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F540 Operations Record Book September 1960
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE             DATE TIME        SUMMARY OF EVENTS                         COMPILING OFFICER. Flt.Lt. J.T. HALL
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			        Squadron training this month consisted of the customary low level strikes, 
			    including army support exercises at Haustenbeck on 12th September, 1960;  
			    combat versus Hunter aircraft at our own end and other Squadrons as well as 
			    German F. 86s; cine weave and cine quarter exercises; H.S.I.'s followed by "pull-up" 
			    attacks where the fighter flies immediately under the bomber, 3,000 feet below it, 
			    and pulls up aiming to pass through the line astern position at a range of 200 to 300 yards.  
			    Operationally this range would of course have to be increased.
			         Exercise Flashback, the major N.A.T.O. exercise of the year, took place from 20.45A
			    on 12.9.60 until 16.00A on 23.9.60.  The Squadron was on state at 05.30 on 21.9.60 and
			    our first pair was scrambled ten minutes later.   This, the first flying day of the
		       	    exercise from the day fighters' point of view, was spent by the Squadron in the defensive
			    role: 34 sorties were flown, and nineteen aircraft were claimed, until, at 17.00, Jever
			    was declared black by the D.S.   Th following two days were spent in the offensive role,
			    flying fours along specified routes as targets for those fighters which were lucky
			    enough still to be in the exercise.
			        The Squadron was on battle flight from 6.9.60 until 12.9.60.  During this period
			    there were altogether four scrambles, two of which were to retrieve U.S.A.F. B. 57s
			    which had "wandered" east.
			         Some night flying sorties were carried out during September.


Sorties flown:- 93 Hours flown :- 93.20


Day Night Total Sorties Hunter F.6. 317.20 9.20 326.40 326 Hunter T.7. 44.55 4.00 48.55 45  Total 326.15 13.20 375.35 37
II.  Administration

     On Monday, 19th September, No. 4 Squadron ceased to be amalgamated with No. 93 Squadron, and returned to its own Squadron buildings.  It remained, however, under the command of No. 93 Squadron's Commanding Officer until 26th September, 1960.

     Friday 30th September was declared a free day on the grounds of our having reached the monthly flying target and the hard work which had been put in during exercise Flashback.

III.  Personal

     Flight Lieutenant R.D. Stone, the 'A' Flight Commander, led the R.A.F. Germany gunnery team which came second in the 3rd Aircent air firing competition at Casaux French Air Force base, thus receiving on behalf of the team the U.S.A.F.E. cup from General Challe, Commander A.A.F.C.E.

     Flight Lieutenant P.B. Hine, the 'B' Flight Commander, left the Squadron on 26th September to take up his post of Station Adjutant, R.A.F. Jever.   Flt.Lt. J.T. Hall took over as O.C. 'B' Flight w.e.f. 27th September, 1960.

IV.  General & Social

     A very successful Squadron reunion was held in the Victory Club, London, on Saturday, 10th September. 10 officers and two airmen flew over from the Squadron to attend.

Signature O Bergh                
(M.O. Bergh)                       
Squadron Leader                  
Officer Commanding              
No. 93 Squadron.