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F540 Operations Record Book November 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1November1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. D.B. HIVES__ References

        (a)     Exercise Quick - Train.     This exercise took place whilst the Squadron
        was on detachment at R.A.F. Geilenkirchen on the 17th November, 1960 at
        approximately 20.20 hours.   The ground -crew carried out Before Flight.
        Inspections and the pilots checked in with Air Traffic Control as briefed
        and their quick reaction times were noted.   Seven aircraft eventually
        came on state and were then stood down by the Squadron Leader (Ops)
        at R.A.F. Geilenlirchen.

        (b)     Exercise Winterstorm.     This exercise took place on the 18th November
        1960 whilst the Squadron was on detachment at R.A.F. Geilenkirchen.
        The Squadron flew twelve sorties on the exercise, which was organised by 2
        TOC.   The main emphasis of the exercise was laid on in flight reporting and
        the operation of A.C.T.'s.

        (c)     Exercise Long - Tom.     This exercise took place on the 24th and 25th
        November, 1960.   The Squadron flew 26 sorties on this exercise in very
        marginal weather conditions, much benefit was gained because of the
        military aspects of the targets and the unfamiliar terrain over which it was

        (d)     Exercise Amled.     cancelled because of detachment to R.A.F.

        (e)     Exercise Conquer.     In conjunction with 2 TOC it was agreed that the
        exercise would be CPX as 2 Squadron equipment was still en route from
        R.A.F. Geilenkirchen.

        (f)     Flying Training.     The main value derived from the two Squadron
        detachments during November consisted of the new and operationally
        significant target systems (missile sites)  which were available and the fact
        that all sorties were flown over unfamiliar terrain.

        (g)     Flying Effort.     The hours flown by the Squadron for the month were:-

                                             Day                    Night
                     Swift               239.45              4.50

2.     Administration.

         (a)     Ground Training.     Due to the fact that the Squadron spent three weeks
        away from Jever during November there was little opportunity to carry out a
        comprehensive ground training programme.   During bad weather periods at
        Grostenquin visits were made to the G.C.A. and Air Traffic Control and lectures
        exchanged between 423 Squadron R.C.A.F. and 2 Squadron.

         (b)     Sport.     Several football fixtures were cancelled because of our
        detachment commitments.

         (c)     Attachments and Detachments.     From the 3rd November to the 9th
         November, 1960, Six officers and twenty five other ranks were detached to
         R.C.A.F. Grostenquin and a detachment of 421 Squadron R.C.A.F. visited
         R.A.F. Jever over the same period.   The weather conditions at Grostenquin
         restricted the operations of the Squadron but despite this much benefit was
         gained from the detachment.
         From the 14th November, 1960 to the 28th November, 1960 the Squadron, as
         a whole, was detached to R.A.F. Geilenkirchen while the runway at R.A.F. Jever
         under-went repairs.

         (d)     Postings.
                                       Officers   Flt.Lt. R. Rimington to Wing, Ops. Jever
                                                        pending course at R.A.F. Technical College                                                         Flg.Off. E.R.C.Whiteway posted in as Technical
                                        Airmen  IN        Flt.Sgt. Clifford C.D.      366907 ACR.FITT.
                                                                Sgt. Parsons 612672   ENG. FITT.
                                                                S.A.C. Calcutt F.     4249190 PHOTO R.S.
                                                                S.A.C. Horton         1932951 ARM.MECH.
                                                      OUT S.A.C. Ewing W.G. 4235236 PHOTO R.S.
                                                               S.A.C. Fleming J.  4196209 ARM.MECH.
                                                               S.A.C. Hudson M. 3523912 AFR.MECH.

         (e)     Squadron Strength.
                   (i)         Officers

                                               SQN.LDR. C.S. MACDONALD
                                               FLT.LT. P.J. ADAIR

                  'A' FLIGHT                                                                'B' FLIGHT
          FLT.LT. HIVES                                                   FLT.LT. SHARP
          FLT.LT. SUMNER                                              FLT.LT. ST. AUBYN
          FLT.LT. BARCILON                                           FLT.LT. WALLIS
          FLT.LT. GUNN                                                   FLT.LT. CRAWSHAW
          PLT.OFF. HOLDEN-RUSHWORTH                  FLT.LT. BROOKS
                                       FLG.OFF. WHITEWAY (Technical Officer)
          (ii)    Airmen

                              W.O.           S.N.C.O's      J.N.C.O's           AIRMEN.
                              1                       10                  16                      30

                                   SQUADRON COMMANDER'S REMARKS
         Considering the weather factor and the administration and technical
         difficulties of operating from unfamiliar stations the Squadron
         acquitted itself extremely well, both operationally and socially.

                                                                           signed D.B.Hives
                                                                          (D.B. HIVES)
                                                                          Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                          Officer Commanding,
                                                                         No 2 Squadron