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F540 Operations Record Book October 1957 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                             COMPILING OFFICER   __Flying Officer P.F. Hunwick.___ Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER 1.10.57      We carried out our monthly essential exercises, and only syllabus trips were flown
today.  Normal local trips were carried out for night flying.
                                    HOURS DAY  15:55       SORTIES DAY  16
                             HOURS NIGHT    10:20   SORTIES NIGHT  11
  2.10.57      Besides continuation training, a recce was made of the Nordhorn range in preparation for
air to ground firing next week.
                              HOURS  6:25                                  SORTIES  6
  3.10.57      Exercise Argus, which consists of P.I.s onto a bomber stream from the United
Kingdom started the day, several Canberras were successfully intercepted.  Later we
carried on with cine.
                                HOURS  18:20                                SORTIES  17
  4.10.57      After four sorties on Exercise Argus the Squadron continued on normal flying.  A
Station stand - down prevented flying tomorrow.
                              HOURS  22:45                             SORTIES  20
  7.10.57      Normal flying plus some demonstrations on Air to Ground at the Nordhorn range in
a Vampire T.11
                             HOURS  6:45                                SORTIES  6
  8.10.57      Till midday the Squadron had the Battle Flight commitment and because of service -
ability troubles had to borrow two aircraft from 93 Squadron.  These fortunately were
not used.  In the afternoon several practice interceptions sorties were flown.
                              HOURS  9:20                                  SORTIES  13
  9.10.57      A broad expanse of fog covered most of North West Europe today and there was no
flying.  Most officers on the Squadron made use of the morning to catch up on their
various administrative responsibilities.  At 12.00 hrs Fg.Off J.B. Cross, one of our
P.A.I.s gave a general briefing to the whole Squadron on Air to Ground technique with
the Hunter VI and the firing pattern at Nordhorn range.
                                          NIL HOURS                 NIL SORTIES
  10.10.57      The airfield state this morning was Red once more, since fog has shown no
likelihood of clearing.  No flying at all was carried out to - day.  Several pilots were
qualified this morning to carry out daily servicing.
                                          NIL HOURS             NIL SORTIES
  11.10.57      Today the Squadron used the Nordhorn Range for Air to Ground practice, cine only, in
preparation for live firing to-morrow.  The first three sorties were abortive because
of low cloud but, after these, we were able to use the range all day.
                                          HOURS  15:45              SORTIES  16
  12.10.57      The Squadron began to fire Air to Ground with ten live sorties on Nordhorn Range
this morning.  Results achieved however were not impressive at first sight.
                                              HOURS  9:40                   SORTIES  10
  14.10.57      Five syllabus trips were flown today and three "pairs" completed practice inter-
ception and cine quarter attack exercises.  Flt.Lt. Barrey disarmed his aircraft
several miles out to sea.
                                            HOURS  11:05            SORTIES  11
  15.10.57      A slow - moving warm front threatened the activities of Flying Wing this morning.
However in between several cancelled sorties, the Squadron completed seventeen sorties
throughout the day, mainly practice interceptions and cine quarters.  Today FG.OFF
A.J. Bendell
claimed the first West German Air Force aircraft seen in the air, and F86
with the characteristic cross markings.
                              HOURS  19:40                                  SORTIES  11
  16.10.57      Considerable unserviceability with the Squadron's aircraft prevented much flying this
morning.  Several syllabus sorties were flown and some practice interceptions and cine
sorties were also flown.
                                            HOURS  5:45                      SORTIES  6
  17.10.57      The weather was fine today and twenty three sorties were flown.  Two sections of
four became sections of three and the remainder of the sorties were made up of sub -
sections doing practice interceptions and cine quarter attacks.  Night flying was
carried out in fine weather this evening, nine high level cross countries being flown
by the Squadron.
                                     HOURS DAY  24:25         SORTIES DAY  23
                              HOURS NIGHT    10:10     SORTIES NIGHT  9
  18.10.57      Only four syllabus sorties and one air test were flown today due to aircraft
unserviceablity.  Before flying ceased at 15.30 hours, because of bad weather.  Fg.Off
T.M. Jeffrey
had a u/s port brake unit and was unable to turn off the runway.
                                           HOURS  5:50                 SORTIES  5
  19.10.57      There was no flying this morning and each Wing held parades.  There was a fire
demonstration at the Fire Section which was attended by the whole Squadron.  A general
knowledge quiz was provided by Fg.Off T.M. Jeffrey and the past weeks cine films were
checked by our P.A.I. Fg.Off. J.B. Cross.
                                       HOURS NIL                 SORTIES NIL
  21.10.57      We took over Battle Flight again todayfrom R.A.F. Oldenburg, as they were having a Wing fly - past prior to handing over their station to the German Air Force.  The
days flying was purely P.I. on Battle Flight.
                                         HOURS  14:40         SORTIES  14
  22.10.57      Battle Flight and routine flying was carried out all day without incident.
                                   HOURS  18:10             SORTIES  18
  23.10.57      In future Battle Flight is ro be carried out from Dawn to Dusk, with a Battle Pair
at 5 minutes throughout the week.  This started this morning at 06.45 hours.
                              HOURS  6:45                                  SORTIES  8
  24.10.57      During the second Battle Flight sortie, Flying Officer A.R.W. MacNae's aircraft
had a manual reversion and total electrics failure due to the gear box drive shaft
breaking up.  The aircraft made a normal landing.  With two aircraft having to be at
permenantly 5 minutes readiness our flying hours have suffered accordingly.  Flying
Offocer J.A. Bell
who joined the Squadron on Monday from R.A.F. Celle had his first
Hunter trip today.
                                      HOURS  15:55             SORTIES  17
  25.10.57      Weather prevented flying until the afternoon, when one pair did P.I.s on Battle
  The remainder of the Squadron minded its own business, and got on with ground
                              HOURS  1:40                                  SORTIES  2
  26.10.57      Again bad weather prevented flying and a series of lectures were given by Flying
Officer D. Watt
on the Aden Gun and Flying Officer R.E. Daniels a former Squadron
member, who gave us the controllers point of view on G.C.I. controlling.  In the
afternoon and all day Sunday two pairs remained at readiness.
                                 HOURS NIL                                 SORTIES NIL
  28.10.57      A good flying day consisting mainly of syllabus trips, the Squadron celebrating its
release from Battle Flight and P.I.s with Aeros and Boom runs etc.
                                 HOURS  19:55                  SORTIES  19
  29.10.57      Low cloud and continuous rain prevented flying.  In the afternoon the pilots played
basket ball against Number 93 Squadron, which by terrific effort we just managed to
                                 HOURS NIL                                 SORTIES NIL
  30.10.57      Weather still bad, and no flying took place in the morning and so a sports afternoon
for the whole Squadron.
                                    HOURS NIL                 SORTIES NIL
  31.10.57      At 06.00 hours the Station received an Alert, and six aircraft were ready within
50 minutes of the siren being sounded.  The weather however was completely clamped.
Althouigh one pair did get airborne later in the morning
                                    HOURS  2:40                    SORTIES  2
      C.J. Barrey                                                               
for (T.J. MCELHAW)                                                
Squadron Leader                                             
Officer Commanding,                                       
Number 4 Squadron