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F540 Operations Record Book December 1959 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                                     COMPILING OFFICER   __Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams___ Refs
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R.A.F. Jever. 3.12.59        Although the Squadron had eight serviceable aircraft at 08.00 hours flying did
not commence until 12.20.  Weather being A.III until 10.00 was partly to blame but
the main reason being the suspicion of a GATEMAN exercise.  The weather improved
to A I in the afternoon but deteriorated rapidly to RED towards the close of the
afternoon.  Flying effort was concentrated on Cine' training at 40000'.
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.
                      SORTIES : 11                                           HOURS : 11.55
  4.12.59        Commencing the day with six serviceable aircraft and Green conditions, this was
a good days flying.  Weather deteriorated at 10.00 but flew throughout the day which
ended at 16.30 with Green conditions again.  Aircraft stayed serviceable despite the
wide variety of flying achieved, including low level strikes and high level cine
training Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.
                      SORTIES : 19                                            HOURS : 20.00
  6.12.59        Battle Flight scrambled at 13.30 hours in RED condition.  Second pair brought to
readiness then scrambled at 14.05 also in RED condition.  Unfortunately no interceptions
were made and both pairs spent the night at Gutersloh.  [This is a mild understatement of what actually happened. The entire station went on to alert status as we had never known 2 pairs scrambled when the whole of Germany was in RED weather conditions. Click here to read a fuller report by the formation leader Pete Jennings. Web Master]
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.
                      SORTIES : 4                                              HOURS : 3.40
  7.12.59        Weather A I all day but aircraft situation started dismally with only one
serviceable.  Improved throughout the day but still poor at the close.  Very little
useful training done as some 4 hours were taken up by the Battle Flight pairs
coming R.T.B. from Gutersloh
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.               Course:- Fg.Off. D. Barr
                      SORTIES : 10                                            HOURS : 9.50
  8.12.59        Weather A I all day but again only 4 aircraft at the start.  Many minor snags with
the aircraft all through the day.  Flying training was concentrated on P.I's, the
standard of which varied between "not very good" and "awful".
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.               Course:- Fg.Off. D. Barr
                      SORTIES : 10                                            HOURS : 11.10
  9.12.59        Four serviceable aircraft at 08.00, Green conditions which maintained until a slight
deterioration of visibility at 14.00 bringing the state down to A.1.  Aircraft remained
remarkably serviceable throughout the day enabling a good days high level training to
be flown.  The last pair did night landings.
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.               Course:- Fg.Off. D. Barr
                      SORTIES : 17                                            HOURS : 18.15
  10.12.59        Weather A.1. all day, and five serviceable aircraft at 08.00.  A little more
unserviceability than yesterday but managed to make most of the programme slots.
Because aircraft were coming up singly the individual monthly training commitment was
flown, including several practice Pan calls.  First sortie consisted of four aircraft
flying targets for the Gutersloh wing on a GATEMAN exercise.
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.               Course:- Fg.Off. D. Barr
                      SORTIES : 13                                            HOURS : 16.15
  11.12.59        Six aircraft at 08.00 and weather good for flying although A II officially.  There
was a slight improvement as the day progressed which enabled a full days training to
be accomplished.  The first sorties consisted of 3 pairs doing a sector exercise, the
remainder of the day being taken up with high level training finishing in the evening
with a pair -v- pair air combat sortie.
Leave:  Flt. Lt. B.R. Williams.               Course:- Fg.Off. D. Barr
                      SORTIES : 18                                            HOURS : 17.20
  14.12.59        Four aircraft serviceability today resulted in the few flying hours achieved.
Also, weather deteriorated throughout the period as a warm front approached from the
West.  Nevertheless good training value was obtained from the sorties flown and much use was made of the airfield recovery aids.  At 14.30 hours A., Gutersloh went
'Black' with a hole in the runway and the squadron took over the Battle Flight
Leave:  Fg.Off J.F. Farley     Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 9                                              HOURS : 7.45
  15.12.59        Ice on the airfield, poor visibility and low cloud prevented any attempt at flying
today and the planned Exercise 'Gateman' was cancelled.  It proved an excellent
opportunity to build up the number of serviceable aircraft, and servicing progressed
all day.  The Squadron Commander Squadron Leader R.J. Spiers held a pilots conference
during the morning to discuss squadron organisation and the various Christmas functions.
In the afternoon pilots completed their annual Ground Combat Training commitment.
Leave:  Fg.Off J.F. Farley     Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : Nil                                            HOURS : Nil
  16.12.59        Weather was responsible once again for the low number of flying hours.  Cloud
thickened throughout the morning and visibility decreased until the airfield became
RED at 12.40 hours thereafter no flying took place.
Leave:  Fg.Off J.F. Farley  Fg.Off.P.D. Jarvis   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 5                                            HOURS : 5.00
  17.12.59        Yet again deteriorating weather curtailed the flying programme and prevented any
take-offs after 14.00 hours A.  Those sorties that were flown during the morning were
for cine training and each flight ended with a PGH/GCA.
Leave:  Fg.Off J.F. Farley  Fg.Off.P.D. Jarvis   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 12                                            HOURS : 11.40
  18.12.59        A full days training today, for a change, although the programme had to be restricted
because of low cloud and occasional showers.  Nevertheless, plenty of cine film was
produced and PGH/GCA's. completed every sortie.  A good days flying considering the
poor weather.
Leave:  Fg.Off J.F. Farley  Fg.Off.P.D. Jarvis   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 17                                            HOURS : 18.15
  21.12.59        A day of good weather today; a day which should have shown plenty of training sorties
in the authorisation book, but unfortunately the number of serviceable aircraft
available fluctuated throughout, resulting in a somewhat curtailed programme.
Nevertheless a fair amount of training was achieved and four air tests were completed.
Leave:  Fg.Off.P.D. Jarvis   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 17                                            HOURS : 13.55
  22.12.59        During the morning the squadron took part in another 'Gateman', which,
although good training value in itself, restricted the training programme as a whole,
and resulted in another day of fewer sorties than was hoped.
Leave:  Fg.Off.P.D. Jarvis   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 18                                            HOURS : 18.10
  23.12.59        The Squadron stood down at lunchtime today for the Christmas Grant, and the only
flying that took place was in co-operation with No. 93 squadron, when nine aircraft,
four of which were ours, flew in close formation to Oldenburg, Ahlhorn and Gutersloh
to wish each station a "Happy Christmas".
Leave:  Fg.Off.P.D. Jarvis   Course:- Nil     SORTIES : 4              HOURS : 3.40
  29.12.59        After a most enjoyable Christmas, the squadron started work again at dawn this
morning to meet the 'Battle Flight' commitment.  Naturally this commitment cut the
flying programme, but a pair of aircraft were flown in training sorties throughout the
day and some good cine film was returned by the pilots.
Leave:  Flt.Lt. R.W. Millward   Flt.Lt. J.R. Walker   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 14                                           HOURS : 14.55
  30.12.59        An excellent days flying today, especially when the "Battle Flight" commitment is
taken into account.  Four aircraft flew on training flights throughout the period,
and not one planned sortie had to be cancelled.  Again most of the sorties were for
high level cine training.
Leave:  Flt.Lt. R.W. Millward   Flt.Lt. J.R. Walker
                      SORTIES : 21                                           HOURS : 23.05
  31.12.59        Unfortunately the Squadron was unable to repeat yesterdays training effort, but this
was caused solely by poor weather.  Only one sortie was flown in the morning before the
airfield colour started deteriorating to RED, and it was not until the afternoon that
conditions improved enough to continue flying.  Even then only a restricted programme
could be planned.  Hence the few sorties flown.
Leave:  Flt.Lt. R.W. Millward   Flt.Lt. J.R. Walker   Course:- Nil
                      SORTIES : 10                                           HOURS : 10.40

RJ Spiers                                                
    (R.J. SPIERS)                                          
Squadron Leader,                                  
Officer Commanding                              
No. 4 Squadron.