (16 ft 2 in). weight: 20,700 kg (45,635 lbs) loaded. Armament: 2,400 kg (5,300 lb) of bombs.   (Thanks to the Encyclopedia of Aircraft edited by Robert Jackson).
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