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F540 Operations Record Book December 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1Jan1961.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2896 Microfilm Row 1 Draws 52-71
Place. Date. Time. Summary of Events.                           COMPILING OFFICER.....FLT.LT. D.B. HIVES........... REF. TO APPENDICES
               Flight Lieutenant "Whisky" Walker from 4 Squadron
         Flying Officer "Jock" Carnegie from 4 Squadron
         Flying Officer "Dennis" Fahey from 93 Squadron

                                 Squadron Leader C.S. Macdonald
        Flight Lieutenant D.B. Hives                               Flight Lieutenant E. Sharp
        Flight Lieutenant R.L. Barcilon                           Flight Lieutenant B. St. Aubyn
        Flight Lieutenant A. Sumner                               Flight Lieutenant P. Crawshaw
        Flight Lieutenant P. Adair (Adjutant)                  Flight Lieutenant D. Brooks
        Flight Lieutenant Walker                                     Flying Officer D. Fahey
        Flight Lieutenant A.J. Gunn
        Flying Officer J. Carnegie
        Pilot Officer Holden-Rushworth
  (f)  Flying Effort
                                                                Day                        Night
        Swift F.R.5                                  179:05                     5:50
        Hunter 6                                        64:50                     4:30
        Hunter 7                                        19.55                     1:05
3.    Squadron Commander's Remarks
       (a)   January was a milestone in No. 2 Squadron's history.   It began the
       final run-down to "Cadre-ised" establishment (8 U.E. Hunter 10 aircraft and
       11 pilots).
       (b)   The month's flying was carried out using 6 available Swifts and 4 Hunter 6
       aircraft.   The former continued on periodic servicing while the latter, apart
       from enabling aircrews to keep in flying practice, were useful in introducing
       servicing personnel to progressive servicing.
       (c)   No other comments.

                                                                           signed CS MacDonald
                                                                               (C.S. MACDONALD)
                                                                               Squadron Leader
                                                                         for Officer Commanding
                                                                               Royal Air Force, JEVER