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F540 Operations Record Book October 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1October1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. D.B. HIVES__ References

        (a)     Exercise Amled.     On the 27th of the month 16 sorties were planned
        and briefed but due to bad weather over Denmark the low level phase was

        (b)     Flying Training.     The main emphasis during the month was on Pairs
        Trials, which the Squadron is running in order to develop a sound
        tactical technique with which it can fulfil the stroke commitments of the
        present war plan.   Individual training was phased in to cover Practice
        Flame Outs, Manual Landings and Practice Pan Calls.   Air to Ground Firing
        was curtailed by bad weather conditions, only six effective shoots being gained

        (c)     Demonstrations.     On the 3rd of the month Plt.Off. Holden-Rushworth
        flew a Swift to Bruggen to participate in a Static Display organised for
        a visiting Staff College Team.

        (d)     Flying Effort.
                                                                                           Day         Night
                                       Swift FR 5                               206.05      6.55
                                       Hunter T. 7                             16.10           -

         (a)     Ground Training.     Due to the inclement weather a comprehensive Ground
        Training Programme was covered; this included a lecture on the Ejection Seat
        and a Dry Dinghy Drill Demonstration.   Recognition tests covering all
        aspects were carried out and a selection of target systems were allocated
        to pilots with a view to future lectures.   The Squadron purchased a selection
        of model A.F.V.'s and missiles and is now in the process of constructing
        a sand model on which to display them.

         (b)     Sport.     The supremacy of the Officers Skittle Team was finally
        surpassed by the Equipment Section on the last match of the current season.

         (c)     Attachments and Detachments.     Flt.Lt. Sumner and Flt.Lt. Brooks
         attended the Aviation Medicine Course at Wildenwrath.   Flt.Lt. Hives
         and Flt.Lt. Sumner visited Grostenquin on a pre-detachment liaison visit.

         (d)     Postings.
                                    Officers         IN         NIL
                                                          OUT     Flt.Lt. W.P. Sheppard

                                   Airmen          IN         NIL
                                                         OUT     NIL

         (e)     Squadron Strength.
                   (i)     Officers

                                                  SQN.LDR. C.S. MACDONALD
                                                  FLT.LT. P.J. ADAIR

                  'A' FLIGHT                                                                'B' FLIGHT
          FLT.LT. HIVES                                                    FLT.LT. SHARP
          FLT.LT. RIMINGTON                                         FLT.LT. ST. AUBYN
          FLT.LT. SUMNER                                              FLT.LT. WALLIS
          FLT.LT. BARCILON                                           FLT.LT. CRAWSHAW
          FLT.LT. GUNN                                                   FLT.LT. HAGAN

          (ii)    Airmen

                              W.O.           S.N.C.O's      J.N.C.O's           AIRMEN.
                                1                   10                      16                     31

                                         SQUADRON COMMANDER'S REMARKS

         Nothing of particular import to add expect that the Squadron is now
         investigating tactics using two aircraft instead of one.   It is hoped
         to improve the chances of a successful armed recce mission.

                                                                                signed C.S.Macdonald
                                                                                        (C.S. MACDONALD)
                                                                                        Squadron Leader,
                                                                                        Officer Commanding,
         7th October, 1960                                               No 2 Squadron