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F540 Operations Record Book November 1958 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                             COMPILING OFFICER   __Flt. Lt. F.R. Lund.___ Refs
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R.A.F. Jever 1.11.58        Flt. Lt. P.F. Hunwick flew the Squadron's solo sortie today - an aircraft to C.M.U.
                                            SORTIES :   1           HOURS :     .40
  3.11.58        The Squadron had a very good and varied days programme today, due to a very good
weather factor.
                                            SORTIES : 18           HOURS : 20.10
  4.11.58        The Squadron started flying on time this morning, only to have the first pair
diverted to Sylt.
                                            SORTIES :   6           HOURS : 5.45
  5.11.58        Weather prohibited flying until the afternoon today, and so only a limited
flying programme was possible.
                                            SORTIES : 12           HOURS : 12.10
  6.11.58        Today the Squadron used telebriefing on Exercise Argus with mixed results, before
various teething problems were overcome.
                                            SORTIES : 15           HOURS : 16.25
  7.11.58        Today started with fog but a temporary clearance later allowed a limited amount
of flying
     Fg. Off. J.F. Farley returned from his Av. Med. course at Wildenwrath.
                                            SORTIES :   6           HOURS : 5.30
  10.11.58        A full programme of day and night flying was carried out today.   Fg. Off. P. Jones
returned to the Squadron from leave.
                                            SORTIES : 26           HOURS : 28.10
  11.11.58        No flying due to fog.   Fg. Off. P.D. Jarvis joined the Squadron today.  
  12.11.58        No flying due to fog.  
  13.11.58        There was no flying this morning again due to fog, but some flying was carried
out this afternoon when the fog dispersed.   Three air tests were carried out in addition
to some normal training.
  14.11.58        A full programme of day and night flying was carried out today.
                                            SORTIES :   9           HOURS : 8.10
  17.11.58        Despite constantly changing weather states the Squadron today achieved good flying
hours and useful training.   Ten cine' sorties were flown by day and the remaining trips
were used in exercising the recovery procedures.   One aircraft was flown to the modification
unit at Laarbruch.   One detail of night flying was flown before the weather curtailed
further flying.
                                            SORTIES : 23           HOURS : 24.30
  18.11.58        This morning the Squadron began its Battle Flight commitment, and the first
flying was a scramble to assist two aircraft of No. 93 Squadron, reported to be in
difficulties.   During the afternoon Battle Flight were again scrambled, this time to
intercept a Canberra which had been jamming radar.   The Round Robin commitment was
completed today by Flt. Lt's. F.R. Lund and A.A. Boyle who went to Kleine Brogel.   The
pair of aircraft were turned around and airborne one hour after landing.
                                            SORTIES :   8           HOURS : 7.20
  19.11.58        Despite constantly changing weather the Squadron managed to do some useful flying.
One air test and weather check was carried out in addition to cine' exercises.
     Fg. Off. R.E. Holliday joined the Squadron today, from Chivenor.
                                            SORTIES : 10           HOURS : 10.25
  20.11.58        Fog and low cloud prevented flying in the morning, but following a weather check
after lunch, four syllabus trips were flown.
                                            SORTIES :   4           HOURS : 4.15
  21.11.58        Poor serviceability today kept our flying down to single aircraft details.   Two
air tests were flown and one aircraft was delivered to Laarbruch for modifications.
                                            SORTIES :   7           HOURS : 6.55
  22.11.58        The Squadron reported for duty this morning, but were confined to carrying out
servicing practices.   Three pilots renewed their Q.D.S. qualifications.
  24.11.58        Owing to the fog the Squadron had a late start to the flying today, and managed
to carry out cine' practices.
                                            SORTIES : 10           HOURS : 10.10
  25.11.58        Although the start of flying was again delayed owing to low cloud the Squadron
managed to fly seven pairs of aircraft on cine' details.   The planned exercise against
Javelins of the more southerly airfields was cancelled.
                                            SORTIES : 17           HOURS : 17.20
  26.11.58        A weather deterioration just before midday curtailed flying today.   A film show
was held in the Wing briefing room in the afternoon for all pilots.
                                            SORTIES :   5           HOURS : 5.05
  27.11.58        The weather cleared sufficiently to start flying just after midday, and five
syllabus sorties were flown.   There were three aircraft serviceable to fly although
one was waiting to go to Laarbruch for modifications and could only be flown on one
                                            SORTIES :   5           HOURS : 6.10
  28.11.58        Another day spent waiting for the weather to clear.   The clearance, though short
did allow an air test to be carried out successfully however, and a cine' sortie was also
                                            SORTIES :   5           HOURS : 5.10
  29.11.58        The Station Commander, Group Captain I.S. Smith, inspected the Squadron today.
Although flying finished earlier than anticipated, the Squadron managed to fly some useful
                                            SORTIES : 19           HOURS : 17.05
      T.J. McElhaw                                           
(T.J. McELHAW)                                         
Squadron Leader,                                     
Officer Commanding,                                
No. 4 Squadron.