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F540 Operations Record Book March 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1March1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                   COMPILING OFFICER_FLT. LT. A.J. GUNN__ References
R.A.F. JEVER March 1960 1.     OPERATIONS.

          (a)     Flying Training.     The majority of the month's training was an intensive
          preparation for the N.A.T.O. "SASSOON" competition scheduled for the 29th.
          under the guidance of FLT.LT. A. MARTIN, competitions were simulated and
          practised until the anticlimax at the end of the month.   After the exercise
          had been postponed for three consecutive days due to bad weather, it was decided
          to hold "SASSOON" on the 7th April.   The final selection for the squadron
          'Sassoon' team was as follows:
          FLT.LT. A.G. NEWING
          FLT.LT. B. ST. AUBYN
          FLT.LT. R. RIMINGTON
          FG.OFF. G.E., HAGAN

          (b)     Flying Times.     The month's target was 340 hours which the squadron had
          no difficulty on attaining.
                                                                  DAY                                   NIGHT
          SWIFT.5.                                       336.20                                 4.05
          HUNTER.7.                                    17.30                                  NIL


        (a)   Ground Training.   The annual inspection by the A.O.C. once again draws near
          and the ground training progress was intensified.   A large number of films
          covering a variety of subjects have been shown notably;     Flight Safety Flashes
          (Series 2.).   Under-water Ejection and Parachute Technique.   Additionally,
          a number of parachute training sessions were attended by squadron pilots and
          dry dinghy drill was carried out.

          (b)   Sport.     The squadron has now reached the finals of the inter-section
          league having won both games played this month.   Several of the officers
          play golf regularly and are looking forward to the opening, at the beginning
          of next month, of the station club house.   The squadron is also represented on
          the Station Hockey team by FLT.LT A. MARTIN and CPL. WILKS, (M.F.P.S.)

          (c)     Visits.     The 9th Plessey L.A.A. Battery under the command of
          CAPT. M. COCKERILL visited the station for a few days at the end of the
          month.   The men were bivouaced in the squadron dispersals and were conducted
          round the hangar and shown the insides of the aircraft.

          (d)   Entertainment.      The squadron officers were entertained by the ground crew
          on the 9th of the month.   A bar was set up in the cellars of their barrack
          block (by the kind permission of the Station Commander) and a pleasant informal
          evening was enjoyed by all.   The occasion was a farewell party given by the vis:
                        F.S.  E. CLARKE
                        SGT. G.L. SMITH
                        CPL. H.J. COGGLES
                        S.A.C. H. CHESSER

          (e)     Postings and Detachments.     The surprise of the month came with the news of
          the promotion of FLT.LT. M.O. BERGH to Squadron Leader and his subsequent
          posting to command No 93 Squadron!   Unfortunately he left the squadron too soon
          to participate in Sassoon but he carries with him the best wishes of the chaps.
          FLT.LT. W.P. SHEPPARD was posted in on the 8th of the month from Sylt where he
          was a gunnery instructor.   Previously FLT.LT. SHEPPARD had been servicing at
          Jever as Wing Operations Officer.   FLT.LT. A.J. GUNN returned to the
          squadron after a protracted detachment to the U.K. for Swift refresher flying
          and the F.R. O.C.U. at Chivenor.

          FLT.LT. W. P. SHEPPARD was detached to Wildenwrath from the 27th to the 30th on
          the Aviation Medicine Course.

                                     W.O.               S.N.C.O.'s                          CPL's             AIRMEN
          POSTED IN        1                           1                                     1                      4
          POSTED OUT                                 2                                     1                      1
          STRENGTH       1                           9                                     16                  37

          (f)     Squadron Strength.     At the end of the month the squadron aircrew were:-

                                            SQN. LDR. C.A. WADE
               'A' FLIGHT                                                             'B' FLIGHT
          FLT.LT. D.B. HIVES                                     FLT.LT. E. SHARP
          FLT.LT. R. RIMINGTON                              FLT.LT. B. WALLIS
          FLT.LT. R.L. BARCILON                            FLT.LT. B.J. ST.AUBYN
          FLT.LT. A.J. GUNN                                     FLT.LT. P.H. CRAWSHAW
          FLT.LT. P.J. ADAIR                                     FLT.LT. A.G. NEWING
          FLT.LT. W.P. SHEPPARD                         FLT.LT. G.E. HAGAN

          FLT.LT A. MARTIN is acting as training officer until after "Royal Flush"

                                                                     NIL               signed CAWade
                                                                                          (C.A. WADE)
                                                                                          Squadron Leader,
                                                                                          Officer Commanding,
                                                                                          No 2 Squadron