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F540 Operations Record Book September 1957 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS           COMPILING OFFICER   __Flying Officer P.F. Hunwick.___ Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER 2.9.57      All morning was spent in servicing the aircraft and reharmonisation after the A.P.S.
Sylt detachment.  At 12.30 hours the Squadron took over Battle Flight, one pair at 5
minutes readiness were kept on the ground all day.  One Battle Flight sortie only was
                                           SORTIES  1                HOURS   .50
  3.9.57      The first full day of Battle Flight, with two aircraft at 5 minutes on the ground,
and the remaining pair flying.  Another factor affecting serviceability is the fact
that aircraft have to be taken off the line, in order to fit two 100 gallon drop tanks
on the inboard position, in readiness for the forthcoming Autumn Exercise.
     Two aircraft have been fitted up to date and test flown - these tanks now give quite
an additional range and normal trips are now in the order of 1 hour 15 minutes each.
Battle Flight operating under G.C.I. control brought back reports of interceptions on
a varied selection of targets, including Sabres, Canberras and Thunderstreaks.
                                    SORTIES  15                HOURS   10:40
  4.9.57      A full working day was decreed for today, though the Battle Flight would be stood
down to two hours.  During the afternoon the aircraft which had already been fitted with
drop tanks were taken up for checks on range and fuel consumption at various
altitudes, so as to have a check on the figures in the Pilots Notes.
                                         SORTIES  15                HOURS   13:05
  5.9.57      Bad weather prevented any flying before 10.00 hours then normal Battle Flight
procedure was carried out throughout the day.  Work is still in progress in fitting tanks
to the aircraft, but it is taking rather longer than was estimated at first.
                               SORTIES  12        HOURS   10:10
  6.9.57      Still having some trouble fitting drop tanks, and Battle Flight is still one pair
with and one pair without, which is rather unfortunate for the pair without, as they
are sat on the ground for rather a long period.  G.C.I. control seems to have improved
lately and reports of good interceptions have been returned, especially by those pairs
with tanks, as they can go further south in search of trade.  Today two new members
of the Squadron, Fg.Off A.F. Brewer and Fg.Off P.F. Hunwick got their conversion flights
on the Mk VI.  Both pilots are ex 118 Squadron.
                                           SORTIES  17                HOURS   15:50
  7.9.57      At last a day with all aircraft with drop tanks.  As there were only three missions
flown during the morning it still constituted a very good mornings flying.  All pilots
are pleased at the way the aircraft handles with the tanks on.
                                               SORTIES  6             HOURS   7:00
  9.9.57      The Squadron did Battle Flight all day, and on some sorties as many as 7 P.I.s were
successfully carried out.  Without 'droppers', 4 P.I.s were considered a good mission.
Also a lot of Sabres and Super Sabres were encountered today because we could
now operate much further south than usual, and still return with fuel to spare.
                                              SORTIES  12             HOURS   12:50
  10.9.57      The last day of Battle Flight.  Although this took preference, we had a spare aircraft
which was used for low flying and local recce in the Schleswig area, in preparation for
exercise 'Brown Jug' next week.
                                             SORTIES  15              HOURS   14:55
  11.9.57      No flying due to the weather.  Continuous rain and low cloud all day.  In the
afternoon the Squadron played Basketball.
                                                     NO SORTIES          NO HOURS
  12.9.57      Continuing bad weather and preparations for Schleswig next week were the
reasons for only two sorties being flown today.  We cleaned aircraft in the morning and
did Squadron jobs all afternoon.
                                SORTIES  2                                              HOURS   1:35
  13.9.57      The groundcrew continued to work upon the aircraft, aiming for ten aircraft for
Monday.  Several pilots visited the G.C.I. and A.C.C. at Brockzetel.  The crewrooms
and Hangar were cleaned in preparation for the 1500 odd American paratroopers who
will be living here whilst we are at Schleswig.  The majority of the Squadron went
down to the Oldenburg Farewell Ball in the evening.
                                   SORTIES  5                                  HOURS   4:05
  14.9.57      Two aircraft were flown to R.A.F. Buckeburg for modification, otherwise there
was no flying today.
                             SORTIES  1                            HOURS   .35
16.9.57      The groundcrew and equipment set out for Schleswigland at 05.00 hours.

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Exercise Brown Jug 4 Sqn Detachment Convoy arriving Schleswig - 16Sep57.  (Thanks Bill Maish)  (Not in original F540).

Nine aircraft left in low cloud and drizzle at 10.00 hours and another went up in the
afternoon.  The first day was spent in making domestic arrangements, and preparing
the camp for what looks like being a wet stay.
4sqnpic058.jpg, 15980 bytes
Exercise Brown Jug 4 Sqn Bill Maish in the Tented Lines Schleswig - 16Sep57.  (Thanks Bill Maish)  (Not in original F540).

                       SORTIES  10                                               HOURS   8.55
  17.9.57      The weather was good and everyone did low level sector recces, crossing over to
Denmark.  This proved to be extremely interesting, as we could recce the area in
which most of our ground targets will be.  This is South of Copenhagen, on the Island of Sjaelland.
                             SORTIES  17                            HOURS   16:35
  18.9.57      Once again we spent the day on sector recces of 'enemy' territory.  Operating
one Squadron of Swifts from Gutersloh and three Venom Squadron's from Wunstorf,
many RT and control problems were ironed out from yesterdays experiences.
                                           SORTIES  22                                   HOURS   20:45
     As a result of outrageous incidents and violations of the border we declared 'war'
on the Blue Forces at 0001 hours.  Throughout the day low cloud and continuous rain
prevented any air effort in support of our troops landing in the North East of Sjaelland.
                                                             NO FLYING
  20.9.57      We spent the whole day carrying out fighter sweeps at high level over Danish
airfields, with the object of engaging and destroying the enemy air force, in order to
gain local air superiority.  A very successful day, and interceptions were made on both
Hunter IVs and F 84Gs of the Danish Air Force.  A party was held in the evening to say
farewell to Flt.Lt. J.M.D. Sutton.
                                   SORTIES  48                                  HOURS   46:55
  21.9.57      Another bright sunny day allowing the tents to dry out a little.  We were now
working on a Flight System.  The Duty Flight takes over at 13,00 hours and flies until
dusk, and then again the following morning from 03.30 until lunchtime.  The off duty
flight can take the opportunity of visiting the local picturesque towns of Schleswig
and Rendsburg.  A very good days flying, all against ground targets including radar
sites, airfields, transportation and ships.
                                  SORTIES  33                                     HOURS   27:40
  22.9.57      Another day on high level sweeps and with the weather marginal we only managed
to get one pair off on the dawn patrol before it clamped completely.  It cleared up again
about midday and we got in some very intensive flying for the rest of the afternoon.  We
said farewell to Fg.Off M.M. Shearer in the normal manner in the bar.
                                       SORTIES  20                                HOURS   21:10
  23.9.57      No early detail, as weather was completely clamped.  Later in the afternoon we
did some ground attack and several high level sweeps.
                                           SORTIES  8                                    HOURS   7:50
  24.9.57      During the morning our troops were flung back by the Blue Forces and we did
ground strikes to cover the retreat.  The 'war' ended at midday with our forces being
driven into the sea.  In the afternoon the Wing did a fly-past in box formation over
Aarhus in Northern Denmark and then turned south flying over Vandel, Skystrup and Flensburg and back to base.
                                           SORTIES  30                            HOURS   32:20
  25.9.57      The whole Squadron was up very early, in order to clear up the domestic site
and get packed.  All twelve aircraft were serviceable and at 08.00 hours they all
started up and took off.  After a very smooth fly past we returned to Jever.
                                       SORTIES  13                    HOURS   10:55
  26.9.57      The groundcrew did not arrive until after lunch and since the aircraft have to be
re-crystallised there was no flying.
                                                     NO FLYING
  27.9.57      Normal syllabus trips were resumed today, flying stopped at midday for the
Station Stand Down until 10.00 hours on Monday.  Fg.Off D.A. Ferguson aborted take
off because of a reversion to Manual, the cause of which is being investigated.
                                          SORTIES  4                           HOURS   4:05
  28.9.57      Fg.Off I. Madelin and Fg.Off Q.M.S. Oswell left for the United Kingdom today.  
  30.9.57      As the long weekend did not finish until 10.00 hours we did not get much flying done
before lunch.  In the afternoon we did general flying and some P.Is we also did some
cine at 25,000 ft, the first since our return from A.P.S. Sylt.
                                    SORTIES  17                    HOURS   15:05
(T.J. MCELHAW)                                                
Squadron Leader,                                             
Officer Commanding,                                       
Number 4 Squadron