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F540 Operations Record Book March 1959 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1March1959.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
Place. Date. Time.    Summary of Events.                         COMPILING OFFICER_Flt. Lt. R. Rimington__ References
R.A.F. Jever Mar.59        Two "Full House" exercises were held at the beginning of the month to determine the
five pilots who would represent the Squadron in the Sassoon Trophy competition.   The
competition was held on the 10th March and there five pilots who took part were Flight Lieutenant M.O. Bergh, Flight Lieutenant Ibbett, Flight Lieutenant Martin, Flight
Lieutenant Adair
and Flight Lieutenant St. Aubyn.   The final results were very close and
depended mainly on the quality of photography, No. 2 Squadron being placed third to Nos.
79 and 81 Squadron.
     The rest of the month was spent preparing for the Sylt detachment, and a flag
was obtained from Sylt for some practice cine'.   A little Air-Sea firing was also
accomplished, this mainly to test the guns.
     The rail and road parties left for Sylt 9n the 18th March., the former led by Flight
Lieutenant E. Sharp
and the road party under Squadron Leader Griffiths.
     The air party consisting of eleven aircraft led by the Commanding Officer, Squadron
Leader C.A. Wade
left on Tuesday, 23rd March in rather poor weather conditions, and
had to land in pairs by G.C.A. at Sylt.
     No air firing was done in March since the last four days were spent doing cine'
practices on the flag.
     One pilot, Squadron Leader H. Minnis, Commanding Officer of No. 93 Squadron was
converted to the Swift during the month.
     A dinner was held at a hotel in Jever, the " Haus de Getraun " two days before
leaving for Sylt, for all squadron pilots and their wives, and there was almost a full attendance.

                                                                                         signed cawade
                                                                                         (C.A. WADE)
                                                                                         Squadron Leader,
                                                                                         Officer Commanding,
                                                                                         No. 2 Squadron