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F540 Operations Record Book December 1957 NO 4 SQUADRON.
RAF Museum Hendon. Holds 2nd copy of F540 1945 to 1970.
PLACE DATE TIME SUMMARY OF EVENTS                             COMPILING OFFICER   __Flying Officer P.F. Hunwick.___ Refs
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R.A.F. JEVER 2.12.57   We started off the new month with Air to Ground firing.  In order to arrive at the range
with our tanks empty, we did a short low - level cross country first and then commenced
firing.  The scores were not very impressive mainly due to lack of practice, and for
several pilots it was their first Air to Ground Sortie.
                                        DAY SORTIES  26       HOURS  26:50
                              NIGHT      SORTIES     9       HOURS 10:15
  3.12.57   Another clear day which enabled us to do a little more air - to - ground.  Most of the
scores were between 20 and 25%.
                                                           SORTIES   8       HOURS  7:40
  4.12.57   We did a few P.I. sorties, but from 11.00 hours onwards our aircraft were at readiness
waiting for a visit by 9 Hunters from D.F.L.S.  However due to fog in the United
Kingdom this interception did not materialise.  During the afternoon Fg. Off D.G.
broke his arm whilst playing for the Station Rugger fifteen.
                                                       SORTIES   9       HOURS  9:20
  5.12.57   We flew cine quarters at 25,000ft, Ranging and tracking at 40,000 ft and syllabus trips
all day.
                                                     SORTIES   26         HOURS  27:30
  6.12.57   Another full day of cine quarters.  In the evening many of the Squadron, both aircrew
and groundcrew, went down to the Anglo-German St Nicholas party.
                                                     SORTIES   26             HOURS  28:55
  7.12.57   A long weekend for the Station.  Many of the Squadron pilots went to Hamburg where they
met up with some elements of 93 Squadron who had come down from Sylt.  After a rugger
match with the Hamburg Police, they got down to serious business.
  9.12.57   We started off the day with a flash fire on start up.  This prevented us putting up a
four ship formation for low level battle.  We continued with pairs L.L.B. attacking
targets in the low flying area 5 and 1.  A new pilot Fg.Off. D. Bebbington joined the
Squadron from R.A.F. Wunstorf where the Venom Wing had just closed down.
                                                   DAY SORTIES    25              HOURS  27:05
                                         NIGHT      SORTIES    12              HOURS 13:40
  11.12.57   The snow ploughs were on the job at 06.00 hours, and we were flying by 10.00 hours, but
with our diversions rapidly going out with fog flying after only four sorties ceased.
                                                     SORTIES   4             HOURS  4:20
  12.12.57   Fog prevented flying today.  Flt.Lt. G. Eades joined the Squadron to become Flight
Commander of 'A' Flight in the new year when Flt.Lt. C.J. Barrey takes over as our Wing
P.A.I.  Fg.Off's J.D. Hawtin and W.B. Maish left for Munchen Gladbach to play in the
hockey final against R.A.F. Wahn.  Sqn.Ldr T,J, McElhaw, Flt.Lt G. Eades and Fg.Off. T.M.
also left to play in the Rygger Final against R.A.F. Goch.  Fg.Off D.G.
is unable to play because his arm is still in a sling.
                                                     NO SORTIES           NO HOURS
  13.12.57   The day started true to form with a flash fire on start up.  The weather slowly
deteriorated, and the last detail landed at 11.00 hours, as the airfield went Red.  Snow
started to fall at midnight.
                                                     SORTIES   13           HOURS  14:30
  14.12.57      Fg.Off A.J. Bendell, the Orderly Officer, experienced great difficulty in getting the
snow plough team out of bed at 06.00 hours.  It continued snowing all the morning, but
the runway and perimeter tracks were clear by dusk.
  16.12.57      The Squadron resumed Battle Flight duties from Ahlhorn, who had taken it over for
the weekend.  Sergeant J.E. MOBBS our armament N.C.O. was posted back to the United
Lingdom today after completing a tour in 2nd T.A.F.
                                                     SORTIES   16             HOURS  14:15
  17.12.57      Since No 93 Squadron who had returned from A.P.S. Sylt yesterday were unable to take
over Battle Flight, we were forced to keep it up for the rest of the week.
                                                     SORTIES   6             HOURS  5:50
  18.12.57      We recived a practice scramble in the afternoon to exercise the airfield facilities.
No interception was made.
                                                     SORTIES   14           HOURS  13:45
  19.12.57      The Fighting Fourth snow team led by Fg.Off P. Jones again swung into action at 04.00
hopurs, and cleared the runway by lunchtime.  Fg.Off A.F. Brewer attempted an air test,
but was told to abort take off because of an apparent fire.  This turned out to be excessive
fuel venting plus water and sand on the runway billowing up into a large brown spray which
looked like a fire.  The aircraft managed to turn off the runway without any damage
being sustained.
                                                                    SORTIES   4          HOURS  4:15
  20.12.57      Good weather and a resonable days flying gave us over 20 hours - the first time
for several weeks.
                                                     SORTIES   23               HOURS  21:40
  21.12.57      We flew in the morning, and then carried on with weekend Battle Flight.  Most members
of the Squadron blacked their faces in the afternoon and entertained the children at their
Christmas Party, held in the Officers Mess.
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Andy McNae, Dave Watt and Barry Dale Dancing at Pirates Christmas Party at Jever.   21Dec57.   (Thanks Barry Dale), (Not in original F540).
                                                  SORTIES   11               HOURS  11:15
  23.12.57      Our serviceability was gradually decreasing throughout the day, and by 14.00 hours we
were reduced to ground Battle Flight.  The pilots invited the groundcrew up to their
crewroom for a couple of barrels of beer after we stood down from Battle Flight.
                                                   SORTIES   19             HOURS  18
  24.12.57     From today until 29th December was the Station stand down for Christmas.  On Wednesday
25th December, 1957 the Station Commander judged the various section bars.  Although
No 4 Squadron was extremely well decorated, Technical Wing again won the competition
for the 2nd year running.
  30.12.57     After an extremely pleasant grant we came back to work to find only two aircraft
serviceable.  We did not take off until 09.30 hours, as all the air systems were now
empty after such a long period of inactivity.
                                                SORTIES   10          HOURS  10:20
  31.12.57        Mainly cine ¼ trips today, in order to improve our cine in preparation for our
forthcoming Sylt detachment in February.  We were unable to make it a very impressive
last flying day of the year as there were only three aircraft serviceable.
                                         SORTIES   12             HOURS  13:25
Flight Lieutenant                                           
Officer Commanding                                    
Number 4 Squadron