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F540 Operations Record Book June 1960
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE             DATE TIME        SUMMARY OF EVENTS                         COMPILING OFFICER. Flt. Lt. J.T. Hall
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R.A.F. JEVER June 1960     1. OPERATIONS   Squadron training continued normally during the month of June. Exercises completed included cine weave, cine quarters, both normal and co-ordinated; broadcast control and from 14-16h June, both precision and operational air to ground firing at Strohen range.   During the last two weeks of the month it had been intended to carry out high-low strikes at a greater range than the Squadron is normally used to.   To this end nearly all aircraft were fitted with four 100 gallon drop tanks on 21st June   After one week's flying however, all low level training was temporarily suspended until the danger of bird strikes was over.   During the week's long range flying all pilots had explored low level area three, and most had carried out low level rendez-vous cross-countries.
     Two Round Robin exercises were flown during the month: one to Deelen, in Holland, and one to Zweibrucken in south-west Germany.   High level close control exercises took place on 22nd and 23rd June, the former in co-operation with the Dutch Battle Flight, who were scrambled on to our six aircraft flying westwards from Hamburg: the latter an exercise against bombers.      The C.F.E. examining team stayed at the station on 8th and 9th June and flew with most squadron pilots on standardisation checks.   They afterwards examined the pilots in ground subjects.      Flt. Lt. R.D. Stone led the Squadron in diamond formation around the Command on 3rd June to celebrate the forthcoming Whitsun grant.

Aircraft Day Night Sorties
                       Hunter F. 6. 341.10 -- 312   
                       Hunter T. 7.   31.20 -- 44
    Precision Operational
   Air to Ground:    Rounds fired: 2158        587
     Hits:    637        103
     Monthly average:         29.5              17.5
     Stoppages:         Nil              Nil
11. ADMINISTRATION   The Whitsun grant took place from mid-day on 3rd June until
beginning of work on 8th June, 1960.
     On 17th June the Squadron moved to its war dispersal on the N.E. side of the
airfield.   The southern half of the airfield including the taxiway, Squadron A.S.P.'s
and Squadron buildings is out of bounds whilst the concrete is being repaired.   This
work is estimated to take six weeks.
111. PERSONNEL   Flt. Lt. P.B. Hine returned from England on 16th June having passed
out first on the D.F.C.S. course with an assessment as a fighter combat leader of A.2.
     Flt. Lt. T.A.K. Wood and Fg. Off. B.J. Tonkinson were interviewed by permanent
commission boards at Gutersloh on 14th and 15th June.
     Fg. Off. Tonkinson attended the simulator course at Jever.
1V. HONOURS AND AWARDS     Flt. Lt. P.B. Hine was awarded the Queen's commendation for Valuable Services in the Air in the Birthday Honours List. V. GENERAL AND SOCIAL     Two Squadron events were held in June: the first, on 19th, was a Squadron outing for all personnel, their wives, friends and children to the Frisian Island of Spiekeroog.   On 25th Jun the Officers and S.N.C.O.'s challenged the Airmen to a cricket match.   The latter won.

signed PB Hine (P.B.HINE) Flight Lieutenant Officer Commanding No 93 Squadron.