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F540 Operations Record Book July 1952 NO 4 SQUADRON.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2590 Microfilm Row1 Draws 52-71




Target speed was raised today to 220 knots.   At the high speed, the Vampire becomes a more stable gun platform; but the change invariably leads to lower pilots' scores at first, until they settle down.   A full day's flying was completed.   Today the Squadron lost one of its P.A.I.s Flying Officer Rigby is posted to No. 20 Squadron.
                                                                              Vampire     34 sorties     16 hours   35 minutes
                                                                              Meteor          3 sorties        1 hour     45 minutes.





Firing went on all day, except that towards the end of the afternoon, increasing haze began to interfere with our sighting.
                                                                                                  31 sorties     15 hours   55 minutes





Low cloud, completely obscuring the sky, prevented shooting this morning.   It broke sufficiently at midday to allow flying to start, but closed in again later and canceled the last detail.
                                                                                                   22 sorties     11 hours   00 minutes





To date, 387 sorties have been flown, but only 239 of them have been effective shoots.   This gives an abortive rate of just over 38%.   Two aircraft flew an army co-operation mission this afternoon against the gunners at Idst.   Lieutenant Coulon, who has been attached to the squadron from l'Armee de l'Air, returned today to France.
     Because R.A.F. Sylt are holding their Station Sports tomorrow, the flying programme was interrupted for 48 hours.
                                                                               Vampire     33 sorties     17 hours   15 minutes
                                                                               Meteor          3 sorties        1 hour     00 minutes





Flag after flag was canceled - four of them - due to Tempest unserviceability.   This is quite distressing, because we need 120 sorties to complete our task, and the weather is perfect.
                                                                               Vampire     27 sorties     12 hours   45 minutes
                                                                               Meteor          3 sorties        1 hour     20 minutes





A steady programme was flown until the towing aircraft broke down at 15.00 hours. Two more of our pilots have now qualified on the Meteor, having completed the necessary amount of asymmetric practice.
                                                                              Vampire     36 sorties     16 hours   15 minutes
                                                                              Meteor           1 sortie                          30 minutes





This was the worst day. Six Tempests were canceled, because it was found to be difficult or impossible to start them.
                                                                                                  20 sorties        9 hours   00 minutes





The last day - 32 effective sorties, with quite good scores, mostly between 8 and 12%.
     In the evening the Squadron took off for Jever, to be followed next day by the rail parties.
                                                                              Vampire     44 sorties     18 hours   30 minutes
                                                                              Meteor           1 sortie                          20 minutes





Preparations were made for today for the fly past next Sunday. Two new pilots joined the Squadron they are S/Lieutenant Richard and Sergeant Lavoine from the Armee de L'Air, attached for three months. They flew on local reconnaissance in the Meteor with one of the regular pilots.
                                                                              Vampire        1 sortie                          30 minutes
                                                                              Meteor           2 sorties         1 hour   20 minutes





Eight of No. 4 Squadron's aircraft joined four from No. 112 Squadron and flew to Wahn under the leadership of Wing Commander Elsdon. A rehearsal was planned for 16.30 hours: but it was abortive. The Jever, Wunstorf and Gutersloh Wings took off from Wahn and successfully joined the Wings from Wildenwrath, flying from there to the rendezvous point. There, however, radio contact was not established with ground control at Melsbroek. The formation leader decided against carrying on, due to the large number of aircraft involved, and indifferent visibility, and ordered all Wings back to base.
                                                                                                     15 sorties     17 hours   20 minutes





Despite yesterday's fiasco, today's exodus went very well. The N.A.T.O. held its first air display at Melsbroek Airfield near Brussels, the climax of which was a flypast by massed formations of the various air forces represented. The join up of the Wildenwrath and Wahn formations went according to plan, and the whole group appeared over Melsbroek just ten seconds ahead of schedule in excellent formation. Thereafter individual Wings broke off and returned to their home bases.
                                                                                                       9 sorties      12 hours   55 minutes





We are battle flight at Jever this week. Three missions today; the first a normal encounter between five of our aircraft, and a four from another station. The second was abortive. An attempt was made by ground control to bring our fluid six into contact with the "enemy", but, after climbing through much cloud, no target was sighted by the flight, which then returned to base. The last consisted of P.I.s between the two subsection of three aircraft each.
                                                                                   Vampire   19 sorties       17 hours  20 minutes
                                                                                   Meteor        2 sorties          1 hours  30 minutes





Eight aircraft from the station were required to be ready for escort duties during the day. However, they were not called for normal battle flight duties being carried out instead. There were again three missions today. Controlling is good, except that occasionally the attacking flight is not very well positioned in relation to the sun.
                                                                                                      13 sorties       11 hours   55 minutes.





The first flight this morning was quite normal, successful interceptions being made of another battle flight. On the second a curious crisis arose………………………………………………………………………

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FLYING :                                                                        DAY
                              INDIVIDUAL TRAINING                 7.35
                              INTERCEPTION                           42.05
                              SQUADRON/WING EXERCISE 75.05
                              AIR SUPPORT                                1.00
                              NAVIGATION                                   8.15
                              WEAPONS                                  171.15
                              INSTRUMENT                                 2.20
                                                     TOTAL VAMPIRE 305.15
                              METEOR                                        12.05

                                                     GRAND TOTAL    317.20




   Compiled by ...signed ENH LACK..FG/OFF.
                          (E.N.H. LACK,)

                                                                  Authorised by ...signedW.R.Collins........FLT/LT.
                                                                                           (W.R. COLLINS)
                                                                                           OFFICER COMMANDING,
                                                                                          No. 4 SQUADRON.