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F540 Operations Record Book March 1956 .
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Fg. Off. C. Boyack.___ Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER 1.3.56   A good day's training took place today.   The emphasis was on high level battle
but there were some aerobatics and cine sorties flown also.   A start
was made on the air-tosea firing on the Spiakeroog range.
                                                          Hunter Flights   36     Hunter Hours   27.15
  2.3.56   The weather was fit for flying all day and a full day's flying took place.   Most
of the sorties concerned with simulated flag attacks in order to improve the
standard for the impending attachment to the A.P.S..   In addition, some aerobatic
and battle formation sorties were flown.
                                                          Hunter Flights   35     Hunter Hours   26.25
  3.3.56   The good weather continued today.   This morning's training was devoted to battle
and tailchases, and cine work.   A satisfactory amount of training took
                                                          Hunter Flights   24     Hunter Hours   16.10
  5.3.56   A phenomenal amount of flying with a corresponding amount of training took place
today.   Numerous high level battle formation sorties were flown, three of them
being with the assistance of the G.C.I..
                                                          Hunter Flights   53     Hunter Hours   39.15
  6.3.56   The weather had deteriorated today resulting in a late start for the limited flying
that was permitted.   The training was varied considerably, cine training, battle-
G.C.A. and aerobatics being flown.
                                                          Hunter Flights   13     Hunter Hours   9.20
  7.3.56   Improved weather allowed a full morning's training to be carried out today.   Most
of the training was a continuance of the simulated flag quarter attacks, but two
airtests and a high level battle formation sortie were also flown.   Flying ceased
at 12:00 hours and the afternoon was devoted to athletic activities.
                                                          Hunter Flights   13     Hunter Hours   10.30
  8.3.56   A full day's flying took place, devoted mainly to aerobatics and forced landing
practice, with four cine exercises and two G.C.A. flights.   Four pilots
did two flights each in the evening, one being a dusk familiarisation trip
and the other a night sortie.
                                                          Hunter Flights   26     Hunter Hours   18.00
                                                                                         4                                   2.00
  9.3.56   Another good day's training consisting mainly of cine exercises with a few
tail chases and six individual aerobatic and forced landing sorties.
Flight Lieutenant Buchanan completed his conversion syllabus with us today.
                                                          Hunter Flights   28     Hunter Hours   21.40
  10.3.56   Two pairs only were flown this morning, and both were formation exercises.   We
had but two serviceable aircraft, this however, did not effect the flying effort
because the weather deteriorated mid-morning and limited us to one pair per
                                                          Hunter Flights   4     Hunter Hours   3.20
  12.3.56   Poor weather caused restricted flying all day, and consequently decreased the
amount of training possible.   Again, the majority of flights were devoted to
cine work, but several close formation exercises and aerobatic sorties were
also done.   Most pairs flights were concluded by tail chases.
                                                          Hunter Flights   21     Hunter Hours   15.40
  13.3.56   This morning the squadron started another week on Battle Flight, and today they
were scrambled five times.   On most of these flights, practice interceptions
between pairs was carried out, and some Canberras were also intercepted.   In
addition to Battle Flight commitments, two additional aircraft were available
for part of the day, for aerobatic and forced landing practices.
Three dusk flights and four night flights were also carried out, the time
airborne being allotted to Sector Reconnaissance with circuit and landing practices.

          Day Hunter Hours  19.25                 Day Hunter Flights   26
          Night Hunter Hours  3.35                Night Hunter Flights   7
  14.3.56   The airfield colour state was initially red this morning and the first take off
was at 09.45 hours.   Battle Flight flew twice and did P.I's. between pairs on
both occasions.   A pair of aircraft was sent off for cine work, but due to
unserviceabilities after take off had to abort the exercise.   Two additional
solo exercises were also carried out.
The airfield closed at 12.30 hours for sports afternoon and Battle Flight were
released to two hours availability until 19.00 hours when they automatically
stood down.
          Day Hunter Hours  8.45                 Day Hunter Flights   13
  15.3.56   Poor visibility and low cloud restricted flying from the squadron to Battle
only all day.   Five scrambles in all were done, and several aircraft,
including Meteors and Hunters were intercepted.   It was noted with some
surprize that one G.C.I. Unit "TOWNSEND" by name, were receiving very good
echoes from single Hunters, this indicating that with this unit at least, P.I's
are possible with single aircraft.
On the first Battle Flight scramble this morning, one pilot reported a large
"object" fairly close to the formation.   It was seen by one other pilot, but when
the formation turned towards it, it went off at high speed.   A full report has been
made to the Station Intelligence Officer.   There are no grounds for suspecting
faulty vision in either pilot.
          Day Hunter Hours  15.55                 Day Hunter Flights   22
  16.3.56   Improved weather allowed full flying to continue all day, and the squadron kept
five aircraft going all the time.   In addition to Battle Flight, seven solo
flights, varying from G.C.A's to aerobatics were carried out.   Battle Flight was
scrambled six times and P.I's between pairs were done on the majority of these
flights.   On one flight however, we were vectored onto a meteorological balloon
but no reasonable attacks could be carried out.
          Day Hunter Hours  24.10                 Day Hunter Flights   32
  17.3.56   Poor visibility was the order of the day, and the airfield colour state was red
all morning.   Battle Flight remained at thirty minutes availability all
morning, but as the visibility was about 1800 yards there was no flying.
The airfield was closed at 12.30 hours for the weekend.
  19.3.56   Six Battle Flight exercises were carried out today, the last day of our Battle
week, and P.I's in pairs were done on all these flights.   The standard of
control all week has been generally fair, with occasional lapses to poor.   The
benefit derived from Battle Flight from the pilots point of view has been quite
In addition to Battle Flight several aerobatic exercises were completed.
Flight Lieutenant Vasey, one of our old Flight Commanders, now stationed in the
U.K., made a flying visit to the squadron today.   Whilst here, he was able to
carry out a ferrying mission to Sylt for us.   He also obtained one Hunter flight.
                                                Hunter Flights   31  Hunter Hours  23.25
  20.3.56   The day began well for the Squadron when nine aircraft(a formation of eight with
one spare) took off for close formation practice.   After this exercise, several
cine practices, including co-ordinated quarters were carried out in addition
to high level battle formation, and aerobatics with bad weather approach and
circuit practice.   Day flying ceased at 16:00 hours to facilitate servicing for
night flying.
Eight night flying practices were carried out, four pilots each doing two exercises.
One pilot was also given a Night Flying check in the Vampire T. 11 by his Flight
                                                Hunter Flights   32  Hunter Hours  23.05
                       also   Night           "           "           8       "           "          5.55
  21.3.56   Training carried out today was devoted to cine workwith the only exception being
a simulated six on high level battle formation practice and one aerobatic flight.
The standard of cine on the Squadron is slowly improving but we are still
handicapped by having to break off our attacks at 300 yards.   In air-to-air
firing, our maximum open-fire range will be approximately 300 yards so some
trouble is anticipated in getting pilots to close to this range.   However,
time alone will tell.
The airfield closed at 1230 hours for Sports afternoon.
                                                Hunter Flights   12  Hunter Hours  9.15
  22.3.56   Continuing good weather permitted a good day's training to be carried out.
Once more, cine figured prominently in the Authorisation Book but high level battle
, aerobatics and bad weather approaches and circuits were also practiced.
Two more pilots also carried out air-to-sea firing.
The Squadron Commander and P.A.I. today paid a visit to A.P.S. Sylt to gather
information which will be of value during our forthcoming attachment there.
Some interesting points came up, and arrangements were tentatively made for flag
firing before the attachment.
                                                Hunter Flights   30  Hunter Hours  23.00
  23.3.56   The airfield colour state was red for a short while initially and the opportunity
was taken for the P.A.I. to brief all pilots on the cine pattern we shall practice
in preparation for A.P.S.
After this briefing, limited flying was permitted and as the cloud was quite
extensive, high level battle formation with cloud flying was practiced./   Flying
ceased at 14:15 hours when a general recall was issued.   A pair of our aircraft
was then obliged to land at Ahlhorn.
The airfield closed at 1700 hours for the week-end.
                                                Hunter Flights   11  Hunter Hours  8.35
  26.3.56   The Squadron has now completed its task for the month as regards pilot and
aircraft hours.   If an intensive flying programme were to be continued, the
Squadron would suffer next month from a shortage of aircraft on inspections ;
consequently it has been decided to run a limited programme only.   Flying done
was devoted to cine work primarily, with a few solo flights on aerobatics and
bad weather approaches and circuits.   Cine is now being concentrated at 20,000
feet as that will be our probable height of firing at A.P.S..
                                                Hunter Flights   16  Hunter Hours  13.15
  27.3.56   Today the Squadron flew four cine exercises before 10:00 hours, from which time
for three hours, the Squadron was engaged on Exercise Sid Cent, with four aircraft.
The first scramble was not until shortly before 11:00 hours and as only one exercise
flight was flown, this was rather annoying to all concerned.
The standard of control was fair but the main trouble ceased to be R/T, as
the 2 Group Fixer Unit had to obtain a different channel for us from the one
originally given.   After the exercise one section of four took off for high
level battle formation practice with a pairs dog fight.
                                                Hunter Flights   12  Hunter Hours  8.25
  28.3.56   There was no flying today except for an air test.   The weather was good all day,
but the efforts of all the ground-crew were needed to service the aircraft which will
be going to Geilenkirchen on Tuesday.   On that day four of our aircraft will be
detached to that Station to take part in a big fly-past for H.R.H. the Duchess
of Kent.
Officers spent the day on their secondary duties and much effort went into the
re-organisation of our briefing room.   Some Vampire T. 11 flights were carried
out by Squadron pilots and some of our airmen were taken up on air familiarisation
                                                Hunter Flights   2  Hunter Hours  1.10
  29.3.56   There was no Hunter flying today.   Once more, Officers were engaged on their
secondary duties and all our end-of-month returns were completed.   The re-org-
anisation of the briefing room continues and the major work in hand at present,
is the erection of oxygen and microphone test rigs.   The airfield closed at 12:30
hours for the Easter Grant.
                                                Hunter Flights   Nil  Hunter Hours  Nil
      HB Iles                                                                             
(H. B. ILES)                                                                      
Flight Lieutenant,                                                           
Officer Commanding                                                     
Number 4 Squadron