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F540 Operations Record Book November 1960
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE                DATE TIME         SUMMARY OF EVENTS                 COMPILING OFFICER. Fg. Off. B.J. Tonkinson
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Royal Air Force,   November, 1960; OPERATIONS.
      Owing to bad weather there was no flying on the first of two days of the month. On 3rd November news that the squadron would be going to A.P.S. Sylt to take part in the Duncan Trophy changed the training emphasis from High/Low strikes to operational ciné. Between 4th and 9th November operational cine took first priority. Flt. Lt. Stone gave dual instruction in the T.7 on ciné weave technique. Scores improved but not sufficiently for the coming detachment.

Monday 14th.  Four pairs off at 5 minute intervals landing at Sylt after ciné weave on route.

Tuesday 15th.  Low cloud, poor visibility all day, no flying.

Wednesday 16th.  Air to air ciné on the Flag at 25,000 feet.

Thursday 17th.  Air to air ciné and live, firing average for the first day - 34.7%.

Friday 18th.  Flying during the morning, cloud prevented take offs during the afternoon sections of three aircraft on operational ciné.

Monday 21st.  No flying, low cloud and poor visibility.

Tuesday 22nd.  Weather cleared in the afternoon for long enough to allow 3 sections to do operational ciné.

Wednesday 23rd.  Occasional outbursts of flying during periods when the weather lifted to the minima.

Thursday 24th.  Air to air firing in pairs during the first half of the day. A strong cross wind and heavy rain prevented take offs after mid-day.

Friday 25th.  Strong cross winds and a wet runway, only 93 Squadron operating, pairs Air to Air.

Saturday 26th.  Three flags during the morning.

Monday 28th.  10.30 hours start. Good range conditions all day. Pairs on Air to Air at 30 minutes intervals.

Tuesday 29th.  The first full day's flying during the attachment.   Air to air at 25,000 feet.

Wednesday 30th.  Low cloud and poor visibility, no flying.

Hours Flown.
  Day Night Total Sorties
               Hunter 6 203.10 00.50 204.00 270
               Hunter T.7    53.15 Nil    53.15     62
               Total 256.25 00.50 257.15 332

Gunnery Air to Air
Rounds Countable. Total.
  2651 2844
        Hits    903  
        Sqn. Average         34.1  
        Duncan Average         36.6  
        Unavoidable stoppages: 1 in 1422.  
        Avoidable stoppages:         Nil.  
Operational Ciné.

        Sqn. Average

        Duncan Average 90.6  
      During the second week of November the Squadron groundcrew worked hard on the aircraft weapons systems.   Harmonisation and radar ranging were on top line by Thursday 10th.   The squadron moved to A.P.S. Sylt on Monday 14th to take part in the Duncan Trophy.   Groundcrews and aircraft equipment made the move by Beverley aircraft and road transport.

     Flt. Lt. Sneddon and Fg. Off. Crane have been attached to the squadron until the end of the year to give them some flying experience.   Flt. Lt. Hardie has also joined the squadron prior to a move to No. 79 Squadron.


     10th November.   The squadron took part in Rugby, Soccer and Hockey matches versus crew members from H.M.S. DELIGHT - lying at Wilhelmshaven.   Drinking, versus the ship's officers, took place during the evening.

     19th November.   The squadron played the List German Naval Training School at Soccer.   We lost 5 - 2.

     On Sunday 27th, a combined 95 and 5 Squadron team defeated the Sylt station team at Rugby 12 points to 6.

Signature O Bergh                 
(M.O. Bergh)                        
Squadron Leader                   
Officer Commanding               
No. 93 Squadron.                  
Royal Air Force, JEVER.