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F540 Operations Record Book August 1960
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2803 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71
PLACE             DATE TIME        SUMMARY OF EVENTS                         COMPILING OFFICER. Flt. Lt. J.T. Hall
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R.A.F. Jever     August, 1960             1. OPERATIONS.

     During August, No. 93 Squadron was joined by No. 4 Squadron, as the latter's aircraft and groundcrew had been placed at the disposal of the R.A.F's air gunnery team, at present training at Sylt.   [Click to see details.]   The two squadrons worked together as one, under the command of the Commanding Officer of No. 93 Squadron.

     Training during the month consisted of battle formation, combat, ciné weave and cine quarters and low level strikes.  Four air to ground gunnery sorties only were flown during the month, these being live strikes on Strohen range.

     On Thursday, 23rd August, six members of the Squadron were detached to 1/2 Escadron de Chasse, Dijon under the command of the 'B' Flight Commander, Flight Lieutenant P.B. Hine.   Other members were: Flight Lieutenant B. Butterworth, Flight Lieutenant M.A.F. Ryan, Flight Lieutenant V. Ventham, Fg. Off. T.M. Ashwood and Flying Officer C.R. Lamont. The detachment, which was highly successful, lasted until 31st August.   During this time the Squadron worked closely with the French, practising attacks on bombers escorted by Mystere fighters, low level recces and low level strikes.   For the first two days of the detachment, the pilots carried out their own turn rounds on their four aircraft, as the groundcrew's Beverley had failed to arrive.

     Two air exercises were held during the month, viz:   Exercise AMLED on 26th August and Exercise CO-OP on 30th August.   This latter exercise was disappointing for its lack of targets.   9 kills were claimed by the Squadron, and one damaged.

Hours Flown.
  Day Night Total Sorties
               Hunter F. 6. 347.35 4.00 351.35 342
               Hunter T. 7.   37.15    .55   38.10   40
                            Total  384.50  4.55  389.45  382
Included in the above are 86.55 hours and 85 sorties flown at Dijon.


Effective rounds fired on operational attack        - 480
Hits                                                             -  54
Monthly percentage, operational shoots             - 11.25%


On August 9th the Squadron returned to its permanent building on the S.W. side of the airfield, having spent the last two months in its N.E. war dispersal whilst the southern taxiway was being repaired. The August bank holiday grant took place on Monday, 1st August. A detachment of six pilots and one air traffic control officer from No. 2 Wing at Dijon spent nine days with the Squadron from 23rd August, whilst our pilots were attached to Dijon.


The 'A' Flight Commander, Flight Lieutenant R.D. Stone spent the month at Sylt practising for the Aircent Gunnery Competition to be held in September. He has been chosen to lead the R.A.F. team.


The customary barrel of beer was consumed at the end of the month to mark the Squadron's reaching the target. Mrs. Stone, wife of Flight Lieutenant R.D. Stone, and Mrs. Fahey, wife of Flying Officer D. Fahey, gave birth to babies during August; Mrs. Stone a girl and Mrs. Fahey a boy.

Signature O Bergh                
(M.O. Bergh)                       
Squadron Leader,                 
O.C. No. 93 Squadron.