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F540 Operations Record Book February 1960 for No. 2 Squadron Jever 1Febrary1960.
PRO Kew No. AIR27 Piece 2724-2
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JEVER February, 1960 Operations.
          Even with the shortage of pilots this month #, the target of 280 hours was
reached easily by the 25th February.         # (due to illness and courses)
          The intensity of Full House exercises was increased this month in preparation
for the Sassoon and Royal Flush Trophies.   The training and organisation of the
exercises has been taken over by Flight Lieutenant A. Martin who is still grounded
following his ejection from a Swift recently.
          Exercise Amled was held on 25th February, and although most of Schleswig
Holstein was covered in fog, the weather in Denmark was clearer with a 600 feet
cloudbase and all missions were successfully flown.
          One new pilot - Flight Lieutenant P.H. Crawshaw - was posted in to the
squadron in February.   He arrived from the Operational Conversion Unit at Chivenor,
and had previously been instructing in Flying Training Command.
          Three pilots from the squadron attended the Winter Survival Course at Bad
Kohlgrub this month.   Although minor injuries were sustained none were serious
and all enjoyed the course.
          An invitation for a visit to the Queens' Royal Irish Hussars at Hohne was acc-
epted on the 26th February.   Eleven pilots were entertained to lunch by the
officers, and afterwards were given an opportunity to drive Centurion tanks on the
training ground and to see their training methods.

                                                                                          signed MOBergh
                                                                                          (M.O. BERGH)
                                                                                          Flight Lieutenant,
                                                                                          Officer Commanding,
                                                                                          No. 2 Squadron