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F540 Operations Record Book June 1960 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
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R.A.F.Jever     Operational Diary, June 1960.
      1.     The month became the Squadron's most successful month for many years as it
proved the Squadron's superiority in the weapons role.
      2.     The Squadron did Battle Flight over the period of the Whitsun Grant during which
time full working was in operation for the groundcrew in order to prepare the aircraft
for the detachment to Sylt on the 8th June, 1960.

3.     On departure for Sylt, the Squadron's formation flying over base was
complimented by the Wing Commander Flying and arrival at Sylt was also in the best
traditions of the Squadron.  The Cine - Weave phase commenced immediately and although
some small snags were encountered with the gunsights it was evident at an early stage
that the previous best average of 81.9% was going to be exceeded.  In fact the
overall Squadron average was 80.11%, the highest ever, and the "Duncan" average was

4.     The air firing phase continued but with frequent delays due to both weather and
shipping.  This was unfortunate but unavoidable; continuity therefore suffered
considerably and detracted from the performance of some of the less experienced pilots.
In addition to this, flying was done with full 2-tank fuel which meant that even on
leaving the Range most aircraft were still very "heavy" on fuel, however, this seemed
to affect the pattern far less than it was at first thought.

5.     Scores were generally very high particularly compared with the last Sylt
attachment.  On the Cine phase six pilots averaged over 90% and on the firing phase
two pilots averaged over 40%, from this it can be seen that the overall Squadron
average of 30.1% was achieved by a most commendable all round effort.  This was the
first occasion a Hunter Squadron has exceeded 30% average.

6.     At the moment the Squadron are in the lead in the Duncan Trophy competition
with no other Hunter Squadron to compete.

7.     Flying hours invariably suffer during the A.P.S. detachment but the number of
sorties indicate that a normal flying effort was made.

      Total hours .         241.05                                Sylt hours          206.50
                Sorties.       297                                              Sorties       266
8.     It is pleasing to record that the Sylt road convoy completed both trips without
incident or delay.
9.     Squadron detached to Royal Air Force A.P.S. Sylt period 8th June, 1960 to
30th June, 1960, inclusive.

10.     No officers took leave this month.

11.     No officers were sent on courses this month.

12.     It is worthy of record that Cpl. Cox, a Squadron armourer. produced twins during
the Squadron attachment.  An effort well up to the Squadron's high standards.

      13.     Socially a fairly quiet month despite the added incentive of being at Sylt.
There was unfortunately only one occasion during which the Squadron was forced to
defend its honour against No. 7 Squadron Belgian Air Force.  This proved to be a
most interesting competition which cost some 98 DM. but this paltry sum was
considered well worth the excitement.  Needless to say 4 Squadron proved again superior.

JB Thornton for                                       
    (R.J. SPIERS)                                              
Squadron Leader,                                       
    Officer Commanding 4 Squadron,           
Royal Air Force, JEVER.