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History of No 3 Armoured Car Squadron later re-named 3 Field Squadron, RAF Regiment,
     On 8May1952, 3 Armoured Car Squadron were formed at Luneberg.   After a grueling 12 hour drive they arrived at RAF Jever and parked on the Parade Ground.

     No 3 Armoured Car Squadron was renamed at the end of 1953 early 1954 as No 3 Field Squadron, Royal Air Force Regiment as the Humber armoured cars were replaced with Land Rovers due to the difficulty of getting spares. The objective of the Field Squadron was in the event of hostilities, to set up observation posts some 30-40 miles from the airfield in the direction of the enemy, and report back to the airfield any enemy aircraft.   The squadron details were as follows:

          Strength - Two Officers
                             Squadron Leader - C.O.
                             Pilot Officer - Adjutant
                             Other Ranks - 40 (about)
                             Non regiment - 1 Clerk; 1 medic; 1 armourer

Vehicles - 8 Land Rover with trailers          Weapons - 303 Lee Enfield rifles
                   1 Austin 1 ton lorry                                            Sten guns
                   1 3 Ton Lorry                                                      Bren guns
                   1 300 gallon water bowser                             2" mortars
                                                                                                3" mortars
                   (19 set) Short wave radios.                             Piat anti-tank.

     The squadron was posted to RAF Fassberg and shortly after arriving there was disbanded.   The squadron had some funds left and sooner than send them on to the central fund, decided to spend the lot on a "party" at a gasthof just outside the main gates.   We all had a three course meal to start ( steaks naturally), followed by large quantities of booze.   Apparently no one retuned to camp sober !!!!